The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow

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The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow

Here are the highlights of the best Twitter accounts I’ve found to follow.

For more, just go to my Twitter following page to get them all.

Ultimate Men’s Guide

The twitter for this blog.

Save yourself time in long arguments on social media by just linking the article from this site with the answer to each topic. It’s a part of why I wrote it.


The creator of the Green Line test showing pictures of couples and which one is dominant.

If it’s the woman, expect the relationship to go badly.

Easily one of the best accounts on Twitter.

PearlyThingz – Pearl Davis

Pearl is an absolute savage on Twitter.

Latina Casanova

Better Bachelor / Joker

Joker is on point on men’s issues.

Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper is of Entrepeneurs in Cars YouTube fame on relationship topics.

Richard Cooper is well known for his punchy quotable tweets.

Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male

Rollo Tomassi is the OG author of The Rational Male books that woke up many men I know.

Unfortunately, this:

Women Posting Ls

Memes about women – funny and often true.

Single Moms Posting Ls

Memes about single mothers – funny and often true.

Paul Elam

The legendary Men’s Rights Activist of Red Pill documentary fame, known for his website and YouTube, who regularly takes it to ppl on twitter.

Both informative and entertaining…

Peter Wright / Gynocentrism

Peter runs the blog analyzing gynocentrism in society and across history.

Myron Gaines from Fresh & Fit Podcast

Female Thoughts

Women Being Honest

Chateau Heartiste

Of the famous red pill blog. An OG of the Red Pill. This blog was deplatformed by the idiots at but was thankfully restored to its own domain.

Passport Bros

Sergio Solis – Purple Pill Pod

End Wokeness

A mix of videos and memes.

Fight With Memes

A stream of good memes – who doesn’t love memes.

Only Fans Girls Posting Their L’s

Light entertainment

Coach Greg Adams

Greg Adams is well known for his YouTube channel and his book Free Agent Lifestyle.

Fresh & Fit podcast

Most famous for their work on YouTube and Rumble.

Whatever podcast

Most famous for its YouTube videos and viral clips.

Its Complicated Channel

Famous for their street interviews on YouTube which are posted here.

The Desirable Truth

Famous for their street interviews on YouTube and viral clips.

Aaron Clarey

The economist of Bachelor Pad Economics fame and several other books like The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women and many other fan favorites.

Economics Explained

Famous for his YouTube channel.

PsycHacks / Dr Orion Taraban

Famous for his YouTube channel and short clips on female nature, psychology and relationships.

Thomas Sowell

Not the great Thomas Sowell himself, but quotes from the great american legend and author on a range of difficult topics from economics to race to history.

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