The Myth of the High-Value Woman

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The Myth of the High-Value Woman

Anyone using the term “High-Value Woman” is probably misguided. Here’s why.

“High-value” men are typically considered those who are tall, rich and handsome who get many women easily.

Feminist women make the typical fallacy of applying these same standards to themselves, without the intelligence or honesty to recognize that what each gender idealizes is asymmetric.

Free Prostitutes

A typical feminist woman believes that just because she can easily get sex from many men – like a high-value man can from many women – that this qualifies her to be considered “high-value”.

Ironically, nothing could be further from the truth.

Even the most inferior, dumb, poor, unathletic, unaccomplished young woman can get sex easily by simply offering her body.

Yet men far superior to this young woman will not be selected for sex as often and must have far more going for themselves to be chosen at all due to female Hypergamy – women invariably only trade up.

Prostitutes are widely considered low value. A prostitute that offers sex for free will receive many takers.

Yet no man of value and self-respect wants to marry an ex-prostitute.

There is a visceral disgust, an “ick” factor, at the back of his brain for such women (see Microchimerism DNA contamination in women) and also because he’d lose status and respect amongst other men.

Feminist women are essentially free prostitutes.

Inflation – A Terrible Deal

Worse yet, feminists are free prostitutes for the early men when they’re youthful, fertile, beautiful and in their prime in their late teens to early twenties, but become progressively more expensive, demanding and entitled as they age and their looks, fertility and value decline.

This is a bitter irony that every man who has ever dated 30-year-old women should be very familiar with and why the discussion around their sexual history is usually taboo and met with hostility from such promiscuous women because they instinctively sense this.

They have pre-cheated on their men and do not want it pointed out.


Feminist inflation occurs not just with age but also by mileage.

Even among young women in their prime today, their standards have been inflated by too much attention on social media and dating apps, as well as all those times they’ve been used as free prostitutes by rich or good-looking men who’ve avoided committing to them but created new high-watermarks and set their bar higher than their value, known as “Hoeflation“.

Today, many 20-year-old girls have public pictures sitting in the passenger seats in Teslas, Mercedes, on yachts, in exotic locations, and other lifestyle experiences well out of their league.

How can such young girls with no accomplishments afford these things? Because they are being bank-rolled by older richer men in exchange for sex.

Even mediocre girls can be a one-night stand or a fling for a millionaire.

Is She High-Value If She Marries a Rich Man?

There is a common chain of thought that states that a woman is “high-value” if she is chosen for marriage by a rich man.

This is a quick shortcut used to disqualify a woman who claims to be “high-value” by saying that if she isn’t married to a high-value man, then she isn’t a high-value woman.

This isn’t entirely accurate.

Even rich powerful billionaire alpha males in one field have been shown to sometimes be as much clueless beta male simps when it comes to dating as the lowest value men without options, wifing up older 30+ women who’d already been fucked by god knows how many men prior, and well past their prime looks and fertility. Obvious examples are Jeff Bezos and Prince Harry of the UK, both of whom could have easily had their pick of younger hotter women, yet wasted their potential by not realizing their own value on the dating market. Finding a sucker doesn’t make oneself high value. It makes you a good con woman.

Also, most brides today aren’t even virgins for their husbands. That is what a traditionally white wedding dress used to signify – purity, virginity, exclusivity. The beta male idiots who get married today are effectively marrying ex-prostitutes by the standards of most people in human history.

With current rates of female infidelity, he’s really marrying only a semi-retired no-longer-free prostitute that he pays for – and which other men are likely to fuck, whether during his marriage, definitely after his divorce, or most likely both.

Even if she was a virgin bride, today there’s no guarantee that she’ll stay high value given. In this feminist era, even princesses are getting fucked by other men during their marriages 1 2 3 4 5, meaning that even despite great unearned wealth, they are not “high-value” in terms of what most decent men desire.

So What Actually Makes a Woman High-Value?

What do men actually want when you talk to them and they could have any magical wish?

A high earner? A “Boss Babe”? A degree or PhD? Big boobs? No.

A woman who hasn’t been fucked by other men is usually top of the list.

This is so rare these days that most men seem to have given up hope of even aiming for it.

Most men resign themselves to making do with whatever leftovers they can get. They try to put it out of their minds that other men have been creampie-ing “his” girl in all three of her orifices for years and she’s probably an amateur porn star on half a dozen or more guys’ phones. It doesn’t even occur to most men that they likely won’t even be the last one. “She’s not your girl, it’s just your turn” became a coined term for good reason, which most men only realize too late by which time they’re breaking up with her or even worse in divorce court.

A high-value woman is actually a wife or partner who has never been fucked by any other man. She is usually a mother and definitely a loyal companion who never cheats in any way so she does not find herself single ever again, because such women are too rare to let go of. Such women typically only exist in previous generations now.

Traditional Women are functionally extinct under feminism in the West.

The high-value women above if they left their relationships, would likely be single mothers and at the very least not exclusive to any new men. “High-Value” is not transferrable past her first relationship.

High-Value Woman Is An Oxymoron

The label “High Value” is essentially a marketing term for dating purposes.

An actual high-value woman would never describe herself as such.

Because she is dedicated to her one man ever in life and never has any need to market herself to any other men. The term has no value to her.

It’s the same reason she doesn’t have bikini pictures on her Instagram marketing herself to other men.

Since “High-Value” is not transferrable past her first relationship, the term is even more meaningless.

High-value women” are a myth precisely because by the time they are women, rather than girls, the thing that made them high value, their exclusivity, has already been given away to other men. The term itself is an oxymoron.

What Does the Data Say

The answer lies in hard data from millions of people’s clicks published in the book Dataclysm.

“Watch what they do, not what they say”

According to all men’s clicks from all age groups, 20-year-old women are the most desired.

This means that the correct term would be High-Value Girls.

High-Value Girls

There are high-value girls, but they don’t stay that way for long.

Teenage girls are high-value because they have all the potential in the world – they’re virgins with maximum pair bonding and maximum fertility.

But by 17 most of them have been fucked and start to lose ever more value and pair bonding ability as they continue to get fucked by successive waves of men.

By their mid to late twenties they’ve been fucked by so many men that they’re damaged goods both mentally and physically, and by 30 years old 90% of their eggs are dead and flushed, so there is simply no way for any honest person to claim those women as “High-Value”.

More concerning is that in recent years this trend of girls’ aging mileage has accelerated significantly, with 18-year-olds commonly citing body counts of 8 – 10 already, far beyond the pair bonding ranges studies show for happy relationships. This is from both personal real-world experience asking girls but you can also see it on the well-known podcast to see it for yourself.

This means that we’re too late into the decline of feminism to realistically even use the term “High-Value Girls” in practical everyday usage – they are essentially an urban myth once they hit legal age, and definitely by the time they hit 18 and are getting on Tinder and similar dating apps.

Worse still, I surveyed many women on Tinder and Bumble and found nearly all of them admitted to losing their virginity between 15 – 17, which is even below legal age in their jurisdictions like the UK where legal age of consent is 16.

So you may as well forget about the term “High-Value” in relation to any females in Western feminist countries.

Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos

Passport Bros

The situation was a little better among women I surveyed in Africa and Asia, with many waiting until their late teens to early twenties.

This is probably why “Passport Bros” has become a thing on social media as men go abroad in search of more Traditional Women.

When A Western Woman Tells You She’s “High-Value” or “Not a Hoe”

Why People Do Not Like Western Women

Why people do NOT like Western Women
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Why Men Don’t Like 30+ year old women who’ve fucked around for 10-15 years and then look for a Beta Male Simp

Tom Leykis breaks down 30 year old women who’ve had their fun and now looking for some beta male simp to marry… he calls them Expiration Daters:

Expiration Daters – Tom Leykis

Two books that expose women’s dating lifecycle of whoring around in their prime years and then looking for a beta male sucker to marry them around 30+ – a market which thanks to resources like this making men aware is now drying up:


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