Idiots Too Stupid to Read or Click a Link

Idiocracy was supposed to be set 500 years in the future, but the future is arriving early.

Every day there is some idiot on social media who has to snidely comment but can’t be bothered to click a link and read the article explaining a topic.

If you’ve been sent this article by somebody, it’s probably because you’re in danger of becoming that idiot.

“You’re sourcing your own site!”


If they’d had enough intelligence to read the link first, they’d realize this site is mostly a pointer to other sources, with reference sections in many articles and a whole categories of books by experts.

Do they think people have time to repeat in character-limited format the same thing every time a topic comes up?

Feminists and their inferior Beta Male supporters

This is invariably observed among feminists and their inferior beta male supporters.

It is rare to find any masculine, intelligent or inquisitive man who behaves like this.

Refusing to read is either laziness and stupidity.

Neither are excusable.

Read more, comment less.

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