How to Spot a Feminist

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How to Spot a Feminist

Feminism is widely unpopular among men today, as many of them recognize that it’s gone too far.

So a woman may not openly admit to being a feminist today.

Here are some signs that she is secretly a feminist and that you should avoid any interactions with her at work or any commitment to her in dating, and after you’ve had your fun with her, DTB.


  • she’s been promiscuous
  • she thinks her number of past sexual partners doesn’t matter
  • she’s offended by the term “body count” or any questions around her sexual history
  • she excuses female promiscuity & sexual history
  • she’s cheated in the past
  • she thinks cheating women shouldn’t be severely punished or financially disowned
  • she supports cuckoldry of men via stepdads raising kids that aren’t biologically their own
  • she doesn’t want children
  • she was a “party girl” (promiscuous)
  • she’s been long-term single – traditional women are rarely single, because more guys want them, and during single time women usually rack up a lot of different sexual partners
  • she’s done porn or onlyfans
  • InstaHoe – she posts sexually provocative pictures on social media eg. Instagram known as ‘thirst traps’ for male attention
  • she approves of open relationships aka open cuckoldry – the opposite of traditional monogamy

Physical Signs

  • she has an unnatural dyed hair color – pink, blue, red, neon colors etc.
  • she has non-traditional piercings – nose, nipples, clit, belly button, top of ears etc.
  • her tits and ass are on Instagram or similar social media in bikinis or lingerie – advertising herself to other men (promiscuous / cheater / monkey-brancher sign)
  • history of drinking too much, drug abuse etc. (leads to promiscuity)
  • she lacks traditional skills – cooking & cleaning – because she had no intention of looking after a man

Social Signs

  • she has male friends
  • her friends are feminists – if she was traditional, she wouldn’t have much in common with them to be friends
    • friends influence friends. However feminist she was before, she’ll be increasingly more feminist over time due to spending ever more time with them
  • her friends are promiscuous
  • InstaHoe – she posts sexually provocative pictures on social media eg. Instagram known as ‘thirst traps’ for male attention
  • she comes from a broken home
  • she lacks a strong father figure in her life
  • her parents didn’t follow traditional gender roles as good role models for her


  • she thinks every valid criticism of women is misogyny
  • she lacks femininity
  • she doesn’t respect her father or men in general
  • she has an argumentative attitude
  • she’s a “boss babe” – eg. lawyer, director etc.
  • she tries to compete with you – masculine not feminine attitude & energy
  • she doesn’t believe in traditional gender roles
  • she argues against traditional rules, such as not having male friends
  • she tries to convince you she’s “Loyal” – as Margaret Thatcher said, “If you have to say you’re a Lady, you probably aren’t one”
  • she has an attitude of Entitlement – taking rather than giving – and believes that men should pay for everything but doesn’t believe she should cook and clean and look after kids all day and support her man in fair exchange
  • says she’s a “Free Spirit” or “Spiritual” – this is code for doing what she wants rather than taking on responsibility, ie. having sex with a lot of men vs monogamy and children, because being actually religious comes with morals, this is the typical feminist workaround
  • she uses terms like “Who Hurt You?”, “Man Up”, “Real Man” or similar shaming language to try to manipulate men and bend them to her will. A lady wouldn’t do this
  • she uses the word “Scrote” on social media or worse in real life – this is a derogatory term for men – it means she’s been spending too much time on Reddit or social media and is a radical feminist

World View

  • she supports modern feminist divorce laws
    • eg. alimony, splitting wealth she didn’t personally earn
  • she supports abortion
  • she supports LGBTQ+
    • don’t worry about those crashing birth rates or normal people – wrong priorities
  • she’s a “Girl Power” advocate
  • she thinks women are equal to men:
  • she believes the Gender Pay Gap means men and women get paid differently for the same work which has been illegal for decades – rather than being explained by working different jobs, hours, skills, qualifications, sacrifices, danger, outdoor, relocation, travel etc.
  • Politics:
    • she thinks women should be allowed to vote
      • even after confronted with how Universal Suffrage been a disaster that has caused the decline the West – in both economics and birth rates
    • she is politically active – 5x worse
      • she is likely an active problem for society
    • she is a politician – 20x worse
      • she is likely an extreme political problem for society
      • instead of focusing on her man and children like a traditional woman
  • she blames everything on The Patriarchy
    • ironically, doesn’t respect that we live under a female voting majority controlling everything from politics to feminist divorce laws to the high tax system – all of which favor women literally at the expense of men
  • she cites the trivial ‘The Pink Tax’ of a few dollars to try to balance against the 6-7 figure losses that each man takes under feminist law
  • she uses abstract words like narcissist, toxic, controlling without well-reasoned justifications
    • eg. its “controlling” to not want her to go to the club in a miniskirt with her girlfriends where she can easily hook up and cheat (tell her she can do whatever she wants, but she’ll be single by the time she gets back)
  • She exhibits any of the talking points of Feminist Logic… or Lack Thereof

They won’t usually be as obvious as this hoe below, but it’s a nice meme:

Why Can't I Find a Good Man? Because you're a Hoe
Feminist "Gender Equality" Female Supremacy & Man-Hating

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