The Brad Pitt Rule

The Brad Pitt Rule

The Brad Pitt Rule states that if you’re ever wondering if a woman likes you, consider how she’d treat Brad Pitt (or her favorite celebrity crush) in the same situation.

She’d reply in a reasonable time, be eager to arrange dates, counter-offer date bookings if already booked, or even reschedule prior arrangements in favor of going on a date with him instead.

Could you imagine a woman telling Brad Pitt that she’d rather stick to her Friday night plans with her girlfriends instead of going out with him? No? Exactly.

Mixed signals are a NO.

When She’s Not Attracted To You

If she’s hard work in terms of mixed signals, minimal text responses, slow to reply to texts, flaky, cancellations, or makes excuses about why she’s unavailable for proposed dates then she’s just not attracted to you.

If a woman has Friday night plans are with another guy, she’d cancel on him to date Brad Pitt. Next time she cancels or flakes on you, realize you’re that second pick guy on the wrong side of this rule – she ditched you for a better offer to date another guy she’s more attracted to.

Meeting You Halfway & Counter-Offering Alternate Dates

A woman who genuinely wants you won’t make it hard, she’ll be eager or at least meet you halfway, as the Black Eyed Peas song goes, progress through dating to sex and making you her boyfriend.

For example, if you offered her a date but she already has other plans that night, she should at least counter-offer an alternative night to date.

For her favorite celebrity, she’d probably cancel her other plans entirely and just say she was available, but at the very least she’d negotiate another date rather than just give a flat “No, sorry, I’ve got other plans that night” type response with no counter-offer.

No woman is too busy to message Brad Pitt back

If she’s slow to reply to you, don’t message her again until she messages first. Not texting you back soon is her answer – she’s not that interested.

If a celebrity messaged her, she wouldn’t forget to message him back, in fact, she’d make it a priority to respond within a day even if she was insanely busy.

Don’t text her again to prompt her. One text, as per the Skepta song Taking Too Long.

She got your text and just didn’t reply, because you’re not a priority to her.

If Brad Pitt had texted her, she’d have replied and she wouldn’t have forgotten because she’d be excited to receive a text from someone she’s attracted to.

Do you think she would be so difficult if she was texting and arranging a date with Brad Pitt?

No woman is too busy to message Brad Pitt back, not even if she was the CEO of the biggest company in the world. Elon Musk runs 5 billion dollar companies and still finds time to interact with random people on Twitter.

You can bet Beyonce messaged Jay-Z back, and she’s Beyonce for goodness sake, nobody had more going on than her.

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Do Not Chase

If she has forgotten about you or prioritized responding to other people first then she is signaling low interest in you and you aren’t going to improve that by chasing her.

Do. Not. Chase.

We’ve all done it, usually when young, chasing women doesn’t work, it just telegraphs you as lower value.

Higher-value people don’t chase lower-value people.

If she can’t even spare a minute to text you back in 2 days, she’s clearly not worth your time, and if you chase her she’ll just exploit you.

Don’t let her play you like that.

Remember The Golden Rule – Self-Respect

If a woman isn’t that into you, let her go. Do not humiliate yourself by chasing her.

She’s not more important than you. You are a man and almost certainly superior to her in most ways, except for perhaps looks where women should get the edge for free just by virtue of being female, plus they have massive artificial uplift via the multi-billion dollar make-up industry upgrading them all by 2 points.

Her looks will fade. Do not sell your future for her looks which are partly fake and won’t last anyway.

Even Brad Pitt Got His Heart Broken

Even if you are Brad Pitt himself, you’re probably still going to get your heart broken by some woman as he found out with Gwyneth Paltrow, because that’s just the world we live in now.

There is always another Leonardo Di Caprio out there ready to take a turn on her sooner or later.

Remember The Golden Rule – “She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”.

The Point Demonstrated in 4 Minutes

The Brad Pitt Rule | AoM Instructional

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