There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists

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There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists

This article will describe why old feminists are the lowest value major demographic in the world.

But before we get to that, let’s first give some positivity, admiration and respect for the decent older traditional women.

The Exception – The Decent Older Woman

The mother or grandmother who has been a good family woman her whole adult life. She:

  • has always been loyal to her husband, who she cared for and treated well, and was lifelong exclusive to him
  • is a traditional woman
  • did not pre-cheat on him like a feminist
  • has supported society by having at least 2-3 children who she has raised well to be traditional family people themselves
  • has good morals and has passed them on to her children and grandchildren
  • may have worked but her priority has always been her family and her husband
  • brings value to the world, past and present, as she plays a very active support role in her children and grandchildren’s lives, as well as her husband’s life
  • may regularly babysit the grandkids while her children go to work, thereby saving them expensive childcare costs and strengthening the family bonds instead of leaving them with strangers
  • is worth the subsidies and resources she will have cost her husband and the state

If you’re thinking that above description does not describe most western women today, you’d be right. I’ve just described my grandmothers, born nearly 100 years ago.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to why old feminists are the lowest value major demographic in the world.

What is ‘Old’ for a Woman?

In China, 30+ women are called ‘Leftover Women’.

The clearest definition of ‘old’ would be according to biology.

By 30 years old, a woman has lost 90% of her eggs, with the rest deteriorating in quality and DNA. 1 2 3 4 5

By 30 years old she has a 50% chance of dying childless (see the Birth Gap documentary).

Even if she manages to secure a man, she’ll be lucky to have 1-2 healthy kids in the time she has left. This is part of why western birth rates are 1.x, below replenishment, across all of Europe and the US. Feminism has taught women to fuck around, pre-cheat on their husbands and settle down too late.

By 35 she’ll be in geriatric pregnancy territory with higher risk of genetic defects in her children, and miscarriages.

We can therefore confidently say that 30-35+ is old for a woman by any reasonable standard.

Why Old Feminists Are So Low Value

Out of all the demographics in the world, old feminists are the lowest value.

A 30+ year old woman you meet today has spent nearly all of her looks and reproductive value getting fucked by other men for roughly 15+ years. Women are also less productive than men, pay less taxes, and claim more state benefits. She is low value in everything from looks & sex, to children & economics:

  1. Looks
  2. Sex – Pair Bonding, Pre-Cheating & Microchimerism
  3. Hoeflation & Entitlement
  4. Children
  5. Financial Subsidies – Net Economic Drains


It’s no secret that a woman’s looks diminish throughout her twenties. She increasingly covers this up with make-up.

Dataclysm proved from the data of millions of men’s clicks that a woman’s peak age is 20 years old.

This is unsurprising as it follows the reality of biological fertility. Men have evolved to find young fertile women the most attractive. Women’s multi-billion dollar make-up industry is soley there to trick men’s visual brains into thinking women are younger than they actually are.

Men’s looks decline with age too, but at a slower rate as they are fertile longer. Men also have so many more things to offer besides looks that they are able to offset their looks to some degree.

An old woman is of low looks value.

There’s a saying – something… something… ageing like wine vs milk

Tom Cruise 1986 vs 2018

Men age like fine wine

Women age like milk

Who remembers what a hottie Bridget Fonda used to be:

Bridget Fonda young vs old

Aged like Milk
In China, if you are a woman, single and over 30, you are called…but if you are a man, you’re called
In China, 30+ year old women are called ‘Leftover Women’

Sex – Pair Bonding, Pre-Cheating & Microchimerism

Most western women lost their virginity between 15-17 years of age. 6

So her age at meeting, minus 17, is how many long years she’s been getting fucked by other men.

She’s intentionally pre-cheated for years, which is why most women have such high body counts by the time you meet them. This reduces pair bonding on both sides.

Body count estimates go up with age, such that age itself becomes an even bigger negative when factoring in her corresponding longer sordid sexual history.

Her sexual market value is also much lower the more she ages. This is why there is a historic stereotype of men abandoning even decent wives for younger women.

During her many years of pre-cheating, she’s almost certainly had unprotected sex, and 1/4 of women in the US have killed their babies via abortion.

This means she’s almost guaranteed to be permanently contaminated with the DNA from other men – scientifically known as microchimerism – throughout her body all the way up to her brain. This sounds like science fiction, but it’s not, read the article – it has many scientific sources cited.

To see the lack of value old women have by even age 40, half way through their life, you need only read their own accounts of their dating lives and how other men treat them in this article.

An old woman is of low sexual market value.

The last donut you get as a nice guy

Hoeflation & Entitlement

Hoeflation states that men today “have to work 5x harder than their grandfathers did to get women 20x times worse than what their grandmothers were”.

Part of this concept is that the older a woman gets, the more entitled she becomes. Her standards go up as she will have been fucked by guys who are the top 1% in different dimensions such as height, build, socioeconomic status etc. This pumps up her ego. Yet she herself is still low value, and even more so after being fucked by those other men.

Her value is constantly going down over time and with usage, yet she has ever higher expectations the older she gets.

By the time she realizes her loss of value and is finally ready to ‘settle down‘ before she loses the last of her eggs, she is so far into her decline that she’s usually already in her 30s. She will then grudgingly ‘settle’ for a man merely 1.2x better than her, who she will see as a beta male ‘downgrade’ in her mind, at least compared to the alpha males of her past transgressions during her ‘hoe phase’ pre-cheating years.

Many an older feminist is ‘Type A’ for aggravating.

An old woman is low value in terms of cost and attitude.

old white women most likely to be on long-term antidepressants


By 30 years old a woman has a 50% chance of dying childless (see the Birth Gap documentary).

If she even manages to have kids, she will likely have few in the fertility window she has left, usually not more than 1-2, which is not enough. Western birth rates are at 1.x average across all of Europe and the US, below the replenishment rate of 2.1 needed to sustain a society.

If she does manage to have kids, she’s more likely to end up a single mother due to having pre-cheated on her man for roughly 15+ years, weakening the pair bond on both sides.

By 35 she’s in geriatric pregnancy, which feminists are busy trying to relabel as the more euphemistic ‘Advanced Maternal Age’.

Regardless of terminology, women’s age is correlated to many defects in their children, such as Downes Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers and the DNA of her eggs has deteriorated during the years she’s been delaying having children to fuck around with a bunch of other men.

Downes Syndrome by mother's age

It’s common for women to have miscarriages in this age range, whether because of her thinned uterus or her body triggering a miscarriage as a result of detecting a genetic defect in the baby as a result of her old eggs.

She will become entirely infertile for the second half of her life. The Wall takes no prisoners. It comes for all women’s fertility. 40+ childless women are easily among the lowest value demographic in the world.

An old woman is of low to zero reproductive value.

Financial Subsidies – Net Economic Drains

Each woman is on average a $150,000 net loss to the state.

This comes at the expense of higher taxes, paid mostly by men, while state benefits are paid mostly to women.

Even young virgin bachelor men are subsidizing women, without consent. The high taxation on them undermines their social mobility and opportunity to earn their own family.

And that $150,000 net loss to the state is likely far exceeded by the subsidies a woman receives throughout her private life in the form of dating, relationships and divorce.

The reason women are able to steal so much money from men, whether via the state or divorce, is due to universal suffrage. Women are the voting majority, due to higher male mortality rates, and vote for ever more subsidies for themselves at men’s expense.

Old men are of more value than old women because they’re usually more productive for longer. Men built the world, they work more useful jobs and have paid more taxes throughout their lifetime. Most men do not get a free pass based on looks for the prime years of their adult life. They’re more physically & intellectually capable – an old man is more likely to be a master of his craft than an old woman is.

As women get older, they’re not only less productive, but they claim ever more state benefits.

An old woman is of low to negative economic value to society.

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax


So an old woman, 30+, has less looks, less fertility, less pair bonding, more likelihood of microchimerism from more men, and costs more money to the state as she ages.

If she is a feminist instead of a traditional woman, then she becomes worth ever less of the resources she consumes, and does not have enough remaining value to justify her expense to the state or to men personally.

Aaron Clarey, economist and author of Bachelor Pad Economics fame, goes a step further and shows with numbers why most feminist women on the dating market today are so low value. See his Book of Numbers – Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women.


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