Covid Lockdown Proved Her Libido Wasn’t Low

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Covid Lockdown Proved Her Libido Wasn’t Low

My Guy

This is a story about one of my long term friends for the last 13+ years. He’s a guy who I consider one of the very best overall guys I’ve ever known.

Married, popular with both guys and girls. Socially very well calibrated. Sporty soccer captain who played semi-pro and still plays multiple times a week. Well travelled around the world. Plays golf on Sundays. He has a highly paid career well into the 6 figure range. And of course, a generous family man with two lovely kids and a house in the suburbs in a good area.

I couldn’t name a better guy.

If anything, it’d be easy for regular guys to be a little jealous of how great he is. Easy if you didn’t just have to like him so damn much. Because most people aren’t this well rounded. He’s the first guy to buy you a drink or a coffee, or support you through a tough time. I remember once there was a shortfall in some group restaurant bill (we used to dine out far too much). He just covered it immediately while everyone was trying to figure it out. No biggie, he knows how to diffuse every situation.

He’s that guy who always seems to be going to bachelor parties and Vegas. Everybody is always inviting him everywhere because he’s just a good time.

If you had to try to find something to nitpick you’d say he’s average height rather than tall. He’s got a fairly thick strong masculine build (I’d pick him to have my back in a fight any day). But he’s not 6ft+ tall as per modern Hoeflationary standards in the age of dating apps and filters. But then most guys aren’t.

He’s one of those overall great guys that I always cited as “that guy”. The guy who’s the exception to the rules. The one who could get away with being married because his wife was so damn lucky to have him.

His wife was the typical anglo-saxon looking woman. She was a well paid professional, around top 5%, and attractive. But not super model hot that you’d be too worried about everybody hitting on her everywhere she want. She only had a body count of 1, a prior bodyfriend, because my friend met her when she was 22 and it was a different age back then in the 2000s before dating apps or Instagram. About as close to a virgin wife as most westerners get.

A good well rounded choice overall for the mother of your children.

The Lads Meetup

We’d arranged dinner for 5 of us at a restaurant in the city. We’d not seen each other in a while due to our busy work schedules and family commitments.

I remember thinking to myself as I was travelling to the restaurant:

“These are blue pilled married guys, so I’d better avoid discussing the latest red pill knowledge on women as they’re not ready to hear it”

I arrived at the restaurant, fashionably late as usual, but forwent my old “What up bitches!” entrance. We were getting on a bit in age now and while that was fun 10 years ago, I’m not sure it held up in 2020 at my age. Also, given how unpopular women are becoming I figured it was more of an insult than a joke like in 2010 when I used to do it routinely.

I sat down at the table after a more modest “Hey guys” entry, and asked what I was missing in the ongoing conversation. I couldn’t believe my ears.

They were all complaining about women. All except for our Indian friend, who was oblivious to women, having lived his whole life with a virgin wife since 22. Oh, how I envied his innocence. Strangely, many of my married friends met their wives around that age, often at university.

Ten years earlier I was the cynic of the group, from experience, and these used to be my counter-balancing voices of reason telling me “Not All Women Are Like That” (NAWALT).

What was going on.

Guys Getting Red Pilled The Hard Way

Fast forward a few years from our hey day in 2010 and our friend from New Zealand was already divorced by the mid 2010s. He’d travelled to California for work for 3 months and while out there received a “dear john” letter from his wife to not come back.

This bit I knew, but what happened to the rest of them.

“Hey, what’s going on?!

I came here intending to be on good behavior tonight, and you’re all sounding like me now!”

My friend replied, “I’m getting divorced”.


I was stunned. For the last 10 years I’d cited him everywhere I went as the exception to my No Marriage rule. He was that guy I said would make it, because who the fuck else would his wife get as good as him.

The last friend in the group added:

“I’d divorce my crazy wife too if I could, but I don’t want to lose my children”

Aside from loving his children, it was probably also at the back of his mind that he’d spent the last few years developing a very high salary working in finance. So he’d probably get divorce raped in court if he tried to leave her. Back to the main man:

“Not you too!”, I said to my friend.

“What the fuck happened?!”

covid lockdown stay home

Covid Lockdown 2020

He proceeded to catch us up on recent events.

It was the first Covid Lockdown in early 2020.

His wife had a lower libido than him. Nothing unusual there. The passion and frequency of sex dims over time, everybody knows that, especially after kids. In hindsight you should be grateful if you’re not in one of the 25% of sexless marriages.

One of my other friends not present hasn’t even had a cuddle from his wife for over 5 years. He pays for everything and his wife doesn’t work. She just does the school runs for their one daughter in private school using the BMW SUV he bought for her. A hard life that must surely wear out her energy and libido!

Yet another friend from another circle has resorted to tracking when he actually gets sex using his iPhone health app. He then pressures his wife over the lack of frequency. I didn’t even know the standard iPhone health app could track sex until he showed me his data. He’d managed to up the average a bit to roughly once every couple of weeks using this strategy. But it wasn’t the “genuine desire” sex he really wanted. You can’t make this shit up, as the late great Kevin Samuels would say.

Such is married life when you’re a dumbass from our generation who got married. This is why it’s mentioned in the Golden Rules that marriage kills your sex life. We now know is due to the decrease of competition anxiety in the woman. Thank you Rational Male, where were you 20 years ago when we needed you!

Anyway, so he starts with… he and his wife weren’t having very frequent sex. Nothing unusual there for married guys.

Then Covid Lockdown happened.

covid lockdown stuck indoors at home

The Twist

“Then she had sex with me like 5 times!”, he said.

I was like, “Errr… great?”. Is that supposed to be a lot?? I didn’t say that second part out loud.

I still didn’t see the problem.

Neither did he at first.

His initial reaction was similar to the story in The Women Who Never Love Men, Only Their Children. Something like “Great, she’s finally in to me again!”, while you’re enjoy it like Eddie Murphy’s starving man getting a cracker. You think it’s the best cracker you ever had. Or at least that you remember in recent memory.

Then it dawns on you. Something is off. What changed?

What my friend had then realized was that covid lockdown proved her libido wasn’t low after all.

This was worse than having a low libido.

If she doesn’t actually have a low libido, then implicitly, the rest of the time… all those years, she must have been getting the rest of it somewhere else.


the aftermath - difficult conversations

(His wife is more attractive than this, but I couldn’t find a better stock picture)

The Aftermath

Naturally he challenged her on his realization and in the arguments she’d confessed to having cheated on him.

For how long and details he doesn’t know.

But if he thought her libido was low and he was married to her for around 10 years at that point… so it stands to reason that she was probably cheating on him for years.

Him of all people – the best guy I know. If it happened to him, Mr Popular and successful, it can happen to anyone.

Sure, you can always find someone better in just one dimension – taller or better looking or more chiselled. But seriously, he’s the best she’s ever going to do overall.

Back in the 2000s we used to think that if you were the best someone could do overall, that was deterrent enough for your wife to not risk losing you.

The 2010s changed all the rules.

Social media and dating apps have given women easy access to hot guys on tap any time they want. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza. When combined with female voting majority and takeover of the legal system, this is deadly to relationships. Feminists legalized adultery and paternity fraud, and protected adultresses’ financial claims in divorce even if she’s caught red handed. There is little downside for a woman to cheat today. She’s almost be stupid not to.

We still don’t know the details of her cheating, and probably that’s for the best to limit emotional damage.

The Divorce

He filed for divorce shortly after this discovery, as any man with a shred of self-respect would.

She did not want to divorce, of course, because she probably still understood that he is the best she could ever do.

A difficult 3 year divorce ensued, with back and forth haggling on financials. They agreed on 50/50 custody of their two kids. Probably so that she could fuck around more easily with a 50% clear schedule, but my friend is a great and loving father so more time with his kids suited him.

During the divorce the bitch decided to give up her top 5% paid senior accounting job and take a job as a yoga instructor instead for less than half the pay. We wonder why she chose that job. Not. It’s a canonical “fuck girls” job. The bitch. Even after being caught and ending up in divorce she was still optimizing her sex life at the expense of her children’s finances.

Because the bigger financial imbalance at time of divorce, the more the husband has to subsidize the wife “to keep her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed” to use the legalese term. This is feminist dogshit – the man isn’t keeping the lifestyle to which he is accustomed, including relationship and sex, so why the hell should the woman – let alone a cheating cunt – be allowed to get all the same benefits. Cheating for women today is a no-lose scenario under feminist voted law, which explains why it’s so rampant.

Finances & Hidden Debt

During the financial disclosures of divorce, he also learnt she had run up around $40,000 in credit card debt he didn’t know about. Guess who had to pay that debt off, on top of paying her divorce lawyers. That’s right, my friend. There is no justice under feminist law. You have to pay her lawyers to screw you in court, on top of paying your own lawyers.

My friend eventually reached a financial settlement agreed by both sides’ lawyers, giving up 60% of his net worth to her, including his substantial pension pot built up over many years. Yet even this was rejected by the judge for not being generous enough to her! The cheating bitch, who should have gotten nothing.

Let’s say it again to remind ourselves – there is no justice under feminist law.

He ended up giving her more than 60% of his net worth to her, as well as several hundred dollars a month in ongoing alimony. Alimony is essentially paying her to keep fucking other men – only a god damn feminist scumbag could approve of such cuckoldry.

Apparently it’s common to day for men to lose 60-70% of their net worth to their ex-wives, plus alimony and child support on top. It is difficult to make a case for such an outcome to be equal or fair, and even more so given she broke the marriage contract by cheating.

Universal Suffrage

This is exactly why women should not be allowed to vote. Laws like this never existed before universal suffrage when women became majority voters due to higher male mortality rates.

His divorce has only just finished this year so I asked his permission to share his story anonymously to help you other men out here trying to survive in the jungle of feminism. Don’t get caught like this. Don’t get married.

He was at least lucky she didn’t hit him with the “silver bullet” during divorce which is false allegations for leverage in financial and child custody arrangements. That is very common if you talk to lawyers and I’ve even seen a video on YouTube of a lawyer coaching other lawyers to get their clients to use it.

The laws are that bad now.

Even my friend, who now considers himself to have been badly blue pilled to have gotten married in the first place, understands that women shouldn’t vote. Hopefully Pearl continues to make progress awakening people on this front.

The Lesson Learnt – No Marriage – No Exceptions

Even a great guy who hits many Alpha criteria can end up in the Beta trap of marriage.

If anything, it’s more likely to happen once you cohabit or marry because you want to please your woman. This is how you undergo “Betatization via a Thousand Concessions”. Being married is the inverse of the old phrase:

“Treat her mean, keep her keen”

My more than decade old No Marriage rule has now been updated to the Golden Rule – No Marriage – No Exceptions. Precisely because nobody can predict who that woman will become after 10 years. And you cannot control someone else’s behavior. See the Fallacy That a More “Perfect” Man Can Avoid Divorce, aka the “Just Choose Better, Bro” fallacy.

“The girl you marry isn’t the same woman who divorce rapes you”

The Epiphany & The Heat

One or two years in to my friend’s divorce, I recall there came a moment where in between our calls and WhatsApp texts. We were talking about his divorce and women in general. My friend, the good one, the popular, balanced and level headed one of the group, leader of men, came out with a stunning epiphany:

“Women are cunts”

I was taken aback. I had never heard him speak about women like this before. He was the nice guy – not just nice – he was the good guy – the best of us all around. Mr Popular precisely because he had a positive outlook on people and life and knew how to enjoy himself and make everybody happy.

For even this guy to fall like this, I was stunned.

He has since read The Rational Male books one and two (book 2 is best IMO). He said it blew his mind and explained a lot. As it had done for me in years prior. Where were you Rollo Tomassi when we were young men and needed you 20 years ago! Alas the knowledge wasn’t published then.

My friend also said that if he knew back then what he knows now, he’d never have had kids. Read The Problems with Having Kids Today for more on that.

Another friend of mine from a different group told me how his friend bought an apartment with his girlfriend and literally the day the paperwork was signed in joint names she confessed to having cheated on him. You can’t make this shit up as Kevin Samuels would say.

The ultimate lesson though, is this:

Never put yourself in a position with a woman that you cannot get rid of her in 30 seconds flat when you feel the heat around the corner.

If she cheats, you need to Dump That Bitch immediately. And you don’t want to have to go through a financially devastating and emotionally draining divorce for years before you can walk away.

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