The Best Documentaries

The Best Documentaries


Nature documentaries are in The Best TV Shows.


Over-fishing, “sustainable fishing” marketing labels which aren’t actually sustainable.

You have to see the massive industrial-scale death machines trawling the oceans with blood flowing out of the side of them. We are at war with the ocean, and the ocean is losing.

The only solution is for us to reduce how much fish we eat to reduce demand.

Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Red Pill

An honest feminist goes to debunk those Men’s Rights Activists and finds some surprising truths that leaves her questioning everything that we have been taught growing up.

We all waking up to the negative impacts feminism has had on society, men and children (and indirectly on women too as marriage and birth rates are falling to ever-new lows, see Men On Strike)

The Red Pill (2017) - Movie Trailer

Divorce Corp

Exposes the marriage/divorce industry in the USA and the corruption of incentives all the way through the chain, from the lawyers to the wives to the judges to revolving door between public service and private firms that creates a conflict of interest in the judges too.

Judges have almost unilateral power over your entire current and future finances, a level of slavery not seen in any other field of law. Why? Because feminism. Feminists are the voting majority due higher male mortality rates so not only is this not going to get fixed, but it’s getting ever worse. 20 years ago it was 50% of your assets, today it is commonly 60-70%. So much for equality.

Don’t think a prenup is going to save you either – “the new game is busting prenups”.

In short – MEN – DO NOT GET MARRIED – under any circumstances. Ever.

Marriage is at the lowest level ever since records began in 1862:

and same in the USA:

Helen Smith also wrote a book called Men On Strike about this which is found in the Best Books on Men’s Issues.

Divorce Corp Film Trailer (Documentary)


The birth rates are collapsing in developed countries, and once this has been culturally established, it has never before been reversed in history.

Combined with the mass immigration described in The Strange Death of Europe, this is a double whammy for demographic replacement.

Birthgap - Childless World: Official Trailer


The Social Dilemma

How social media Big Tech companies are manipulating you and making you addicted to keep scrolling on their platforms to turn you into a slave to generate advertising profits.

Big Tech controls what information you receive, skewing your thinking and election results.

The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix

Kiss the Ground

“Regenerative Agriculture” brings hope to reverse soil erosion, balance our climate via carbon sequestration to the soil, bring water sustainability and feed the world.

Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)


Over-criminalization since the 13th amendment has been used to oppress african americans, but it didn’t stop there and now all men are at the sharp end of the legal system, whether divorce, allegations or changes to laws like coercive control or “financial abuse” in relationships.

You only have to look at the sources in The Best Books on Law – Divorce, Fatherhood, False Allegations to see what an absolute danger the current legal system is to each of us and too many of us men will have a run-in with it at some point.


13TH | official trailer (2016) Netflix

Full Documentary available for free on YouTube:

13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix


Blames cows for climate change, but the part which really stuck with me watching a duck be decapitated. I can never unsee that. Good luck eating Peking Duck from your favourite Chinese restaurant after that.


COWSPIRACY - Official Trailer - HD

Full Documentary:

Cowspiracy 4K - Planet Climate Change - BEST Vegan Documentary Film [Complete Full Version] [2023]


The documentary version of the book.

Freakonomics - Official Trailer

Unnatural Selection

Genetic engineering is already here in the form of gene therapy and designer babies. Gattaca anyone?

Gene editing wild species with self-propagating genetic modifications aka “Gene Drive” has already been released to try to collapse mosquito populations. This seems to be tempting fate with the law of unintended consequences, especially as such changes cannot be recalled from the wild.

Unnatural Selection: Season 1 | Main Trailer | Netflix

Capitalism: A Love Story



Full Documentary:
Capitalism: a Love Story 2009

Bill Still: The Secret of Oz

Shows the Central Banking scam debt-based economy – those who control the money printing control everything.

Fractional-reserve banking allows lenders to lend out 10x their capital reserves, which can lead to collapse at any time – called “bank runs” because people run out to the bank to withdraw their money before the bank runs out of money.

In a standard 10x over-leveraged position, it only takes 2/10 people to panic and withdraw their money for the whole bank to default (fail to pay back the money) and collapse.

Full Documentary:

Bill Still: The Secret of Oz

The Corporation

The pathological pursuit of corporate profit at the expense of everything else.

The Corporation - Official Trailer

The New Corporation

Woke Corporatism and fake virtue signalling for profits.

The New Corporation (Full Documentary)

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