Red Pill Sport

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Red Pill ‘Sport’

Whenever you are rejecting a woman or have no interest in her, take the opportunity to Red Pill her.

Then watch her reaction.

This can be entertaining and also spreads red pill truths.

It applies to any social situation in person or online which has no bearing on your income or ongoing relationship.

Tell her a few home truths. Some strong examples are given further down.

Sport Fucking & Breakups

I’ve derived the name ‘Red Pill Sport’ from the existing term ‘sport fucking’ women.

This is the next level on top of sport fucking women and is actually easier to do, because any man can do it far more easily than seducing a woman. Although it’s more devastating to a woman if you’ve already slept with her first – that is the pinnacle of Red Pill Sport. Here’s an example of doing this in bed with a blonde.

If you want to dump a girlfriend, and don’t have a stronger reason like her cheating, then tell her that her prior body count means she’s pre-cheated, is therefore not a good woman, and that’s why she’s being dumped.

Read The Best Catchall Dump Excuse Ever in the How to Dump Your Girlfriend article. I actually used this on a long-term girlfriend.

Call me old fashioned, but I like a dump to be as memorable as it is devastating.

Speaking Your Mind is a Sign of Higher Status

Higher status successful guys can afford to speak their mind because there is little consequence from other people to them, physically or financially.

They don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

The mark of a successful red pilled man is he red pills those around him at every opportunity.

A well off man has little excuse to be covertly red pilled – that’s cowardice.

Doing this in relationship contexts is more advanced as it can cause arguments with otherwise even conservative women, who may not be ready to hear that women shouldn’t vote.

If your bad boy style frame is strong enough and you’re attractive enough, you can probably get away with it even in a dating and relationship context, but that is not general advice applicable to most men.

Whereas the socioeconomic status to not give a fuck if anybody disagrees is generally applicable to all men who arrive at enough financial security first.

How to Red Pill Her in 30 Seconds

Ask her if she’s heard of ‘The Red Pill’.

Pick from one or more of the following concise examples:

  1. She’s too old (30+), and gave her best years and sex to other men, see The Wall
  2. She’s not a virgin – she’s pre-cheated on any future husband & doesn’t deserve commitment
    • any man giving her commitment now, especially marriage, is by definition an inferior blue pilled beta male
    • most women in the West lost their virginity between 15-17. Tell her she’s cheated for that many years since with many different men (women lie, don’t believe her self-declared body count)
  3. Microchimerism – women are permanently contaminated with other men’s DNA
    • even found in women who were never pregnant
  4. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote:
    • women’s voting has destroyed the future of the West by shifting politics to the far left, causing most modern problems – high tax, divorce law, low birth rates, ethnic replacement from abroad
  5. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state – they cause high taxes, inflationary money printing and inter-generational wealth inequality
  6. The Gender Pay Gap is caused by women’s laziness – working easier jobs & less hours
  7. Marriage is the lowest rate in recorded history because feminist women aren’t worth marrying any more
  8. Feminism is Cancer – it ruined state economics and birth rates, leading to mass ethnic replacement of the West by foreigners (25-30% in UK, Germany, Canada already)

The Benefits of Red Pill Sport

  1. It can be entertaining to see a woman’s reaction
  2. You may get a story out it
  3. It deflates her ego
  4. Spreading Red Pill knowledge by any means necessary shifts the power balance in society back to men

Even as women struggle to resist and denounce the Red Pill they inadvertently spread it further and sink faster.

Red Pill knowledge is quicksand to feminists.

And nearly every woman you see today is a feminist to some degree, even though most of them won’t admit it. You can apply the feminist checklist against any woman to see for yourself.

Release Your Inner Bad Boy

Even pickup artist guys who approach and interact with lots of women are far too polite.

Burn her socially to build up your boldness.

Take her and all women off that pedestal, and realize they are beneath you.

This is what bad boys intrinsically already know that nice guys don’t.

It’s best to do this in person in terms of building up your balls, but you can also do it over text if you’re concerned about her throwing a drink over you and ruining your favorite dress shirt.

She will likely show her friends the texts or post them online, exposing them & spreading red pill truth further.

Be the bad boy you were born to be.

Red Pill her.

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