The Internet Is Forever – OnlyFans Whores Take Note

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This article discusses why “The Internet is Forever” and what the implications are for the OnlyFans generation and their children.


The Internet Is Forever – OnlyFans Whores Take Note

“When I’m done I’ll just pay someone to find and delete all the copies of me naked on the internet”

That is not how the internet works.

Savvy internet users have known for many years, if not decades, that the “internet is forever”.

The minute you type a comment on social media, it can be screenshotted by anybody.

Those screenshot pictures are saved on people’s personal computers or smartphones. There is no log of who screenshotted what, and those pictures can never to be withdrawn. You deleting the comment a minute later is of little use. The screenshots of your comment can be reposted by any number of random internet users any time, beyond your control.

The same principle applies to pictures or videos of women doing amateur porn on OnlyFans.

Women who are less savvy have either not realized this yet, or have developed a hopeful coping mechanism. They hopefully assume that some computer guru or fancy company will be able to erase their sordid internet past.

The Internet Scrubbing Service Business Model

Even guys seem to think OnlyFans will spawn an entire cottage industry of internet erasure companies. Costs may be in the $5-10k range depending on just how thorough the service is. Such services would include scrubbing their OF account, as well as hunting down illegal copies of one’s OF media.

That’s probably a good business idea given the current whore-economy most popularized by OnlyFans.

A good business idea it might be, but it’s not practical – see Technical Problems.

Cost will also be a problem. Most OnlyFans content creators average a mere $180 per month, which is peanuts. 1

Most of the OF hoes simply won’t be able to afford the high price tag of the service. Even if it did work completely, which it won’t. It might also require an ongoing subscription model to re-scan for newly re-uploaded copies.

The Demand for Internet Scrubbing

There will be no shortage of post-wall ex-OnlyFans whores who will be desperate to erase their past.

Any woman who wants to trick a man into committed relationships will be clamoring for this service. She won’t want the man she’s dating to find out about her sordid past of public whoring.

It’ll be especially popular among women who want to find men of any moderate status. No man of status would want the shame of being seen to be in relationship with an ex-whore. Especially not one that the whole internet saw her private parts for a handful of dollars.

Past erasure will be even more crucial for women who want to have children. No mother wants her children to be shamed and bullied at school.

Nobody wants sex work on their life’s resume, especially after they’ve finished and aren’t getting paid for it any more. It’s all downsides and no upsides at that point once they’ve aged out and the money has dried up.

Sex work is real work - Put it on your resume then. Except it is on your internet resume. And the Internet is Forever

Technical Problems – Why Internet Scrubbing is Unrealistic

The reality is nobody can hunt down every copy on the internet.

There will be offline copies on guys’ hard drives. Copies shared on a large number of p2p networks and the dark web. Copies re-uploaded to random websites. Even copies which have modified digital signatures via transcoding/masking or similar to prevent matching.

AI might be able to detect copies better, but then other AI could probably mask it better. This would lead to a technological arms race of signature modification vs detection. And detection is likely to always lag behind.

The second problem is rate of detection of re-uploaded copies.

Even Google, with their enormous infrastructure can’t crawl the internet frequently enough. There will be copies that are re-uploaded to websites for some time before they are found. That’ll allow others to download them, and re-upload them later. This will cause an infinite spawning hydras heads problem.

Once something is on the internet, you have to assume it’ll live forever somewhere.

Life After Porn – The Consequences

There are a series of documentaries that show the difficulties ex-pornstars face in life after they’ve left the industry. They are often shunned from jobs, relationships and communities. Some even go so far as to try to move to small towns with poor internet connections. But the corners of the internet map are almost filled in.

Many ex-pornstars struggle to maintain long-term relationships. The societal pressures that come from having been seen naked by people across the internet weighs on their men.

“But it happened years ago!”, she says.

Thanks for digital recordings, to the human brain, it may as well have happened yesterday.

The only hope for OF ‘models’ is their lower starpower. It’s diluted away by the larger number of OF girls compared to actual pornstars. So they probably won’t be as widely recognized on the street. But kids in school, with too much time on their hands, may find their classmates’ mothers online.

“Fast money comes with slow problems”

Myron Gaines

The money comes and goes, but the consequences are often for life.

The Consequences for Children

The consequences of being an internet whore may be bad in terms of dating and long-term relationship prospects, stability and employment.

But the consequences will be even worse for the children of the OnlyFans generation.

School experiences may end up looking like this:

OnlyFans school bully - tell your mom she needs to post more anal vids on her onlyfans. This is the problem with The Internet is Forever

Children may even die from suicide as a result of the constant bullying that is likely to occur.

Litigation Won’t Save Children Either

Feminist cope: “I don’t think u guys realize how some things have changed drastically from the past. Who’s gonna dare to touch my kids without me dragging them and their parents to court or making them leave the school and get punished?? Do you think moms gonna sit there & accept that in 2024 😂”

Can she sue every kid (or rather their parent) in the school for name calling?

What about those just quietly shunning her child and giving them the ‘cold shoulder’ every day of their school life?

More likely the school will ask your child to leave for the OnlyWhores mother being a liability.

A seven year old boy was already suspended from school after they found out about his mom’s OnlyFans. 2

His mother is trying to sue the school.

And don’t think schools can’t wise up and make you sign a liability waiver as part of the admissions process. Schools like to keep their own money for themselves rather than paying ex-whores via lawsuits.

If a woman successfully sues a school over this it’ll likely end up in viral articles all over the internet. Schools’ administrators will see this and quickly move to indemnify schools via mandatory liability waivers for all students’ parents.

Social Pariahs

How does one console their child when they are crying for being pariahs?

What can a parent do for their child who has no friends at school or in the community?

Everywhere the mother or child go people will be whispering behind their backs.

Any new friends the child makes, someone will likely tell them that the child’s mother is an amateur internet whore – the lowest class of woman.

And then there’s the problem of current internet doxxing – exposing the real name of OnlyFans content creators.

Any mother who is foolish enough to still be doing this while their children are in school faces an even higher risk of discovery.


The rapid rise of OnlyFans ‘sex work’ in recent years is likely to have far reaching consequences.

Both the women and their children are likely to suffer.

There is no known method of finding and taking down all adult content once it’s released publicly. This means that young women who’ve been foolish enough to have taken this fast money, are likely to be dealing with an intractable problem for decades to come.

It may take several years for society to realize the full impacts of the hubris of OnlyFans amateur pornography.

But as the old saying goes…

The Internet is Forever.

The OnlyFans generation and their children are going to find this out the hard way.


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