3 Golden Questions to Expose Any Woman as a Hoe

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This article contains 3 golden questions to expose almost any westernized woman as a hoe, with explanations of their implications.


Why These Are Needed

There are many Chameleon women who like to pretend they’re better than those ‘other’ women.

They are not.

Here are 3 simple questions to ask any woman that quickly prove she isn’t different to the other women based on her sexual history.

Ease them into these questions in this order given as they increase in resistance for her to answer.

You cannot just jump to asking her what her body count is. You also need to gauge how realistic her answer is by basing off the answers to the two prior questions.

On the internet you can just hit her with a straight “What’s your body count?”. That’s because she’s unlike to answer questions anyway and you’re just reminding her that she’s a low-value hoe. Use it as a rhetorical question to get your point across.

When To Ask

These questions are best suited for 2 situations:

  1. Deflating a woman who’s pretending that she’s better than those ‘other’ women
  2. Dumping your girlfriend using her sexual history as the best catchall reason ever
    • if you’re doing this as a way to break up, read that article. It has more specific feedback for her in that situation

Typically you shouldn’t antagonize a woman you’re dating too much before you’ve had sex with her. You may blow your chances if you can’t pull of the bad boy jerk style I prefer.

And sometimes you will have very negative reactions from women even if it is your natural style. Most likely in that latter case she wasn’t attracted to you enough for you to get away with it. You’re not really her type, which can also be exposed via The Brad Pitt Rule.

In that case it can be used to get rid of low interest women in a ‘Red Pill Sport’ kind of way. Have some fun sticking it to them by reminding them they’re low-value hoes.

How to Ask

Do not disclose your answer to any of these questions first. Otherwise she may change her answers to match or undercut yours.

Do not give her any feedback on each answer until she’s answered all of them.

She may be uncomfortable answering. Stay quiet, just watch her facial expressions and patiently wait for each answer. Let her squirm on the hot seat.

The more she squirms and delays her answer the more likely she is to lie. She’s just calculating a plausible answer to lie with.

At the end you can hit her with the analysis that she’s a typical feminist hoe, no better than all the rest of them.

You are advised to read the Body Count article too.

The 3 Golden Questions That Expose Any Woman as a Hoe

1. What Age Did She Lose Her Virginity?

Most women in the West lost their virginity between 15 – 17 years old.

If she gives an age much above this she’s probably lying. She’ll usually quickly move to try to justify her answer because she knows it’s unlikely. Typically, I’ve only seen ages of virginity loss higher than this, eg. 19, from women from Africa and Asia which are further behind the curve of feminist decline. Read The Myth of the Traditional Foreign Women for more on that.

This question has two purposes.

Firstly, this reminds her that she’s not a virgin.

She’s been fucked by other men, and you know it – you didn’t even ask if she was a virgin. You assumed she isn’t a virgin and she confirmed it by giving you an age, or even worse, refusing to.

It implies she’s not a high-value woman as she might have implied with her stance against those ‘other’ women. It’s the counter to her implied Womanese – “I’m Not Like The Other Girls”.

Secondly, you can use her answer to calculate how many years she’s been getting fucked by other men. Simply subtract her current age from the age of her virginity loss. This gives you a frame of reference, that can then be used to infer what a realistic body count for her is likely to be, based on her age.

If she refuses to answer, assume 15 as her age of virginity loss and a high body count in the several dozen range or higher.

If she can’t answer this simple question she’s unlikely to answer the other two below.

Women who aren’t whores aren’t so cagey about their sexual history.

In dating, you don’t need to asks this. Just assume 15-17 which is true in nearly all cases. That’s how many years she’s pre-cheated on you.

Use her age of virginity loss to estimate her body count based on her current age. See the tuneable calculation estimate in the Body Count article.

2. What’s Her Shortest Record Time Between First Meeting A Guy and Having Any Kind of Sex with Him?

“Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”

The same girl who makes the average Beta Male wait a long time and pay for a series of expensive dinner dates will let a hot Alpha Male ‘Chad’ sport fuck her for free quickly – usually the same night she meets him within a couple hours.

If she’s not attracted to guy she’ll often make him wait more than 3 dates to get him to spend money without getting anything in return, because she doesn’t really want to have sex with him.

This is why The 3 Dates Rule exists, to protect men from female exploitation. She’s mainly targeting him for resources in that case. ‘Relationship’ is womanese for his time, money and general emotional and financial investment.

So this question exposes a couple things, and the wording is very important.

Firstly, the question is specific to any kind of sex – blowjobs, with condoms, anal etc. It also specifies ‘guy’ instead of ‘man’, to catch teenagers or guys she tries to exclude as ‘not real men’ (a lying cheating exe literally used this trick on me which I exposed shortly thereafter). This makes it harder to evade with word play technicalities. Humans often have more of an uncomfortable aversion to straight up lies than half-truth lies.

Secondly, the time format is open but requests her fastest meet-to-fuck via “Shortest Record Time”. This means she can answer “Same Night” or “An Hour” or “5 minutes”. This lets her expose herself even more (women have actually given me these answers). To answer she’ll either have to expose how quickly she’s been fucked by other men, showing how easy she’s been in the past, or she’ll have to bare-faced lie. This cuts right through the bullshit of her being ‘hard to get’ or valuable.

She is just another hoe who has been quickly pumped & dumped for free by other men. You know it, and she knows it. If she replies “3 dates” or “1 month”, it could be true, but most likely she’s lying. If she’s lying she’ll have the internal cognition that she is lower value than she is portraying. You’ve just hit her ego internally and forced her to lie to save face.

It’s a better question than asking if she’s had a “One Night Stand”. That’s because “Shortest Record Time” is much more specific and harder to evade. A woman could say “No” she hasn’t had a “One Night Stand” because she fucked a guy 5 minutes after meeting him in the alleyway by the club but saw him again for sex afterwards, so not “One Night”. Technically accurate, but really deceptive – and typical for women.

This is one of the biggest ways that women lie to or deceive men – via literary wordplay. This is why you have to be very specific in your questions to women and pay close attention to their responses for evasive language tricks. You could use “Same Night Lay” but the more open ended “Shortest Record Time” gives her more rope to hang herself.

3. What’s Her Body Count?

Yes, this old classic. But you’re not asking it for the real number.

We all know women are the biggest liars on earth around this question.

You’re using it to form the lowest possible bound.

You can pre-frame it with the question:

“Do you think Body Count matters?”

If she says “No” then you can immediately follow up with:

“Ok then. What’s your body count?”

Checkmate. She either has to answer, even if a lie, or admit that it does matter.

Read the Body Count article for more on what to expect realistic ranges to be and calculation based on her sexual years since her virginity loss.

If She Refuses to Answer

If she refuses to answer these questions then tell her that’s a huge Red Flag and you’re going to assume she’s been a promiscuous whore and that’s why she won’t answer.

You can tell her about Microchimerism – that she is permanently contaminated with the DNA of other men.

And leave her to dwell on that she couldn’t pass the questions and that you know what she is.


The point of these 3 golden questions to expose hoes, isn’t so much to get accurate answers. Although you often do for the first two, it’s less likely for the body count question because that’s the one women have their defenses up for.

The point is to check women who pretend they aren’t hoes like those ‘other’ women.

The first 2 questions aren’t just pre-framing build up. They allow you to put bounds on her sexual lifecycle to see she really is the same as the other feminist whores, and has almost certainly followed the “Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks” hoe lifecycle.

If she answers any of these questions you will be able to gauge some major dimensions of her sexual history that prove she’s a hoe:

  1. The number of years she’s been getting fucked by other men – pre-cheating on her husband/boyfriend
  2. If she’s been sport fucked by other men for free, Alpha Fucks vs Beta Bucks
  3. How promiscuous she’s been in total body count

A bigger article on signs of a promiscuous past is coming. Stay tuned.

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