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Tom Leykis

The OG of dating and relationship advice for men, his call-in radio show was 10-15 years ahead of its time.

Tom was very experienced with women for decades, he was married and divorced 4 times, both cheated and cheated on, he’s been there and done it all. A fountain of knowledge, with strong live analysis of his callers’ relationship situations and lessons reinforced with his many personal experiences.

His episodes of angry women calling in because their boyfriends refuse to marry them after listening to his show are particularly entertaining.

Tom has more relationship experience and depth than any of the recent generations because the new bros on the block have avoided marriage and serious relationships, stunting their experience and analysis of women, dating and relationships.

Even the popular Fresh & Fit podcast called Tom the OG, which reminded me to go back and listen to his show. I was impressed by the variety and depth compared to the current “make hoes look dumb” 1 2 type podcasts like Fresh & Fit and

Listeners get a greater variety of real-world relationship experiences, and many favorite episodes are listed in the Leykis 101 – Dating Advice post.

Best letter to women -Tom Leykis
Best letter to women – Tom Leykis

Kevin Samuels

The OG of telling women the realities of the dating market and their value in it. Unfortunately, he died too young at only 53. He lives on in the hearts of men and on his YouTube channel.

Women hated him precisely because what he was saying was true. He became famous even through to the tabloid newspapers thanks to this viral “You’re Average At Best” video:

The "You're Average At Best" Video - The Full Interview ©
This was a moment in time when the cultural tide turned – a single mother gets checked for thinking she deserves a high-value man when she’s a 35-year-old single mother. Outrage ensued in the mainstream media, but the genie was out of the bottle.

JustPearlyThings – Pearl Davis

“The female Andrew Tate” – Piers Morgan 🙄

She’s not, but she is an honest woman, which goes a long way.

Traditional Women Are Rare
Pearl OUTSMARTED This Person
1/4 marriages are sexless. Don’t get married guys. DTB as Tom Leykis would say… “Dump That B*tch”
Everything reflects on your status as a man, especially any woman you tolerate or commit to
The 'Female Andrew Tate' Pearl Davis On Why She Thinks Women Shouldn't Vote
Pearl’s on fire here – her talk and t-shirt are both on point

Fresh & Fit

The modern mixed-gender panel podcast style telling the raw truths of dating and how men and women value each other differently, body count, problems with promiscuity etc.

Myron, like Kevin Samuels, ended up attacked in mainstream media for keeping it real for guys and telling guys one of his signature coined terms “Single mothers are for recreational use only” 😂, something that older guys probably already know from experience.

Exposed female Hypergamy and Hoeflation and always entertaining to see them pull up the calculator in front of the hoes to show them how much rarer the high value men they insist on are than they are, and hence why they keep getting pumped-and-dumped and unable to secure commitment because men trade down far for one night stands and short-term mating.

What do women bring to the table besides sex? Tough question!
Kevin Samuels crossover, a lot of great guests came on this popular podcast over time
InstaHoes is how women cheat
Andrew Tate brutally reality-checks western women
“The purpose of life is children, not their careers”. Andrew Tate keeping it real as usual.
Myron Shocked Her With This Statement!
Aside from her lack of loyalty, Myron shows women care about a man’s future, while men care about a woman’s past

I found out this is where all those viral clips on the internet were coming from.

Hoes get made to look stupid – shooting fish in a barrel in dating discussions reciting the usual advice, men don’t get married, women are promiscuous hoes, divorce laws are bad, high body count is bad, doing OnlyFans is bad etc.

Apparently, their viral clips caught the attention of and angered the feminists who wrote articles in Vice and the New York Post about this 😂.

ØnlyFans girl TRIGGERED when he warns women NOT to do ØF
This shouldn’t even need to be said, but yet here we are in 2023 with girls arguing that doing OnlyFans is fine, with no consideration for their future partners or children who will be humiliated
She doesn't NEED men to survive?
She doesn’t realize everything she relies on to live is built and maintained by men
She Has NO IDEA About The Average Male Experience
Hoeflation – modern men have to work 5x harder than their grandfathers did for women 20x worse than what their grandmothers were
FINALLY A Woman Gets It | @whatever
It's ONLY body shaming when it happens to women?!
Big d*ck / small d*ck energy 🙄 – Brian gives them the equivalent, ouch 😂 – a blog post on this is coming
ØnlyFans girl gets ROASTED! @whatever
The "OPPRESSION" Of The Western Woman
Hypergamy – women are sharing top-tier guys rather than “settling” for a guy on their own level

Its Complicated Channel

Street interviews with good questions that expose women’s hypergamy, promiscuity and generally being unmarriageable.

HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE?: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women "It's Complicated"
FEMINISM IS REVENGE: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women "It's Complicated"
CHIVALRY IS SEXIST: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women "It's Complicated"

The Desirable Truth

Street interviews that expose women’s nature, hypergamy, unrealistic expectations and generally being unmarriageable. A newer entrant, but many great short clips come from here.

Modern Day Delusion
What Men Bring To The Table Vs Women
When Women Turn 30

The Happy Wife School

Don’t let the title fool you, this chick is BRUTAL about women’s nature.

She has especially good videos on sexless marriages and rightly lays a lot of the blame at women’s feet.

Why Women Want Sex (THE REAL STORY)
PLATONIC FRIENDSHIPS: The Top 3 Reasons Married Women Have Male Friends

Economics Explained

Learn about money, economics, and how different countries around the world stack up against each other.

Young Generations Are Now Poorer Than Their Parents And It's Changing Our Economies

Entrepeneurs in Cars

Richard Cooper’s channel – the author of The Unplugged Alpha and friend of the legendary Rollo Tomassi, who is also on YouTube, but Rollo’s best work is his books.

This channel originally start, as you might guess, about cars and entrepeneurship.

Then Rich got divorced, made the usual mistake of dating a single mother, and then finally discovered the first Rational Male book and got red pilled.

The channel subsequently spent the next decade on relationship topics instead, even more interesting than fancy cars, which still make the odd appearance.

5 Secrets Women Don't Want Men To Know
Hypergamy, monkey branching, what have you done for me lately
4 Blunt Truths Women Don't Want Men To Know
Crap thumbnail, good 4 truths though
5 Reasons Smart Men Avoid Marrying or Dating Single Moms

Jordan Peterson

Famous for his 12 Rules for Life book, but his best work was in his old YouTube university lectures on life and the following two debates on Channel 4 and GQ, with millions of views each.

If you only ever see one Jordan Peterson video in your life, make it this one below. In this now infamous interview, Jordan Peterson exposes feminism, and Cathy Newman gets outclassed while trying to strawman JBP who actually knows what he’s talking about:

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism
Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism – Channel 4 News, UK

Next British GQ sends another femininist, Helen Lewis, to take a second crack at Jordan Peterson to try take him down for his traditional sensibilities:

Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ
Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn’t work” – British GQ

Criticism: Jordan Peterson is unfortunately out of date when it comes to dating and intergender dynamics and should be ignored on those topics.

He doesn’t even understand the basics of red pill knowledge.

His “Just Man Up” message does not fly and he has dismissed legitimate grievances from groups like “mgtow” about the divorce industry. See The Dating Game is Rigged article for more on this.

Jordan Peterson' "Man Up" Climbing School

Bettina Arndt

The #MenToo author and advocate for men’s rights and perspectives on many common male problems like sexless relationships, false allegations, gynocentric society etc.

Why Women Go Off Sex
Why Women Go Off Sex – Bettina Arndt
Bettina Arndt - Sex matters to men
Sex Matters to Men – Bettina Arndt – describes feminists “votes for women, chastity for men”
Society is ‘badly tilted in favour of women, disadvantaging men’ – Bettina Arndt


Insights into intergender dynamics, dating, relationships and general human psychology.

Women treat MEN the way men treat JOBS: how relationship goals change the dating process
“Women Treat Men The Way That Men Treat Jobs” – what happens when you get a better job offer?
Your woman is NOT SPECIAL
What if your girl isn’t a magical unicorn who would never do that?
The JUICE isn't worth the SQUEEZE
“The Juice Isn’t Worth The Squeeze” has another interpretation

Joe Rogan Podcast

The most popular podcast in the world for a reason – his breath of guests and topics means everybody can find something of interest in here.

Joe Rogan Exposes Amber Heard in Support of Johnny Depp
Joe Rogan on Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Incident
Joe Rogan on Andrew Tate
An excellent analogy of how wolves became domesticated house dogs, and how toxic feminists are now trying to do that to men


A top-tier intellectual who debunks common misconceptions from economics to the history of racism and slavery.

A true American legend, famous for his many highly regarded book publications, some of which are in The Best Books on GeoPolitics & Race blog post.

How Liberals Destroyed The Family Structure In The West
Joe Rogan is shocked to learn about Thomas Sowell's Wisdom
Facts about Africa's Geography never taught in schools |Thomas Sowell

Dr Eric Berg

Covers health and nutrition, diets, insulin resistance etc.

See also The Best Books – Health.

Alexander Grace

Used to do street interviews like ItsComplicatedChannel but more monologues these days.

Better Bachelor

Legion of Men

Coach Greg Adams

Living a Life of Abundance

Hoe Math

Honorable Mention Videos

Check out the Motivational Videos blog post.

Eddie Murphy was decades ahead of the curve on the problem with Passport Bros:

Eddie Murphy - Raw - umfufu
Eddie Murphy nails marriage, divorce, passport bros, feminist culture and “what have you done for me lately” all in 2 minutes. The dude knows what he’s talking about, he has 10 kids with 5 women 😳

Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back – this is why:

If break ups were honest (girlfriend edition) #shorts
Never get back together with a girl you’ve broken up with, she’s probably been getting fucked by other men shortly after the break-up. Have some self-respect guys.
Men not marrying? How deep does "the problem" go?

Related to The Strange Death of Europe book in The Best Books on GeoPolitics & Race blog post. If you want to understand how unstoppable the migrant crisis flooding into Europe is, watch this:

He Escaped Africa to Fight in the UFC: Francis N'Gannou Documentary
He Escaped Africa to Fight in the UFC: Francis N’Gannou Documentary

How China is beating the West as democracy is failing:

A Tale of Two Political Systems – Eric Li – Ted Talk
The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward | Nick Hanauer
The Dirty Secret of Capitalism – Nick Hanauer – Ted Talk
MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin
Cassie Jaye’s Ted Talk on her journey creating The Red Pill documentary

Ignore the hair, listen to the lyrics about how useless the modern education system is:

Don't Stay in School
Don’t Stay in School


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