Body Count – Her Number of Sexual Partners

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Body Count – Her Number of Sexual Partners

“She belongs to the streets”

“A key that opens many locks is a master key. A lock that gets opened by many keys is a shitty lock”

“Women could have chosen to be anything. We chose to be whores” – Pearl Davis

Almost no man in a relationship right now knows his wife or girlfriend’s full sexual history any more.

If he did, he’d almost certainly dump her out of disgust for how badly she pre-cheated on him.

This is why women often lie about their sexual history and number of previous sexual partners, called “body count” in modern slang.

If women’s sexual liberation is a good thing, then why is the question of a woman’s body count met with such hostility or deception?

If body count wasn’t important, then women wouldn’t get offended by this topic, and they wouldn’t lie about their body count and sexual history. They lie precisely because it is important. It is the degree to which she has pre-cheated on you using the typical ‘not with you at the time’ excuse.

Firstly, if a woman gets offended by men trying to judge her for her sexual history, that is a huge Red Flag against her.

Women Who Get Offended by Body Count Discussions

Traditional women don’t usually get offended by this topic.

Those who are virgins or with very low number of sexual partners don’t get offended, because it’s not a poor reflection on them.

It’s usually always whores who get offended because they hate to admit that they have lowered their value by choosing to be promiscuous.

This is a big tell that she has a high body count.

Low quality women with high body counts will tell you lies like “body count can’t tell you the quality of a person’s character”, in an effort to manipulate you.

But this is entirely wrong – it tells you a LOT about a person’s character.

What is one of the major social attacks a woman will use on another woman?

Calling her a ‘slut’, ‘whore’ or similar – because she knows it will lower her rival’s value.

Implications of a High Body Count

The impacts of female promiscuity:

  • Reduced Pair Bonding:
    • in women – weak pair bonding, more likely to break up & move on
    • in man – weak pair bonding due to repulsion to commit to a whore other men got for free
  • She’s more likely to be an Alpha Widow
  • Hoeflation – over-inflated self-worth from being used for casual sex by high-value men
  • Promiscuous past shows she’s “easy” for other men
  • Cheating – promiscuous people are more likely to cheat
  • Paternity uncertainty
  • Microchimerism – she’s permanently contaminated with other men’s DNA
  • STDs – sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can’t protect against everything such as Herpes
  • Low Quality Attitude:
    • “She’s like a jaded war vet at that point – the next dick doesn’t even matter”
  • Her standards aren’t as high as she pretends them to be – she’s had sex with men way uglier than you

Accepting a woman with a high body count ultimately lowers the man’s social status among other men.

Asking a Woman’s Body Count Is Not Like Asking a Man’s Bank Balance

Some feminists try to pretend that asking a woman’s body count is like asking for a man’s bank balance, but this is a false dichotomy.

Men can make money later… women can’t unwhore themselves or reverse Microchimerism… Women’s value only ever goes down over both time and usage…

If you buy a used car you want to know it’s history, condition, and how it was handled by its previous owners. Women are like used car salesmen. But cars aren’t even for life (well, neither are women these days any more, but that’s a topic for another blog post).

How much more concerned should we be about the history of our women?

Asking Her Body Count

Do not disclose your body count. She will simply pick a number lower than yours to try to deceive and appease you.

Also, unlike for women who simply try to minimize their body count, there is no good answer for a man’s body count. See near the end of this article The Double-Ended Trap of a Man’s Body Count for why.

If you haven’t slept with her yet, don’t ask her body count unless you’re willing to burn her to make a point – in case she is offended as per the section above.

This is actually a great question to use later when you want to deny a girl you’re already sleeping with a relationship for any reason or if you want to dump a girlfriend for any reason (see The Best Catchall Dump Ever).

Before you ask her body count, you may want to consider asking the other two questions from the 3 Golden Questions to Expose Any Woman as a Hoe to frame her sexual experience first.

The body count question comes third.

You can pre-frame it like so:

“Do you think Body Count matters?”

If she says “No” it makes the question even easier to ask:

“Ok then. What’s your body count?”

At this point either she’ll have to disclose a probably fake body count number or admit that body count does matter and that hers is too high and embarrassing to tell you because it will lower your estimation of her value.

If she discloses a number, do not assume this to be the real number, because women often lie about this.

The number she tells you is merely the absolute lower bound. It’s likely much higher as you’ll see over the next few sections.

Even 18 Year Old Girls Have 10 Body Counts These Days

“She belongs to the streets”

I’ve chatted to 18 year old girls who have admitted to having body counts of 10.

One 18 year old student girl I matched with on Tinder in 2017 told me fairly quickly that she was an artist who made models of the penises of all 10 men she’d slept with, as though it was some kind of flex.

What do you even say to that?

She told me to look her up, which I did.

After seeing her mantlepiece with them lined up, it reminded me visually that her having had 10 cocks inside her vagina is really not “just a number”. Yuck.

18 year old's mantlepiece of the 10 cocks she's been fucked by

Gee, I wonder why she was still single. Immortalized as a self-professed hoe on the internet forever across well-known news websites.

Who wants to be man number 11 in short duration and have his dick immortalized in a clay estimation from memory and publicized? Needless to say I never asked her on a date.

Imagine any poor future boyfriend – his friends must be like that famous hip-hop song with Missy Elliot “Errm… Is That Your Chick??!!”

Even the mascot girl on the podcast admitted to a body count of 8 in front of her father:

Daughter Reveals Her BODY COUNT In Front Of Her FATHER?!
Daughter Reveals Her BODY COUNT In Front Of Her FATHER?! – Whatever Clips – don’t let her asian-looking girl-next-door-look fool you – notice the tattoo on her left wrist too – red flag (impulsiveness)

Women Lie About Their Body Counts

It’s well known that women lie about their body counts, especially when they want a relationship with men. They are often coy to conseal their sexual history in order to be thought of as as “good girl” or “keeper”.

If their sexual history didn’t affect their value, then why lie about it?

Unlike the 18 year olds above, as women age they become more restrictive with information about their long and sordid sexual histories. They try to minimize your impression of their sexual history and their body count.

They will not count the ones that aren’t relationships, the one night stands, the one she regrets, the ones she used condoms with, the times she was drunk, the ones she only did blowjobs or only did anal with etc. A muslim friend of one of my long term exes used exactly this latter workaround to marry “as a virgin”. Women have as many cope strategies to justify excluding guys from her body count as there are different types of guys. 1 2 3 4 5

Women will often use the “rule of fingers” – that you should be able to count your number of sexual partners on your hands – when picking a number to lie with.

“Um, five. Five’s a good number, right?”

If a woman admits to having had several boyfriends, you can usually bet her body count is significantly higher than that number as nearly every woman has had sex with men who weren’t long-term relationships.

Where I’ve had sex with women for 3 months here or there but were not their boyfriend, I sometimes wonder if I’m also excluded from their fake body count disclosure to their future boyfriends.

Women Citing Boyfriends Instead of True Body Count

This is a common sneaky tactic women use to try to pretend their body count is lower.

My ex-girlfriend used to say when asked about her sexual history:

“I only had 3 boyfriends”

Yeah right, GTFOH with that bullshit. That wasn’t the question.

On another occasion she said “only 3-4”. Really?? Which one is it then, 3 or 4? Upon probing further it turns out the guy she lost her virginity to at 17 wasn’t in fact her first boyfriend but some other guy (this turned out to also be the case for the blonde I was seeing before her, in this story).

Right, so that would make her body count 5 including me if she was honest.

In an argument with her sister, she’d said she’d “only” had sex with 7 guys, and that her sister (my ex-girlfriend) had “probably only around 8”.

So we’re up to 8 body count for my ex-girlfriend already.

A year prior her sister had bragged about having had “sex with many, many people” when trying to claim authority of experience – that is not how anybody describes “only 7” – her later minimization when defending her sexual history. Additionally, my ex-girlfriend had told me privately when defending her own sexual history that her sister had many more men than she’d had, and that her sister also has an STD, genital Herpes.

You see, all you need is time and patient little probes for women’s lies to start unravelling.

Western Women Usually Lose Their Virginity by 17

I’ve surveyed a lot of women over the years, and nearly all lost their virginity between 15 – 17 years old. This is also supported by CDC data.

That’s a lot of years between 17 and 30 or whenever she decides she’s “done having her fun and ready to settle down now”.

A lot of years years of getting fucked by a lot of guys.

“Your” girl has swallowed a lot of other men’s semen for that many years.

You can usually get away with casually asking what age a woman lost her virginity, because it’s not as inflammatory a question as body count. Because she may not realize the implications of this and the next section.

Similar to a woman who “needs space” as per Womanese to cheat on her boyfriend, the below meme sums up the position she was in for all those prior years before you:

She needs "Space" - to get fucked by other men

This is the same as all the prior years before you met her too

How to Estimate Her Body Count

First calculate her number of sexual years – her current age minus 17 (the latest she likely lost her virginity).

Then multiply that by a reasonable number of guys per year, such as 3 – this is a very conservative start as you’ll see later.

( Her Age – 17 ) x Men Per Year

Example – For a 30 year old woman:

( 30 – 17 ) x 3 = 39 guys

Suddenly you start to realize why a woman’s age is so critically important.

It also requires you knowing her real age. Tom Leykis had a trick – ask to see how bad her drivers license pic is, so you can really confirm her date of birth from it.

More years invariably translates to her having been fucked by more men, more psychological damage, more Microchimerism permanent DNA contamination, and less fertile years left limiting the potential number of children.

And this is only a rough guide.

For many women today, this is likely too conservative and you’ll need to use a higher Men Per Year multiplier.

If she was in a long-term relationship for 10 years and didn’t cheat, it might be less, or it might still be more as she may have rebounded with 10-20 guys on Tinder as soon as her relationship ended, as it’s so easy for women to do.

And remember, many women will use this “was in a relationship” or “only really had sex with 3 boyfriends” lie to imply a lower body count and mislead you to minimize her sexual history, and avoid talking about her “Hoe Phase” or rebound phase before or after each of those relationships.

Real World Hoes Prove the Estimate Too Conservative

The 18 year olds above who have racked up 10 bodies in a mere year or two prove how the above estimate may be far too conservative for today’s average hoes.

I did a social experiment of matching every woman on dating apps to survey them. I even surveyed fat ugly women, some of whom were also single mothers, to find they had 30 body counts and one fat ugly woman who’d racked up 60 bodies in 4 years! This boggled my mind as that’s a different sexual partner every 3 weeks, there isn’t even enough time for an affair before on to the next one.

One ugly wrinkly old 40 year old single mother, who looked like she was about 60, said she can’t stay on Bumble for more than a few days because she gets flooded with likes.

An attractive woman who is determined can rack up 300 bodies in a single year, as this one publicly admitted. Another 40-something year old woman I surveyed admitted to a 500 body count. And it showed, she looked far older than her age, and she wasn’t even a single mother like the one above.

Even a regular woman on Tinder who connected her Tinder account to share its data with the website revealed she’d had 37 sexual partners in just half a year, blowing the above conservative calculation estimate out of the water: data on a random 26 year old woman's dating experience of fucking 37 guys in half a year

This woman above will no doubt market herself as “traditional” and a “good girl” (see Chameleons) or that her past doesn’t matter because “she wasn’t with you at the time” – the typical Pre-Cheated excuse.

"traditional" woman aka chameleon

When She Tries to Convince You That Her Body Count Doesn’t Matter

If she thinks Body Count doesn’t matter it means she likely has a high body count herself. She is a feminist.

TradWife types would say “Yes” it does matter.

Feminists with a promiscuous past say “No” because they don’t want to admit to lowering their value.

<laughing>… “Oh, wait, you’re serious, let me laugh even harder…” <laughs harder> … – Bender

Signs of a High Body Count / High Mileage

Hints that she has a high body count:

She Looks Older Than Her Age

This is a sign of a party lifestyle which is often accompanied by high body count and high sexual mileage in general.

She’s Well Trained

If she’s well trained sexually, how do you think she got trained. By other men.

Rough Doggystyle

One girlfriend I had always went straight to doggystyle no matter what position you put her in and encouraged it rough from behind.

She’d obviously been getting banged out by other men for many years, that’s how she was trained to be used by prior men.

You can’t have sensual loving close missionary sex with such a woman because she can’t feel it any more after getting banged out by other men for so many years, so she encourages you to have rough sex with her so she can feel it and orgasm.

Reduced Gag Reflex

Remember those throat swabs used for Covid tests?

The ones that made you gag and almost vomit, but that she did without blinking an eye.

Well, that reduced or eliminated gag reflex was from years of swallowing other men’s cocks.


If she’s really good at blowjobs (or thinks she is) it means she’s had lots of practice on other men’s cocks.

Sensual blowjobs imply she might have been trained like that by a proper long-term boyfriend.

If she gives rushed aggressive blowjobs chances are she’s been used by lots of men for casual sex.

Of course this is an easy one for women to change their behavior to trick you, so you need to look at all the little signs.

Most likely she’s already had a lot of hotdogs in her face:

Hotdogs on her face gif

Reminding you that women are whores
Black Belt Karate vs Black Belt Blowjobs

There are three types of girls below. Can you guess which one of these three is likely to be the lowest body count?

The Three Types of Girls

The bottom girl is likely to be lower body count than the upper two if her sexual squeamishness is universal, but this is not a sure thing. She might just be squeamish about her face but not her vagina. Like those 100+ body count guys who don’t eat pussy. In fact it might even be the opposite problem.

I have personally been filthiest with my longest-term exes because I was more confident about their cleanliness and them having no STDs for sharing fluids

Vagina Mileage

If her vagina looks a bit worn, it’s likely because she’s been a hoe for a whole bunch of other guys for many years.

This is more obvious if you have a breadth of experience, eg. virgins vs mid-thirties hoes to understand that there is definitely a difference in women’s vaginas from wear and mileage. But like cars, some are kept in pretty good condition after 20 years, while others are really mistreated old bangers. A woman who has been having rough sex with random men for 20 years is going to have a different vagina compared to a woman who has only had sex with her loving husband who has treated her with more care. In most cases, women are used car salesmen.

There are of course confounding factors – some women are naturally born with larger labias. It’s also common that women’s vulvas change with age (and implicitly mileage).

Vagina flaps Taylor Swift
When shes says she hangs out with guys because there's less drama


She’s used to doing anal. This is more common among high mileage / high body count women.

When you’re used to having anal with different girls you can tell the difference in ease between those used to doing it and those who are newbies.

Sometimes you can tell just by looking at her asshole that it’s been worn in.

Most women I’ve asked have done anal in the past, it’s just the degree to which they’ve done it. Even by 2008, 1/3 of women surveyed admitted to having had anal sex 6 and that was a relative age of innocence before dating apps.

If she wants to be your girlfriend and she’s not a virgin, then you should be offended if she says no anal with you but has done it for other men.

For this reason, I call it “The Girlfriend Orifice” as I would not accept a girlfriend without it and train every girlfriend. Read more about this along with advice here:


If she admits she’s had a threesome in the past, that means she’s been promiscuous and almost guaranteed to have a high body count. That threesome alone added 2 bodies to her number!

I remember specifically one of the more “good girl” “keeper” types I was sleeping with telling me she had a threesome in the past but did not enjoy it and felt used afterwards.

I am yet to meet a woman in real life who would not be too ashamed to admit to having had a gangbang to any man she’s interested in having a relationship with, but by all means comment your experience at the bottom in a reply if you have.

The last donut you get as a nice guy
The last donut you get as a nice guy

Subtle Signs

Sometimes there are a lot of little more subtle signs in the things she does or says.

Usually it’ll be little things she says about her past eg. she lost her virginity to a guy who wasn’t actually her first boyfriend as she first implied.

It usually won’t be as obvious as the couple of physical signs below.

Feel free to comment at the end if you have more examples.

Woman holding geartick in telling way

You have to play this short video clip to get it:

When She Tries to Persuade You Not To Worry About Her Sexual Past

This is always a red flag.

If her sexual history wasn’t that bad she would disclose it. Most women don’t disclose it for this reason, or use some variation of “Don’t worry about my past” or “It was before your time” excuses.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn
She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn
Babe don't worry about my past

Her past:

Getting gangbanged by black guys

Most Women Instinctively Know to Hide Their Sexual History To Avoid Being Dumped

126 men have nutted in her before her boyfriend

boyfriend dumps her when he finds out

Body Count Lowers Male Value Too – Just at a Slower Rate

Body count is a bigger problem among women today, but it is not a free pass for men either.

A man can get away with a higher body count than a woman, since microchimerism is only in women there is less of an “ick” factor as long as he’s not contracted any STDs.

However, his value will start to be dragged down as his body count climbs too high – even if it’s at 1/5th or 1/10th the rate of value decline as it is for a woman. How a man is likely to feel about a woman with 10+ body count is likely how a woman, and her father, would feel about a man with 50-100+ body count.

The Patriarch’s View – A Man to Marry To His Daughter

As a father with daughters I can tell you that if I knew a man had 50 – 100+ body count, that would be a red flag that would disqualify him from serious consideration for relationships with my daughters.

Think about what such a high body count says about a man. He’s an impulsive womanizer, he will not be satisfied being committed to one woman, and he is likely not oriented towards being a family man.

In short, he is not a keeper or a reliable bet for the father of my grandchildren.

Many women cite being turned off at 15-30 previous partners in a man, and these are western hoes so imagine how bad they themselves are already and even they draw the limit there.

Think of a nice young man at 20 years old, low body count and before he gets burnt by women. He may not be “high value” in socioeconomic status but he has time and potential to grow into one and mostly importantly – chances are he will truly love and cherish a good girl. Now think about the 45 year old millionaire player who just bangs hoes left and right.

Which one do you think your daughter would have a nicer stable loving family life with?


Quality Control

The other problem with men who have very high body counts such as 100+ is that it’s very unlikely he has slept with 100 very attractive women.

Chances are there are a lot of sub-par women in that list.

This shows he is not selective and does not in fact have a high degree of self-respect.

One guy I know who had a 150+ body count went out with a friend of mine. My friend reported back that he had no standards at all and just approached every woman in the bar, ones my friend would never consider sleeping with.

Another guy I know with a 300+ body count had a kid with a black stripper. No man of value would do that. He is a white trash from social housing, with low income, low intelligence, few skills and few prospects in life. Given such disadvantages it would be smarter to not have kids at all and focus on making money, as per Tom Leykis’ advice who also came from poverty to become successful by avoiding “the quicksand” of getting a girl pregnant and being on 18 years of child support.

Men, you are not obligated to sleep with sub-par women to get your body count up. It is not a flex to have a high body count and low standards.

The Double-Ended Trap of a Man’s Body Count

The body count answer for men is even more precarious than it is for women because it’s wrong at both ends and it’s hard to know where those ends are as they vary by woman. Although a man’s body count does not directly lower his value the same way it does for a woman, it has more tricky implications.

A woman with a low body count may be seen as virtuous. This is why women lie to lower theirs.

A man with a low body count may be seen as undesirable because he’s not pre-selected by other women, actually lowering his status in her eyes rather than being a virtue of discipline and exclusivity. This is why women sometimes stupidly brag about their sexual past without giving hard numbers but merely to imply pre-selection – that she is desirable to others. They don’t realize that is not the flex they think it is. Pre-selection doesn’t apply to girls when any crappy girl can get laid easily. Men of course try to not tip our hands about this as we mentally mark them for “recreational use only”.

Men cite wanting virgins girlfriends.

Women when asked do not want virgin males, unless they are very young and virgins themselves.

Women do not want an inexperienced man or a man deemed less desirable than herself. Hypergyny means women always prefer a man superior to herself in every way.

Yet conversely if he is successful with lots of women and has a high body count as a result, that can also turn women off him. They’ll claim he’s too promiscuous and a ‘fuck-boy‘ not suitable for a relationship, which is what they’re after. Body Count Lowers Male Value Too – Just at a Slower Rate.

Ironically, despite calling him a ‘fuck-boy’, women may still use him for casual sex when in the mood, but will be weary of having a relationship with him. So if your only goal is to have short-term casual sex with her, indirectly disclosing a moderately high body count is perhaps not a bad idea, as long as it’s not seen as bragging.

But again, what the right amount of ‘moderately high’ as to indicate prior success? It will vary by woman and by how promiscuous her past is. A man’s ideal body count to any given woman is likely a bit higher than hers. But since you don’t know what hers really is since women lie about their body count and you can guess wildly wrong, nor can you accurately predict her sensitivity to it, you should not disclose your body count.

You can imply experience without giving an exact number or range. This gives you maximum manoeuvre room to adapt later by not pinning yourself down.

The Ideal Body Count for Men and Women

Number of Premarital Sexual Partners vs Chances of Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage

The ideal body count for women is ZERO.

The ideal body count for men is 0-10.

Zero body count for men is actually ok too. Women project their whorish misconception that he needs to be “sexually experienced”, but he can gain practice in the long duration of a relationship itself as people who married young used to. Practice makes perfect as they say. Also today, with the internet there is no shortage of ways to learn new tricks. A man doesn’t need to whore around himself to get good at sex.

Watch for an upcoming blog post on this.

The Contradiction of Ideal Body Count for Men vs Women – The Numbers Don’t Add Up?

The above ideal body counts for men and women seem contradictory at first glance.

If a man can have up to 10 prior sexual partners but a woman cannot without lowering her value, then where is the man supposed to get those handful of sexual partners from?

In history, there have always been two classes of women – wives and whores. Both serve a needed purpose, which is why both have existed for all of recorded human history.

Low status women became whores.

Decent women preserve their chastity and became wives.

The numbers do add up once you factor in that the whores often service many men, racking up the body counts of men but without adding to the body counts of wives.

This hardly occurs to feminists because they are invariably whores – it limits their thinking and the frame through which they see the world. They incorrectly assume that a men adding body count automatically adds body count to the wives.

They are so far removed from wife-quality that they hardly realize that two classes can exist.

Feminism has caused the wife class of traditional women to become functionally extinct in the West.


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