About the Author

Decades of experience with women since first long-term relationship at 17, independently cohabiting by 18, and currently a father to 4 kids ranging in ages through to almost adult.

Top 1% in his field despite a poor start in life, worked around the world and achieved financial success before starting this vocational site to help men.

Motivation for the Site

Transfer the knowledge most experienced men wish they knew earlier.

Unify the best community knowledge and fill some glaring gaps.

Specialist resources are cited throughout the site. The best are summarized to upskill men faster than the author’s long journey of grit.

After spending years directing men to existing resources, it became clear they simply didn’t go far enough, fast enough.

The site is not monetized – the priority is spreading this knowledge, not earning a few more dollars.

Ultimate = Efficiency

It is not the ultimate man‘s guide – there is no such thing as an ultimate man.

Excellence and extremes in any one direction trade off against something else because time is limited. The more successful you become the less time you will have.

The site’s name is inspired by The Ultimate Fighting Championship. It follows the MMA principle of overall combat efficiency over theory. Concise practical advice over philosophy and praxeology.

There are bloggers who’ve been writing and philosophizing for 10+ years but you can’t point your friends or kids to them because they’ll never catch up.

They need the TL;DR version without the fluff – the highest ‘Return on Investment’ for their time.

Dedicated to the Average Man

The average man is important and this site is dedicated to him.

Those advocating the necessity to reach the Top 1% ignore that it is by definition impossible for 99% of men and merely reveal their lack of insight with no generalized solutions.

If average men don’t make it, we don’t make it.

Average men built the world, and nerds invented most of what we see around us. They earnt their place.

Feminism is Cancer to society and will fall – sooner the faster this knowledge spreads.

But until it does, the knowledge will help most men and ultimately redress the balance of power.

More About the Author

The author is top 1-5% in all of the following areas:

  • IQ – top 1% is still not enough, information overload world requires TL;DR
  • Socioeconomics – beat the odds in life
  • Accomplishments in his primary field
  • Reading – of several hundred books, around 200 of the better ones are listed in the Books category
  • Fertility – number of children 1 – could have had 10 kids instead of 4 if he’d had the knowledge on this site at 18
  • Physical training (martial artist since 15)

Coming from the trenches with a zero start in life the author has developed over decades an appreciation for the practical common man that is lost on academics and philosophers.

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