The Gender Pay Gap Scam


The Gender Pay Gap Scam

Men earn more than women on average – this is true.

Feminists ignorantly or dishonestly attempt to translate this into “women get paid less for the same job”. That is absolutely false and has been illegal for decades – since 1963 in the US and 1970 in the UK. 1 2

It would be trivial to prove and prosecute if that was the case just by looking at the payroll accounts of any company, for which there would be no legal defense.

The Gender Pay Gap is a wilful misrepresentation often used to enrage economically illiterate women into feminism using a perceived injustice that does not exist. Even supposedly intelligent women who got into Harvard fall fell this false narrative. 3 Apparently intelligence in women doesn’t apply to any gendered issues.

The corrupt mainstream media supports this narrative to sell outrage news stories and push feminism. That’s despite it having been debunked for more than a decade in other news stories. They’re selling old rope back and forth.

Even dishonest left-wing politicians push this narrative to bribe women to vote for them in exchange for promises of ever more government enforced ‘affirmative action’.

Such hiring practices to explicitly exclude other categories of candidates from consideration used to be called ‘discrimination’, but the feminists have conveniently rebranded it. Manipulation 101.

The Age Pay Gap

Forty year olds earn more on average than 25 year olds. But we don’t advertise this as “The Age Pay Gap” of some injustice by age, because we recognize that would be either stupid or dishonest.

We recognize that 40 year olds have had far longer in the workforce to build skills and experience that is valuable to their employers, and therefore can command higher salaries on the open market. If their employers don’t pay them more, they will leave for another company that will.

Women have the same opportunity to leave for other jobs that pay them more. They get paid what they are worth on the free market and find a natural equilibrium via millions of individual decisions. It’s not some giant conspiracy that would be near impossible to coordinate.

Nor is it an unconscious bias because we are consciously having this shoved down our throats by the media all the time – there is nothing unconscious about it – while trying to artificially crush it via affirmative action and quotas. Capitalism and common sense further down also disprove it.

Women earn less than men for good reasons. It’s caused by different choices by women, not by sexism.

Ultimately this comes down to men and women doing different work.

It would more accurately be called the Gender Earnings Gap or the Gender Career Choices Gap.

Why Women Earn Less

Testosterone is men’s superpower. It’s why we can bear workloads that women can’t sustain for decades and we grow up expecting to harder work until we die.

Nearly the entire Gender Pay Gap can be explained by the following:

  1. Men work longer hours
  2. Men work harder jobs – the Gender Jobs Divide
  3. Men work more dirty jobs eg. bin man, plumbing, water & sewage systems
  4. Men work more dangerous jobs eg. military, police, security, mining, trucking, oil rigs etc.
    • Men are 97% of war deaths
    • Men are 93% of workplace deaths 4
      • I worked for a mining company where roughly every 3 months there was an email circular about an employee who had died at a mine site accident – it was always men, never the women working the bullshit office jobs like HR
  5. Men work jobs requiring extreme mastery such as programming, mathematics, tradesmen etc.
  6. Men work more physically demanding jobs eg. roofer, plumber, builder, bouncer etc.
  7. Men work jobs requiring greater sacrifices
  8. Men are more likely to work unsociable hours eg. evenings, weekends, shift work, night jobs
  9. Men are more likely to work anti-social jobs with little human interaction eg. IT
  10. Men are more likely to work more stressful jobs for higher pay
  11. Men are more likely to relocate for work in search of higher pay
  12. Men are more likely to commute further in search of higher pay
  13. Men are more likely to work outdoors and in harsher environmental conditions
  14. Men work in STEM jobs which are more scalable and therefore more profitable
  15. Difference in education or qualifications
  16. Difference in skills
  17. Difference in experience
  18. Differences in working age, with older workers typically earning more
  19. Differences in duration of continuous employment (not taking time out of career to have babies)
  20. Caregiving responsibilities cause men and women to choose different jobs and working hours
  21. Part-time vs Full-time work – part-time jobs are often paid less, women often choose to work part-time due to caring responsibilities with children so often lean on their man or the state financially
Why are women paid less than men?

Why Women Deserve Less

Women clearly don’t want hard labor jobs that pay more money:

The Most Male Jobs

Men do most of the difficult, dirty and dangerous jobs. Men account for nearly all workplace fatalities.

Jobs Fatal Injury Rate Per 100,000 workers and Percent Male
Jobs - garbage collectors almost 100% men, sewer workers almost 100% men, miner almost 100% men, office worker omg gimme equality

Women are Subsidized Even in Office Jobs

Even in cushy air-conditioned office jobs, women aren’t pulling their weight.

Firstly there is affirmative actions jobs. But there are also major differences in the difficulty of the jobs that men and women do even in the same companies.

Less women work jobs that require extreme studying and long hours such as tech that pay more money:

Tech World Remains Male-Dominated

Even these % stats of women in tech companies hides the reality of who is doing the hard jobs like programming vs who is doing the easy jobs like HR.

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he fired a lot of useless people who were not doing much work. The before and after was very telling:

This means that the men in Twitter were subsidizing the women by carrying the weight for them to have bullshit easy unproductive jobs but still collect corporate salaries.

And it’s not surprising when you see this short clip of a day in the life of a female twitter employee:

One day in the life of twitter employee
One day in the life of a twitter employee

I actually know a guy who worked at Twitter (he was laid off too) so I asked him about this viral video. He said it was true.

Female ex-employees even sued Twitter for the gender imbalance of the layoffs.5 As usual, female employees are a liability for companies.


Why do women expect to earn the same as men for less effort, and yet still expect men to pay for everything?

In evolution having to care for young children meant that a woman was vulnerable and needed a man to hunt and provide resources for her and her children. This is deeply embedded in her evolutionary psychology.

Women choose to make less sacrifices, work less hours, and choose less demanding jobs, because it’s not her best evolutionary strategy to be the provider. Her priority must be to secure commitment from a man with resources if she is ever to reproduce, during which time she cannot sustain both demanding work and caring for her babies.

Men are strongly incentivized to make more sacrifices to make more money due to the expectation of them to provide for their families or even have the opportunity to mate. Few women state a desire for a relationship with men who earn less than they do.

According to a Rochester Institute of Technology study, money is the primary motivator for 76% of men versus only 29% of women. 6

Even within the same job among men there are differences in pay that reflect that some people are star performers and others are closer to average. You can see this easily among scientists and engineers where the different in intelligence, talent, sacrifices and determination are evident. There are good engineers, and then there are “rockstars”. There are good scientists, and then there are those that change the world. You don’t see men crying that they’re not the top paid man at work. Because they know there is a reason different people get paid different amounts.

Even among men there is no equality of talent or accomplishment.

How Men Get Rich vs How Women Get Rich

The majority of rich women of note are not self-made, Oprah being a rare exception.

Most of them became rich through divorce or inheritance.

Often via stealing their husband’s fortunes. You can add Melinda Gates, Bill Gates ex-wife, to this list too:

Capitalism & Common Sense Disprove The Feminist Narrative

In free market competition between companies, if women were paid less for the same work and productivity, it would merely be a matter of time before enterprising CEOs prioritised hiring only women to save 25% on salaries, which are one of companies biggest costs.

That would result in some combination of greater profits or cheaper goods and services, which would allow them to out compete their rivals and steal market share, further driving up their profits.

At the very least you’d think feminist women entrepeneurs would make a point of hiring only women for less money and out competing their male rival companies to prove the point.

This doesn’t happen in real life in any country in the world because there are serious drawbacks to trying to replace male workers with female workers – productivity, working hours and quite frankly women aren’t willing to do a lot of the awful jobs that men are in exchange for more pay.

Even female CEOs do not suddenly just decide to over pay all the women in their organization, because they, like all capitalists, want to maximize their profits. Nor do they claim there is a conspiracy to underpay women, because they themselves would have to be part of such a conspiracy.

This is why 50 Cent can’t get in touch with his feminine side – he can’t afford the pay cut.

How Women Scam Men & Society

Women’s scam is the Nagging Inching Strategy over time.

They inch ever forwards over time consistently.

It’s rather impressive, albeit negative for us men.

This is how women have devastated the family laws over decades since acquiring their disastrous right to vote.

It’s also how they nag you into spending your money in relationships, on things you don’t usually care about yourself. They will often nag until whatever appliance or home improvement or car or bigger house is purchased with your money.

Perhaps men’s biggest flaw with women is giving them an inch.

Because women will gradually take so many inches over time via this nagging inching forward strategy that they’ll be miles past your boundaries and you’ll realize only too late today that they’ve leveraged the entire divorce and tax systems to subsidize themselves.

Whenever you hear about the Gender Pay Gap – remember that’s “Women’s Nagging Inching Strategy” to take another mile they didn’t earn.

Why Closing the Gender Pay Gap Edges Us Closer to Disaster

  1. Female hypergamy – women prefer men who earn more money than them
    • dating is already the worst it has ever been in history due to Hoeflation
    • more high earning women mean there are not enough men who earn even more than them to be economically desirable to form relationships and family units
    • women’s own mate selection instincts work against equality
  2. Men will not bother doing the harder jobs without more pay
    • if the benefits of doing those jobs are artificially stolen away from them via feminist voted politics via gender quotas or paying the same to easier jobs – smart men would choose to do the same easier jobs that women do and not shorten their lifespans working harder jobs
    • it’s already bad enough that the feminist state has raised taxes in the 20th century such that men pay most of the taxes and women receive most of the state benefits
    • men already are lacking incentives due to the dating apocalypse denying them realistic prospects of decent traditional wives who are not hoes with high body counts. Men are already falling out of the workforce and choosing to occupy themselves with video games rather than taking on the unappreciated burden of responsibility 7 8
  3. Paying women more typically encourages female consumerism and having fewer children as women prioritise their careers and personal luxuries over their primarily responsibility of birthing and raising the next generation. This accelerates being replaced from abroad by foreigners.

The Gender Spending Gap

Women account for 80%-85% of consumer spending, but don’t earn anywhere near 50%. This is not just because of the Gender Pay Gap, but also because women have lower workforce participation rates.

Women are spending men’s money – taken from some combination of relationship subsidies, divorce, child support or the feminist welfare state via higher taxes.

Men pay most of the taxes, women receive most of the state benefits.

This is a consequence of women’s voting since women are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates.

Feminist voting majority and rewriting of laws ranging from divorce to taxes for state wealth redistribution have allowed women to become entitled consumers driving the “Sheconomy”.

Under feminist control everything in Western society has revolved around transferring wealth from men to women one way or another.

Paying sales taxes on your over-consumerist driven purchases using other people’s money doesn’t count as contributing to society.

That’s only contributing to economic & environmental decline.

One might think that “Sheconomy” spending helps the economy, but in reality it’s merely a misallocation of resources, the worst form of economics – like the broken window fallacy. It’s money that would have been spent having more children and doing useful things had it not been stolen and mis-spent.

The Gender Tax Gap

Women are a $150,000 net loss to the state each, on average, at the expense of higher taxation on men.

And that doesn’t even include often higher subsidies by force of feminist divorce laws.

“Among civilized peoples, especially the very wealthy population of the United States of America, women have become objects of luxury who consume but do not produce.”

Vilfredo Pareto, 1927
Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax

Women are more likely to vote left-wing for “free” money and services:

The Gender Work Ethic Gap

New Age Entitlement The Rise of Spoiled Brats Demanding Top Dollar for Little Effort!
New Age Entitlement The Rise of Spoiled Brats Demanding Top Dollar for Little Effort! – Circle Of Kings

Out of the mouth of babes…

Little Girl Explains The Gender Pay Gap |Subs
Little Girl Explains The Gender Pay Gap – Wake Up
Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job
Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job – Babylon Bee – expertly satirizes the stereotype laid off twitter woman

The Gender Voting Gap

Women vote mostly left-wing, sending the West into terminal decline. 9

This results in higher taxes, feminist divorce laws, lower birth rates, weaker borders and ethnic replacement from abroad at alarming rates.

If Only Men Voted

Women Had a Great Deal Before Feminism

Comedy often has some good truths:

We Used To Be Free: Ali Wong
We Used To Be Free: Ali Wong – Laugh Society

Gender Pay Gap Videos

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More References and articles on this Gender Pay Gap scam:

The best counter-balancing article for the existence of systemic bias causing The Gender Pay Gap:

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