Microchimerism – Women Retain Men’s DNA

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Microchimerism – Women Retain Men’s DNA

Microchimerism means having distinct genetic cells from one individual inside another individual.

Women’s bodies have been found to be permanently contaminated with Men’s DNA.

Autopsies of women found male DNA in 63% of their brains. The average age of the autopsied women was 70, with the oldest one found with male DNA being a 94 year old woman.

This proves permanent lifelong DNA contamination in women, including women who were never pregnant and that male DNA crosses even the vaunted “blood-brain barrier”. 1 2 3 4 5

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “he fucked her brains out”!!

It Gets Worse

They only tested for half of other men’s DNA – only the male Y chromosome because it’s easier to detect.

They didn’t even test for X chromosomes from other men’s DNA.

If scientific detection methods were more sensitive and testing for both X and Y chromosomes from other males, the rate of detected microchimerism in women would very likely rise from 63% to 100%.


Microchimerism may explain as much as oxytocin why men imprint so strongly psychologically on women when they fuck them, leaving them as Alpha Widows.

There is an actual biological reaction inside her from sex that is permanent.

Most western women I’ve surveyed lost their virginity between 15 – 17, and this is supported by CDC data. So consider how many years she’s been getting creampied by other men between 17 and her current age.

Microchimerism explains:

  1. The “ick” – men’s visceral disgust for prior female promiscuity
  2. Why cheating is the very worst thing a woman can ever do to a man in a relationship
  3. Why women become more masculine & argumentative the more guys they’ve had sex with. They’re literally absorbing men’s DNA & hormones into their bodies all the way up to their brains 6 7 8 9
  4. Why her sexual history and body count is intuitively one of the most highly sensitive topics – she has pre-cheated on him, and doesn’t want it highlighted. A nice feminist man is expected to just accept it like a well trained subservient beta male on his knees.

Her pre-cheating on you is actually a good general catchall excuse for dumping her any time. She deserves it at some point as most respectable men in history wouldn’t accept it.

Men’s Instincts

Microchimerism explains why no guy likes to face that “his” girl has been getting used as a cum dumpster in all 3 of her orifices by a whole bunch of other men, hundreds to thousands of times over for several years.

It’s also extremely disingenuous for feminists to constantly gaslight men about how they should feel about this when there is clearly an evolutionary instinct component to men’s disgust.

It’s far too widespread a revulsion among men I’ve known in real life.

No amount of feminist social conditioning from kindergarten upwards has been able to eradicate this male instinct of disgust for female promiscuity.

Even today, many men have a near uniformly negative reaction to learn of their wife or girlfriend’s prior promiscuity, if she’s been gangbanged, or in the case of white couples, if she’s had sex with black guys. Her status, and the man’s bonding towards her, never recovers once such sexual activities are discovered.

The feeling of visceral disgust in a man’s gut is clearly instinctual.

The Fallacy of the Paternity Certainty Argument – Cheating & Pre-Cheating

One argument that’s often cited for male disgust to prior female promiscuity is that men want ‘paternity certainty’.

However, this is a weak argument, even before the advent of contraception.

In history, any woman who behaved like a modern whore and allowed herself to be fucked by other men was considered unmarriageable. She was considered to have cheated on her future husband, forever tainted at the physical level, and worthless to most respected men of status.

But it was clear even historically without technology whether a woman had become pregnant or not. Whether by a single menstrual cycle or the passage of enough time.

Yet her value as a woman never recovered, despite clearly not becoming pregnant – no matter how long a duration of time had passed. After enough time, any subsequent baby conceived to a husband would surely be his. That’s assuming her fidelity as a wife, which was much more likely than today due to deadly historic punishments for female infidelity like being stoned to death, known as lapidation.

Similarly, guys today don’t find out their wives or girlfriends cheated on them prior to her last period and then say:

“Well, he came up your pussy but since you didn’t get pregnant this time I’ll give you a pass…”

said no man ever

Women’s value loss under both scenarios is permanent, as is Microchimerism.

Human Petri Dishes

“Women are sperm depositories” – Tom Leykis

Tom is technically correct. It’d be ok if she was only yours. This is why non-virgins were considered bad women and unmarriageable by respectable men for most of human history.

The problem comes from feminism which taught women to be strongly opposed to having only one sexual partner, like a good woman in history would have.

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

“She’s processed more DNA than a lab”

This might be why some guys call women “Human Petri Dishes” – because they really are.

The Scientific Discovery

Discovering men’s DNA in women’s bodies was such a shocking discovery that scientists originally tried to explain it away as being the result of pregnancy.

A later study then found that women who’d never been pregnant were carrying men’s DNA: 10 11

“Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or sexual intercourse. Male microchimerism was significantly more frequent and levels were higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories”

After they get through all these less likely potential causes, they eventually get to the elephant in the room – sexual intercourse.

Alternate Hypotheses

Even the alternate hypotheses such as unrecognized spontaneous abortion are the result of sex.

“Most likely they had been pregnant, they just didn’t know it. It’s thought that around half of all pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage, very often before they are detected.”

Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, speaking to Forbes 12

Half of pregnancies do not stick long enough to be registered, and 1/4 women in the US have had an abortion. Male DNA is easier to detect in women who have a history of abortion.

Ultimately most of the explanations come back to sex and the woman getting creampied.

There is also evidence that male seminal fluid causes changes in females, in both humans and other mammalian species such as mice. 13 14

There are almost certainly multiple sources of male DNA contamination in women. Microchimerism has also been found in a cohort of Danish girls, which higher rates in the older range towards 15 year old girls. 15 16

Incidentally, 15 is also the age around which girls start having sex, with most losing their virginity between 15-17 from my own surveys, which is also supported by CDC data.

Considering that sperm are basically the biological equivalent of kamikaze DNA fighter jets, nobody really knows if sperm can fuse into cells in the surface lining of a woman’s vagina / uterus / mouth or other tissues in a similar way to what it does to the ovum cell.

If she’s a single mother, she’s almost guaranteed to have other men’s DNA remaining inside her as a result of crossover from the baby. The rate of finding men’s DNA inside a woman’s body is higher if she’s previously been pregnant.

So female promiscuity is bad, but being a single mother is even worse. 17

Feminist Excuses

Don’t expect feminist sluts to change their behaviors though. You can’t tell feminists anything. Especially when there is a conflict of interest in women still wanting to be hoes.

Consequently, there’s quite a lot of pushback in internet comments from women saying that it’s only from pregnancy (already disproven) and contesting that it’s unproven to be from sexual intercourse. The latter is harder to prove either way. However, by a process of elimination, we can clearly see that all leading scientific plausible explanations that can explain the rate of occurrence are the result of sex.

For the skeptics or autistic readers who like to nitpick – the most gracious explanation of even fetus-only DNA transfers still has this timeline:

  1. Woman has sex
  2. She gets pregnant for a few days
  3. It doesn’t stick
  4. She doesn’t notice, gets her period like normal
  5. Man’s DNA still got circulated in her body
  6. From her perspective she just had sex, not pregnancy

As you can imagine, feminist governments and corporations are unlikely to want to fund this area of research. It undermines their feminist ideology by proving why women should not be promiscuous feminist whores.

Governments are dependent on women who are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates. Women account for 80% of consumer spending for corporations, despite the Gender Pay Gap implying they don’t earn all that money. Neither governments nor corporations can afford to offend the feminists – they need them to keep living that Sex & The City lifestyle, spending and voting for them. Universal suffrage has corrupted western society. From politics to economics to advertising to big tech censorship – all are corrupted by women being primary voters and primary consumers. The entire system has been corrupted to cater to women as the priority.

Even feminists’ best excuses cite it as being from pregnancies, even ones that didn’t stick.

It’s thought that around half of all pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage, very often before they are detected.

This means that sex itself is responsible for the permanent DNA contamination of women, not full pregnancies. It’s still caused by men creampie-ing the woman!

If she’s a single mother, she’s almost certainly still got the father’s DNA throughout her body. 18 19 20

Not that you should care as single mothers are for “recreational use only”.

Telegony – Debunked, Or So We Thought

Telegony is the related idea that previous sexual partners’ could influence subsequent offspring.

This was disproven by horse breeders decades ago. They tried to breed mares with different stallions to see if subsequent foals would come out different colors. They didn’t. The discovery of the DNA double-helix later seemed to explain how genetic inheritance worked and seemed to close this topic.

Also, more obviously, just using common sense, there would be a lot of white women in America having part-black babies from the times they were getting rammed by BBCs in their “hoe phase” twenties before settling down with a nice white guy beta male provider.

However, newer research found that there is in fact an influence in subsequent generations of flies’ offspring. 21 22 23 24

There is also evidence that male seminal fluid causes changes in females, in both humans and other mammalian species such as mice. Male seminal fluid is a “master regulator” of female genes. 6 7 8 25

This is not fully understood yet, more research is needed, but as mentioned earlier, nobody is clamoring to fund this sensitive area of research.

Her Sexual History

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

“Every man would dump his wife or girlfriend if he knew her full sexual history in detail” – UMG

We don’t yet have recorded evidence of women’s sexual history, like in the Black Mirror episode The Entire History of You. But we certainly know enough about women’s mating lifecycle in general today to be able to infer it now.

Her current age minus 17 (age of virginity loss) is how long she’s been getting fucked by other men. Body count admissions from other women show double digit range of number of prior sexual partners is most common.

That’s a lot of other men’s DNA cumming inside her orifices, and not just her vagina.

Most women have also spent a lot of years swallowing many other men’s semen. And many, if not most, have done anal to varying degrees.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn

Do you really want to be that fool in blue holding flowers for a modern woman?

Modern women are for “recreational use only”. No commitment. They don’t deserve it.

Always remember that.


Read the full article in top-to-bottom and don’t just go straight here to cherry-pick one older study that claims fetal microchimerism while ignoring another that tells you that microchimerism is found in women without sons or history of pregnancy (far too many sloppy biased feminists on Twitter have done this trying to deny the reality).

Below are several primary scientific journal sources from different studies over time as well as several articles showing that this is widely known analyzed based on these studies, with some quotes from other scientists who have looked at these studies too.

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