The Golden Rules for Men

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The Golden Rules for Men

The Golden Rules for Men are the most important life lessons to live by from decades of experience – the best of men’s community knowledge in the modern era.

Dating & Relationships can make or break your entire life, finances, health & happiness, which is why this section is higher than the money section – because in reality, it is the money, health & happiness section.

These Golden Rules will be elaborated on in depth in future blog posts and linked back here.

Dating & Relationships

  1. No Marriage – No Exceptions:
    • “All wives think their husbands are idiots. Smart men don’t get married” – quote from an ex
    • Marriage kills your sex life – 25% end up sexless
    • Cheating – “Rings Don’t Plug Holes”
      • even virgin wives cheat later on
      • she is more likely to cheat once she has legal guarantees to your money
      • women are still legally “entitled” to your house and 50-75% of your net worth plus lifelong alimony payments even if she’s caught cheating
    • Divorce Laws are written by feminists – 50% divorce rate with 70-80% of divorces initiated by women
    • Marrying abroad is no protection – women can fly to feminist countries like USA / UK and use international law to divorce rape you from there
    • Most married people end up unhappy but guys can’t afford to divorce her
    • Especially don’t do it if she needs a visa – she will change afterwards – cheat / divorce rape you
    • You don’t need to be married to have kids
  2. No Cohabitation:
    • cohabitation enables women’s Bait & Switch of changing behavior
    • this is how men end up in 1/4 of sexless relationships
    • “common-law marriage” divorce in some jurisdictions, others can add it any time as feminists are voting majority under universal suffrage and keep changing the laws
    • maintain separate residences:
      • if she cheats, DTB immediately
      • if she denies you sex, kick her out
    • the only caveat to this is if you have children together, but understand this is a high risk situation, see the Children section further down
  3. If you go a month without having sex:
    • she doesn’t love you
    • you’re entering sexless relationship territory
    • DTB before you lose more time and resources. Do not stay with sunk cost fallacy
    • Exception: 2-3 months after childbirth for recovery
  4. “She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn” – most relationships fail over time, plan for it
  5. Read The Red Flags in Women list
  6. Read The Leykis 101 dating rules
  7. Read The Golden Relationship Rules to lay down the law
  8. Read The Wisdom of Rivelino on Twitter
  9. Have A High Degree of Self-Respect and Enforce It
    • command respect, never let anybody dare disrespect you in words or actions, not even as a joke – especially not women or in front of women
  10. “Women Don’t Care About Men’s Problems. They Wait At the Finish Line and Fuck the Winners” – Richard Cooper
  11. “A Woman Is Only As Loyal As Her Options”
  12. There are no ‘Good Girls’, only girls that haven’t been caught yet:
    • If she has risky logistics or communications (club, online messages), eventually something will go wrong
    • Mate Guarding is a valid evolutionary response to this problem, which feminists are trying to criminalize via Coercive Control laws to make it easier for feminists to cheat
  13. Female Hypergamy means women only want to date men who are better than them in most of several common criteria eg. taller, stronger, smarter, makes more money etc.
    • This means that if a woman is willing to have a relationship with you, you are better than her by definition
    • LMS – Looks, Money, Status are the keys to women
  14. Never Simp for Women – never give more time / money / attention than you receive back – give zero if you’re not having sex
    • Men that women are genuinely attracted to do not have to provide anything beyond their company
  15. Never Give a Woman Security:
    • she will fuck you less – as her competition anxiety decreases
    • she is more likely to cheat
      • especially if she has a legal claim to your money via marriage, common-law marriage from cohabitation, or child support against a high income or business
  16. Never Base Your Life Around A Woman:
    • most relationships fail over time and when that relationship goes away, your life will collapse along with it
  17. Assume She’s a Hoe and you’ll be right in most cases (most girls lost virginity by 17)
  18. If she’s older than you, she’s the one with the game, not you
    • you will almost certainly need to trade her in for a younger model eventually as she will age out long before you do since women peak 15 years earlier than men (women at 20 [source: Dataclysm], men at 35)
  19. If you take her seriously she’ll know you’re a fool:
    • she got fucked by lots of other guys who didn’t take her seriously already (virgins excepted)
  20. Beware of Long-Term Single Women
  21. “Never Pay Full Price for Something Other Men Got For Free”
    • you frame yourself as an inferior man to pick up the woman’s bill from other men
  22. “You Can’t Turn a Hoe into a House Wife”:
    • women with too much free time and space on their hands are much more likely to cheat
    • “Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Playthings”
    • the easy logistics for her to do so without getting caught are too ideal – this is why mate guarding is a widespread strategy across both humans and many animals species
  23. Women Are Dream Killers:
    • never let them alter your life path via obligations to them via pregnancy, financial support etc.
  24. Never Tolerate anybody in your life that drags you down or doesn’t treat you with respect
  25. 3 Dates Max – unless she’s a high-value virgin:
    • if you haven’t had sex within 3 dates then she has no genuine desire for you, have some self-respect and walk away – don’t be a beta simp
    • she’s almost certainly had sex with other men she genuinely desired in a shorter time, most women I’ve surveyed admitted to having sex the first night with other guys
  26. Use Dating to Vet Her Values – what does she want out of life, what are her political beliefs & socioeconomic class, does she want children etc.
    • you can then evaluate her as potential relationship material vs “recreational use only” category
  27. Single Mothers are for Recreational Use Only – don’t date them seriously:
    • you will come last
    • you will subsidize another man’s kids
    • you will be seen as a cuck and a disgrace by other men – have some self-respect
    • always use a condom, never get her pregnant
  28. Don’t be a “Captain-Save-A-Hoe“:
    • if she didn’t want you in her prime (20-25), she doesn’t deserve you in her decline (30-35+)
    • applies doubly so to single mothers and broke women or women in debt (check her student loans)
  29. Men and Women Can’t Be Friends – don’t become her girlfriend, fuck her or dump her
  30. She Must Have No Male Friends – if she has guy friends, big red flag, dump her
  31. Put Out or Get Out – Never Tolerate Women Who Aren’t Having Regular Sex With You
    • 1/4 marriages are sexless – don’t end up in a slow death
    • no free attention
    • have the self-respect to walk away and DTB
  32. Never invest in a woman:
    • they’re black holes that will suck up money until Briffault’s Law hits and the relationship ends
    • there is no such thing as “Relationship Equity”What Have You Done For Me Lately?
    • women are depreciating assets, unreliable and one of the worst investments in life
    • if you pay for her boob job, thinking you’ll enjoy it, she’ll use it to attract your replacement
    • if you take pictures of her, she’ll use them on her dating profile apps for your replacement. Remember that whenever she ever gets you to take pics of her solo in places
  33. Don’t Spend Money on Women:
    • no expensive dates
    • no expensive gifts
    • it doesn’t get you laid anyway
    • spoiling a woman kills attraction and genuine desire with ever-diminishing returns
    • no paying for her holidays
    • pay-to-play is for hookers – at least you’d get what you pay for and not regular excuses
  34. Never Subsidise Any Woman’s Life:
    • it’s not the 1950s, women are different now
    • don’t be that Beta Provider guy, it kills attraction anyway
    • it can be used against you in court even without marriage or cohabitation
    • never pay her rent or bills – see women overstating them to keep the difference
  35. Never Have Any Joint Assets or Accounts:
    • No shared ownership of property, business, shares or other assets
    • No shared bank accounts or credit cards
    • No co-signed loans or student debts (you can be liable for huge bills she runs up)
    • No Marriage or Cohabitation to avoid her making claims against your assets
  36. Never Help Any Woman You Don’t Know Well – close family or close girlfriends only
  37. Never Chase Women under any circumstances
  38. Never Compliment Her Looks – women are already too vain with hyperinflated egos from social media and dating apps, don’t make the problem worse. Let her ego deflate. Besides, they’re often fake anyway these days (high heels, dyed hair, fake boobs, fake nails, fake tan, push-up bras, hair extensions etc.)
  39. A woman will try to change you. If she succeeds, she will fall out of love with you
  40. Don’t Waste Much Time on Women – the lost time will stunt your personal development from becoming successful and having more opportunities
  41. Don’t Waste Time On Her Friends or Family – avoid interactions and occasions with them as much as possible – aside from loss of time, you’re one disagreement with them away from them deteriorating your relationship with a woman behind your back. Minimize exposure, be polite on any occasions you can’t avoid
  42. Never Have Sex Without a Condom unless you’re intending to get her pregnant and sacrifice the rest of your life for her and your kid:
    • don’t expect you can convince her to get an abortion – it’s not up to you under feminist law
    • “her body, her choice”, but your wallet, her choice – modern slavery over your body to work to pay her uncapped child support for 2 decades
    • Also, STDs: normal women are the equivalent to free prostitutes by historical standards, don’t catch something and ruin the rest of your life
  43. You Can’t Change Her or Fix Her – So Don’t Try:
    • check the Red Flags in Women list
    • accept her as she is if there aren’t any major red flags, otherwise DTB
  44. Never Show Weakness, Emotion or Cry In Front of a Woman:
    • she will lose attraction for you
  45. Never Make Your Woman Seriously Cry
    • eg. via cheating, porn, or even saying or writing something mean about her, even in texts to your friends in case she reads your phone
    • it’ll come back to bite you via reduced pair bonding, her cheating on you, sexless relationship or general relationship breakdown later on, costing you a lot of time and unhappiness yourself
  46. No Long Distance Relationships:
    • she’ll cheat on you, you’re wasting your life waiting for her and just going to get hurt
  47. If you “Passport Bro”:
    • never bring a foreign woman back to the West – eventually she will become like western women via peer influence and FOMO, breaking up or cheating on you
    • Never Marry Her – she can fly to the West to weaponize their feminist laws to divorce rape you
  48. Never Put Yourself At Risk For Women:
    • No unprotected sex without a condom – 1/3 of girls have had STDs
    • No daredevil or dangerous sports to impress girls – she’ll be fucking another man when you’re in a wheelchair
    • No street fights over women – you’re one knife or head fall on curb away from no more women
    • She’ll bring a date to your funeral if she even attends it
  49. Never Date Women at Work:
    • you’re one HR call away from having no job if she’s ever unhappy
    • see the Pence Principle in the General section further down
  50. Never become a “house husband” or date women who earn more than you:
  51. No Military Service:
    • don’t risk dying for a feminist society in which you’re a 2nd class legal citizen
    • you’ll likely get cheated on or a “dear john” letter while you’re away on deployment
    • see Ukrainian Women Cuckolding Their Men at War en masse
    • women won’t appreciate your sacrifices anyway
    • if you die “your” girl will just be getting fucked by another man
    • if you get maimed or disfigured:
    • your “loyal” girl will leave you – women are only as loyal as their options
    • new women will avoid you due to modern hypergamy’s emphasis on looks since feminism has guaranteed them resources via the state
  52. Never say anything over the phone or write anything in texts / WhatsApp chats / emails or similar that you wouldn’t be happy to be read out aloud in court:
    • women use these to support criminal allegations to the police, as is common in divorce (lawyers even advice to do this as a silver bullet for leverage in financial negotiations)
    • these “relationship receipts” can also be forwarded to your next woman to damage that relationship – for example messages around cheating or bad language during a breakup
  53. Never Take Her Back:
    • women often fuck other guys shortly after a break-up because it’s so easy for them to do
    • have some self-respect and never take her back after a breakup

Golden Relationship Rules

man kissing woman's forehead while lying on bed

The Golden Relationship Rules

The Golden Rules to lay down for a new relationship, to avoid common pitfalls and wrong expectations around sex, kids, money, cohabitation

silhouette of man jumping on the field during night time

The Best Books on Dating & Relationships

Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Fatherhood, Infidelity, Paternity Fraud, Evolutionary Psychology


  1. Do Not Marry the mother of your children:
    • it weakens your financial leverage to enforce patriarchy because she can just then make a divorce financial claim
    • it changes her psychology towards being able to cheat or dump you, thereby breaking your family unit through no fault of your own
    • you do not need to get married to have kids – that’s an outdated pre-feminist-law idea
    • make sure there is no Common-Law Marriage in your territory if cohabiting
  2. There is no prenup for Child Support
  3. If kids are expensive, mothers are extortionate
  4. Choose the mother of your children very carefully:
    • vet her thoroughly for shared values – politics, money, how you’d envision raising kids together, split of domestic work & child rearing, who pays the costs, what does the lifestyle look like, where would you want to live to raise kids and why, public vs home school etc.
  5. Aim for a patriarchal family unit by you holding all the financial cards
    • this is a mitigation because you do not have the legal cards under feminism
    • beware being the traditional family provider will put you in higher jeopardy in case of divorce as a court will enforce continuing higher payments from you upon breakup, see Do Not Marry her in rule one above
  6. Child Support is a feminist scam that isn’t capped at children’s costs and nor can you even enforce that your money is spent on your kid, instead of her shoes / handbags / dresses etc.
  7. Never Have Sex Without a Condom unless you’re willing to get her pregnant and sacrifice the rest of your life for her and your kid
    • don’t expect you can convince her to get an abortion – it’s not up to you under feminist law
    • “her body, her choice”, but your wallet, her choice – modern slavery over your body to work to pay her uncapped child support for 2 decades
  8. Kids put extra strain on what were once great relationships
    • do not assume your relationship will stay the same or survive long-term once you have kids, many do not, especially since she can take your income via feminist child support laws without being accountable to you in any way
  9. Never Get Her Pregnant unless she can financially support the child by herself
    • most relationships fail and you will end up crippling your kid’s childhood or your own future by trying to support your baby momma not pulling her financial weight
    • imagine picking up your kid, dirty, under fed, under educated because you had it with a hot bitch hoe by thinking only with your dick – you’ll bring sadness on yourself and your kid
  10. Passport Bros – if you can have children abroad in less feminist country, do so:
    • better for you legally
    • better for your children’s development away from LGBTQ+ crap
  11. Rural vs Urban – if you can have your children in a less urban environment, do so:
    • they will have less corruption, but beware of social media
  12. Home Schooling – if you can home school, do so:
    • children are taught a lot of bad things in state schools from a young age, including LGBTQ+, FGM, Anal around 8-12 years old etc.
  13. Social Media – limit and monitor your kids access to social media
    • feminism and other mental illness corruptions spread at the speed of the internet
  14. Apply for 50/50 custody of the children upon a breakup:
    • it will reduce her power in many dimensions eg. child support, alimony, asset claims, upbringing, parental alienation etc.
    • this will cripple your mobility to relocate for opportunities, work, taxes etc. unfortunately. You must weigh up this trade-off yourself based on your circumstances
    • it will be better for your children’s development to have more time with you and reduces chances parental alienation by their mother
  15. Do Not Donate Sperm:
    • feminists control the legal system by majority vote and can change laws to enforce child support against you at any future time
    • the kids may turn up and upend your life 20 years later
    • if the kids have a terrible life due to their mothers, you will be caught in a horrible situation
  16. Avoid Short Women:
    • you don’t want to have short sons, because they will suffer in the current Hoeflationary dating market
    • look at the average height for your country & avoid dropping below that
    • if you’re having kids with a 5’1″ woman, you can expect your kids/grandkids to be short
  17. Women’s Age matters a lot:
    • If you want several kids, you should seek a young woman
    • By 30 – 90% of her eggs are dead and flushed – you’d be lucky to have a couple kids
    • By 35 – she’s in “geriatric pregnancy” at high risk of a number of defects, Autism, Downes Syndrome, Aspergers etc.
    • By 30 – 50% of women who don’t have children by 30 never do
    • It’s difficult to extend a woman’s fertility window, being fit doesn’t help, she’s still losing eggs every month
    • 90% of childless women did not intend to end up childless – 10% were infertile, 80% ran out of time
    • Mother Nature gives her gifts of youth and fertility, Father Time takes them away
    • Father Time is Undefeated
woman carrying baby with pacifier in mouth

The Impacts of Children on Relationships

Having children impacts relationships - money, sex life, time, bonding and other aspects of your relationship, breakups, single mothers

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

The Women Who Never Love Men, Only Their Children

Women love their children, men are expendable - to be used as sperm donors and financial slaves enforced via feminist laws

grayscale photo of woman carrying baby

The Problems with Having Kids Today

Cost, AI killing jobs, toxic feminist baby mamas cucking you in your house, taking too much of your money and blocking visitation for years, lawyers fees for family court

a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

The Best Books on Men’s Rights Issues & Children

Issues every man will recognize. You are not alone. Divorce, paternity fraud, mental health, suicide, fatherlessness, the boy crisis, the collapse of parenting, the feeling of powerlessness trapped in the feminist legal system


  1. Stay in respectable shape
  2. Well-balanced diet is the most important thing
  3. Swapping drinks for water is an easy calorie hack
  4. Your body is more satisfied by calories in chewed food than drinks
  5. Avoid sugars – they age you and inch you towards cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases. Sugars are added in to many foods, learn to read nutrition labels
  6. Don’t stock junk food & unhealthy snacks at home – you’ll eat them eventually if in front of you
  7. Always have a full meal before grocery shopping – it’ll help you resist buying junk food & snacks
  8. Always hydrate before grocery shopping – it’ll help you resist buying sugary drinks
  9. Go to the gym – this primes you mentally – most of us don’t have the psychology to home gym
  10. Cardio is for blood circulation and general oxygenation of your body for health
  11. Weights is faster for fat loss and tone than treadmill, which takes too long
  12. Lift medium – your body should be recovering for 2 days afterwards
  13. Lifting heavy is dangerous – you can permanently damage your joints and tendons
  14. Muscle is attractive – you likely wouldn’t be able to become too muscular even if you tried
  15. Never take steroids, they’ll disable your natural testosterone production and have negative long-term health effects including organ failure. Play for the long-term
  16. Don’t smoke or take drugs – aside from your health, it’s a red flag to the weakness of your mind
  17. Sleep – get plenty of sleep – nights of partying age you faster, aim for a consistent 8 hours per night
  18. Minimize alcohol intake – any amount has a negative effect on your brain and ageing
  19. Martial arts:
    • good for confidence and self-defense
    • do full contact styles only – punching the air won’t help you much with power development or physical realities of your body type vs others
    • start with muay thai & brazilian jiu jitsu if you’re a newbie
    • avoid real fights:
      • there is always someone tougher than you – you won’t know until it’s too late
      • you can’t tell how good someone is by looking (cauliflower ear is one obvious warning sign to steer clear, usually implies hardened competitive-level submission grapplers)
      • if you fight everybody, eventually somebody will have your number – even the greatest world champions fall if they fight every opponent in their prime or keep fighting too long
  20. No Military Service:
    • don’t risk dying for a feminist society in which you’re a 2nd class legal citizen
    • you’ll likely get cheated on or a “dear john” letter while you’re away on deployment
    • see Ukrainian Women Cuckolding Their Men at War en masse
    • women won’t appreciate your sacrifices anyway
    • if you die “your” girl will just be getting fucked by another man
    • if you get maimed or disfigured:
      • your “loyal” girl will leave you – women are only as loyal as their options
      • new women will avoid you due to modern hypergamy’s emphasis on looks since feminism has guaranteed them resources via the state
  21. Father Time is Undefeated in the end – but by having a good clean lifestyle you can make the most of the time you have, maintain your looks and body, and extend your market viability for longer
  22. Sperm counts are falling – avoid estrogens, soy and fast food
silhouette photo of man on cliff during sunset

The Best Books on Health

Health, sperm counts, diet & insulin resistance, cancer, diabetes, stress, gender


  1. Money provides peace of mind
  2. There is no job for life – plan accordingly
  3. The more you earn, the more you spend naturally. Resist this. Don’t upgrade your lifestyle too fast
  4. Assets put money in your pocket each month. Liabilities take money out of your pocket
  5. Save something every month, no matter how much you earn, aim for at least 10%
  6. Avoid consumer debt – credit cards, pay day loans, car leases – they have high interest rates and make poor people even poorer
  7. Live within your means to achieve your savings goals and avoid consumer debt
  8. Income-generating asset debt is ok as long as it generates more money than the debt interest costs, this is rich people 101
  9. Build savings to survive tough times – this gives the security to make better long-term decisions and avoids you from becoming financial prey every recession or during layoffs or interest rate hikes
  10. Factor in worst-case interest rate increases on any debts you take on for mortgage or investments
  11. Don’t take big mortgages – you put yourself at the mercy of central bank interest rate changes
  12. Don’t buy cars on leases – you can’t afford that car yet and consumer debt is expensive at relatively high interest rates
  13. Invest your savings – use an ETF – S&P 500 or similar because bank savings interest rates suck
  14. Dollar Cost Averaging – investing regularly each month means you get a spread of prices that average out to ok. Don’t try to time the market, you cannot predict the future
  15. Psychology of Spending – pay with cash, you psychologically don’t register the cost of purchases fully when swiping a credit card
  16. Beware Student Loans:
    • they can impoverish you for all the prime decades of your life
    • you cannot declare bankruptcy on them – they are for life until you repay them
  17. University – don’t go unless your degree directly aligns to a well-paying job and you’ve analyzed the Return On Investment:
    • calculate how long it’ll take you to repay your student loans after taxes and living expenses
    • factor in that your living expenses as a professional will be much higher than it is when you’re a young poor student, so it’ll take you longer to repay than if you got that income as a student
    • time, lost earnings, and student loan debts must be weighed against realistic potential net income (after tax)
  18. Time is Money:
    • trade small amounts of money to free up time
    • the more time you can wisely allocate towards making money the more likely you are to be successful
    • highly paid careers are very competitive in both intelligence, time and effort
  19. Highly successful businesses usually require living them – business owners are often obsessed about their business operations, growth & profitability
  20. No Military Service – you’ll lose time building a highly paid career or business – both are highly competitive and require time
  21. Never let people know how much money you have – it breeds jealousy, resentment and is just plain crass. It might also prompt them to ask you for money
  22. Never lend money to people – it’s the fastest way to lose friends. Real friends wouldn’t even ask. They can borrow from the bank like everyone else if they need to and keep everything above board. If the bank won’t lend them money, then you definitely shouldn’t, you probably won’t get it back
  23. See the impacts of Universal Suffrage on you financially at the bottom of the General section below
1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

Economics 101

Economics - Supply vs Demand, Inflation, Central & Fractional Reserve Banking, Free Market Myth, Socialism, Immigration, Gold Standard, Universal Suffrage

man sitting on concrete brick with opened laptop on his lap

Career Advice – Jobs, Training, Avoiding Feminist Corporate Issues

Extensive career advice, safe jobs, training, dealing with companies, recruiters, HR, levelling up, freelancing, remote working, the future of work

book lot on black wooden shelf

University Has Become A Self-Serving Business Model

University has become a self-serving business model. It's expensive & time consuming. Unless your degree directly maps to a highly-paid job, don't go

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

The Best Books on Money & Economics

Money, Investments, Personal Finance, Economics, Inflation, Central Banking, Socialism, Capitalism, Psychology


  1. Whatever you do in life, Do It Well
  2. Never Stop Learning – life changes, opportunities arise
    • read Books
    • listen to Audible / YouTube / Spotify podcasts
    • do online courses (cheaper than legacy academia)
    • whatever works for you
  3. Life Gets Better Over Time
    • if you’re doing the right things, you’re either getting 1% better or 1% worse
  4. Don’t Be Lazy
    • it’ll kill your self-worth and confidence as well as your success
  5. Video Games are fun, but will kill your life, save it for when you’re successful or retired
  6. Always Keep Moving
    • as long as you keep moving towards your goals, your situation will get better over time
  7. Have A High Degree of Self-Respect and Enforce It
    • if you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will
  8. Take Calculated Risks in life:
    • it’s better to regret the chances you took in life than wondering ‘what if’ looking back
  9. Stay in Shape – for yourself, it affects your health, psychology and confidence
  10. Your friends are a reflection on you:
    • Be selective in who your close friends are
    • Sometimes the hardest weight to lose is dead weight
  11. People are influenced by friends they spend a lot of time with
  12. Honor is among great men only – do not expect it from women or inferior men
  13. Explore and find things that interest you
  14. Your Company is Not Your Family
    • you could rebuild the whole company and they’ll still lay you off on your birthday when you’ve just had a baby to save a few dollars and optimize their owner or shareholder profits
    • It’s Not Your Company, It’s Just Your Turn
    • there is no job for life any more, plan accordingly
  15. You Are Not Your Job – that is the perspective of someone who only cares about what you can do for them or society – they are not your kin
  16. “Most people only like you for what you can do for them, sad but true” – my grandmother
  17. Pence Principle – #MeToo defence
    • never be alone with any woman from work – elevator, meeting room etc.
  18. Never Talk to the Police – Danger!
    • “I want a lawyer” (don’t say “think I should have”, they can ignore that)
    • you must have legal counsel before you answer any question to a police officer
      • almost everybody has broken some arcane law inadvertently – the law is too complex for you to know, even giving an alibi can land you in prison
    • read The Best Books on Law
  19. Never use a racist slur, not even as a joke:
    • it is low class
    • unless you’re a rapper or a famous comedian it will come out wrong and your reputation will sink faster than the Titanic
  20. “If you punish the truth, you’re asking to be lied to” – Dr. Orion Taraban, PsycHacks
  21. Read The Red Flags in Men list and check yourself honestly
  22. Universal Suffrage is responsible for causing Western decline across many areas by changing elections and policies, resulting in:
    • feminist divorce laws
    • low birth rates & mass immigration replacement by foreigners (UK & Germany are 25% replaced already, Canada is 30% replaced & USA is drowning from hispanic immigration too)
    • unsustainable government economics:
      • permanent budgetary deficits (historically usually only happened during times of war)
      • forced governments to print money leading to inflating away 90% of the value of the US dollar and UK pound, impoverishing the new generations and allowing the asset-owning Boomer generation to financially parasite off the newer generations, stunting their birth rates even further
      • pensions ponzi scheme that requires ever more immigrants to delay its collapse, except immigrants get old too and need even more immigrants, it’s a downward spiral
    • social cohesion problems, cost of living & housing crisis
    • Idiocracy – cutting the birth rates of the best people via contraception & high taxes
    • high taxes to subsidize women via the welfare state
      • most taxes are paid by men & most state benefits received by women
      • each woman is on average a $150,000 net loss to the state
      • on top of whatever she steals from her husband
  23. No Man Should Ever Commit Suicide – if you’re going down, go down fighting

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