Womanese – What Women Say vs What Women Really Mean

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Womanese – What Women Say vs What Women Really Mean

Womanese is your Rosetta Stone map for translating Women’s Bullshit into Men’s English.

I recommended you also read The Brad Pitt Rule for context which generally makes a lot of what women do easier to interpret.

This could probably become a book by itself (or 5 books as Donovan Sharpe has done!), but these ones are off the top of my head from personal experience, as well as commonly circulated community trope phrases.

This is still a work in progress, this reference list will grow over time as I incorporate other sources.

Feel free to comment at the end to add your womanese observations to this list!


I’m not that kind of girl

She’s exactly that type of girl for the right guy, and almost certainly has been in the past. Just not for you.

Nearly every woman I’ve talked to has had sex with guys on the first night.

This usually relates to early stage dating, as described in The 3 Dates Rule.

I know my worth

Other men used me as a cum dumpster for free so now I’m going to take it out on you and make you over pay.

Women are Used Car Salesmen.

She has “High Standards”

She’s a high maintenance feminist and not worth the trouble.

Other men swerved her or pumped & dumped her.

See also: How to Spot a Feminist

She’s given up on dating apps

She went for hot guys out of her league and got tired of being repeatedly pumped & dumped.

The validation she got from average guys on her own level – that she had no real interest in – didn’t sufficiently compensate for the self-esteem degradation she received from the hot guys who mistreated her and discarded her like a cummed in tissue.

I only had 3 boyfriends

She got fucked by a whole bunch of guys.

But doesn’t want to admit how many so she’ll cite her number of boyfriends instead since it’s a vastly smaller number.

Typical subtle dodging by feminists – men ask for her body count, not number of boyfriends as she deflects.

Pay attention and don’t fall for it.

This one is from an ex-girlfriend as described here in the body count article. See that article for more details including other hoe tells and how to estimate her number of prior sexual partners.

I’m “Traditional” / “Conservative”

I want a man to pay for my life and let me sponge off him.

I want to be courted with a series of expensive dates and pretend to be high value, even though I’ve been a free whore for a bunch of guys before you…

… wasn’t married at 20 to the first man I had sex with…

… might have a cook book but hardly ever cook full meals from scratch…

… and would prefer a modern luxurious lifestyle with an SUV and 1-2 kids so I have an excuse to sponge off you instead of working a hard job and paying my own way in life…

… rather than the actual traditional grind of being a good humble mother with lots of children.

Such women who pretend to be traditional are often called Chameleons.

"traditional" woman aka chameleon
a close up of a person with blue eyes

Traditional Women

Traditional women are functionally extinct under feminism. Could hope lie in new generations of teenage girls being raised better?

woman wearing mesh stockings

The Myth of the High-Value Woman

High-value women are a myth - this article explains why the term is an oxymoron. What is a woman's peak age? What affects a woman's value to men?

woman standing beside white wall

The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women

Passport Bros have exposed a common misconception that foreign women are “traditional”. They are at best semi-traditional and worsening

Men Are Intimidated By a Strong Independent Woman

“Men don’t like me because I’m an obnoxious feminist“.

“I’m old and need an excuse for why men didn’t pick me that doesn’t sound as negative as my personality or being a feminist”.

“They fuck me but they don’t want to be my boyfriend for very long because they get sick of my bullshit”.

Usually used by an old stereotype feminist in her 30s to explain why she’s still single, especially because she has a career and a place to live, like an adult.

This example is from an ex. Being me, I couldn’t resist immediately checking her on this and telling her quite explicitly something along the lines of “No, that’s not what that means”. I wish I could remember what I said after that, especially because whatever it was it worked, because I fucked her the next date.

woman in black crew neck t-shirt wearing brown framed eyeglasses standing on rocky shore during

Men Are Not ‘Intimidated’ By ‘Strong Independent Women’

Women are not strong, nor independent, and men are certainly not 'intimidated' by them. In this article we debunk this feminist garbage

woman in black hat

There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists

Old feminists are the lowest value major demographic in the world. This is shown using a range of areas - looks, sex, reproduction and economics

She “doesn’t do that”

She doesn’t do that… with you.

She probably already did it with other guys she fancied more, or will in future if a hot guy comes along.

She’s “never done that before”

Bullshit she hasn’t. She has totally done it before with other guys but it is trying to pretend she’s not a slut so she can trick you into think she’s a “good girl” worthy of a relationship.

One of my exes said this after the first time I used a buttplug on her, and also after the first time I had anal with her, despite her taking it far more easily than my first ex who I know was a virgin for everything. Comparisons are important between women.

I’m not like the ‘other’ girls

She’s exactly like the other girls, with just as shady a promiscuous past, but wants to whitewash it to trick you into a relationship.

I can hardly keep a straight face to hear this one. I recall a blonde single mother used this line on me, and I know she was a hoe as she took anal easily, and she admitted she was used to doing it.

Read the 3 Golden Questions to Expose Any Woman as a Hoe:

She wants “Security”

She wants guaranteed legal access to your money after she’s stopped fucking you and put on weight, or dumped you for the next guy.

This often comes in the form of pressuring for marriage (see this story) – which has become a feminist scam under their voting majority which is why it’s Golden Rule #1 – No Marriage – No Exceptions.

I’m dating with intention / purpose

I got pumped & dumped by other guys so now I’m going to make you jump through hoops.

That’s all the other guys thought I was worth, but I’m going to switch the tables to play you and take you for all you’re worth.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince

She’s a slut who’s been getting fucked by lots of guys but it’s ok because it’s all part of her noble search for “true love”.

One of my exes used to say this a lot – she got it from her colleagues in retail who were sluts every weekend and used this frequently as their excuse. Of course she ended up the same way in the end – this is why a woman’s friends are in the red flags list.

This was one still irks me to this day because of her.

She’s a “Born Again Virgin”

She’s fucked more than a lot of frogs… she was such an absolute whore she’d put gangbanged porn stars to shame and is such high mileage that she’s clocked the odometer back to “zero” because humans weren’t designed for such vast numbers of sexual partners.

Also, women can’t count that high so it’s easier to just say this.

Women mistakenly believe that a gap since the thousand other cocks purifies her.

Please point her to Microchimerism.

I haven’t been in a relationship for 2 years

I’ve been getting banged out by a whole bunch of different guys for 2 years. YOLO!

I don’t have sex unless I’m in a relationship

I’m not attracted to you and I’ll only grudgingly have minimal basic sex as infrequently as I can get away with you in exchange for all your resources, under guise of a relationship instead of grudging prostitution.

Nearly every woman has fucked guys she didn’t have a relationship with.

I need to get to know you

Same as above.

LJBF – Let’s Just Be Friends

I don’t fancy you. You will never, ever be my boyfriend.

And no I don’t want to have casual sex or a fuckbuddy situation with you ever, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared just just say that to your face. I don’t say that to hot guys in case it wasn’t obvious.

He’s Just My “Friend”

He’s my fuck buddy, or going to be at some point.

If I’m single, he’s my fuck buddy.

If I’m in a relationship with you, he’s my backup beta male orbiter rebound-in-waiting.

Don’t Worry About Him

You should definitely worry about him.

He’s a rebound or drunken night hookup waiting to happen.

I was out with A FRIEND

She was out with another guy she doesn’t want you to know about.

The subtlety is she said “A FRIEND” instead of “MY FRIEND” or [NAME], which would mean one of her girl friends.

I’m kinda talking to someone

She’s having casual sex with someone else.

It’s Complicated

I’m fucking another guy. It’s not ideal.

You probably aren’t getting any sex from me because my orifices are getting regularly filled already.

He’s a placeholder guy for now until something better comes along, but since I mentioned this to you, you aren’t that something better. Don’t make me give you the LJBF phrase.

Most of her friends are Guys / She doesn’t get along with other girls / She prefers to hang out with guys because there is less drama

She prefers the company of men and takes lots of cocks.

Other women don’t trust her around their men.

She is a narcissist who needs a lot of male validation, and accepts a bunch of their cocks inside her to get it, while teasing even more cocks in the hopes of them getting inside her.

al her friends are guys - lots of hot dogs in her mouth
When shes says she hangs out with guys because there's less drama

When a Millenial or Gen Z girl who isn’t a virgin tells you she’s “Not a Hoe”

Bender: “oh wait, you’re serious… let me laugh even harder”

She “Needs Space”

She needs space to fuck other guys and cheat without getting caught.

She needs to get the space filled between her thighs by other guys.

She Needs Time or a “Break”

She wants a free pass to fuck other guys for a while without guilt because you’re not officially together, and if it doesn’t work out with them, then you’re her last resort.

She may already be fucking another guy and doesn’t want to be labeled a “cheater”, or have a guy in mind from her online messages that she is about to fuck.

She's Too Honest After Taking a Break

Have some self-respect and DTB as quickly as possible and don’t look back.

See the Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back.

He’s “Controlling / Insecure / Possessive”

He’s not giving her the time and space she wants to be able to cheat without risking getting caught.

I’m going to the club without my boyfriend

I’m going to flaunt my sexuality while dancing & letting other men rub all over me.

And if I fancy one of the guys we’ll go to a hotel for an hour or two, or his car to have sex or even just the alleyway next to the club for a blowjob or a quickie.

On the low probability I get caught I’ll say “It Just Happened” and promise it was the only ever time (it isn’t but he can’t prove that) and hope he forgives me like a dumbass. Then I’ll learn my lesson and make sure I don’t get caught next time.

She Wants to go to College or Have “the College Experience”

She wants to be a whore. Frat parties, drinking, random hookup, threesomes, gangbangs etc.

Going to college is a red flag for a girl today.

Everybody Has a Past

I’ve been a rampant whore and now need to normalize this so I don’t look so bad.

By asserting that all women are as bad whores as me, my relative value won’t be lowered as badly. Intra-sexual competition 101.

Apparently, everybody abroad doesn’t have anywhere near as bad a past, hence the rise of “Passport Bros”.

This was one still makes me cringe to this day because it’s from an long-term ex who got it from her whore colleagues. They were all whores and I should have recognized this earlier. Learn from my experience, please, big red flag.

I had a toxic situation

I was getting fucked by bad boys.

Please feel sorry for me and buy my used goods are brand new sticker price.

Women are used car salesmen.

My Past Shouldn’t Matter

I was a shameless whore in my prime years and I am gaslighting you to try to get you to not care about me pre-cheating on you.

He’s “Sexually Insecure” about my Past

I’m a whore and now trying to reframe my low value as somehow being his fault.

Typical feminist gaslighting and dodging of accountability.

What you don’t know won’t kill you

I have a dirty past but if I don’t tell you then you have nothing to complain about, because you’re too stupid to figure it out for yourself.

Just don’t read those misogynistic men’s dating books that expose the typical feminists’ dating-whoring around lifecycle. Otherwise you’ll figure it out.

You’re a Misogynist

You said something true about women.

I’m having trouble manipulating and brainwashing you under my feminist spell.

I want a Real Man

I want a fool I can easily manipulate.

A “real man” is whatever I say it is which suits my best interests and let’s me away with everything I want.

I deserve the best

I’m going to insist on being expensive for you but giving you the very least connection I can get away with.

If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best

I’m old and jaded, and have already given my best years and sex to other men. You won’t be getting my best.

Now I’m at my worst with an attitude and as much pair bonding as an old velcro strap that’s been used daily for 20 years… now I expect you to suffer my obnoxious feminist personality in exchange for the leftover scraps of what I gave to other men.

And don’t be expecting too much sex either because “I’ve had my fun, and now I’m ready to settle down with a nice guy”.

I’ve had my fun and am now ready to settle down

I’ve had my fun of fucking other guys for all my prime years and now I’m getting older I want to find a nice beta male dumbass to buy the leftovers.

And there won’t be much fun for you. Only commitment, subsidizing my life and the babies I want to have.

I might grace you with the odd scrap of sex in exchange for you doing my household chores, for which I expect you to be grateful like Eddie Murphy’s starving man eating a cracker.

Don’t You Trust Me?

You’re making cheating on you hard.

Tell her you don’t trust anybody and that she isn’t a virgin (implies you know she’s a whore and could be again).

If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything

I’m cheating on you and you’re too close to finding out, I’d better eject before I get caught.

Living Her Best Life

Partying and fucking a lot of different guys.

She’s “Spiritual” or a “Free Spirit”

She does whatever she wants but pretends to be a decent person, ie. taking the easier paths through life, having sex with lots of men.

She is “Spiritual” rather than religious because otherwise she’d have to have some morals by following the holy books like the Bible and not be a hoe.

I Need to “Find Myself”

She’s fucking around with a lot of different guys.

She needs to find the password to her Tinder account.

find myself, ready to settle down

once eggs are used up

I bet you’ll never look at the bins in a hospital or clinic the same way again:

Trying to find herself vs Ready to settle down bins

This last donut is what you might get when you’re a “nice guy”:

used up donut

why can't i find a good man

Slay, Queen / You Do You, Girl

Go be a feminist whore. I approve this as your feminist sister.

Slay Queen... when she finally wants to settle down she's a bald tire

She wants to “see other people”

She’s telling you your relationship is over – either she’s already cheating on you or about to.

If this isn’t her way of dumping you then you need to DTB as quickly as possible and don’t look back.

She’s “Single By Choice”

She’s holding out for a top 1% guy out of her league.

She dumped her last guy for not meeting her inflated entitled expectations.

She’s been “Single” for 3 years

She’s been fucking lots of different guys for 3 years.

Also, she isn’t relationship material, otherwise she’d have gotten into a relationship with all the many guys she’s had the opportunity with.

Men are Trash

I got fucked by lots of guys who didn’t commit to me because they were out of my league or spotted a red flag in me.

I’m a Feminist

Men don’t want me, so I make sure to ruin other young women’s mentality about men so they aren’t competition to me.

Surprising a woman would admit to being a feminist today given how unpopular it is – consider this a double red flag. If she doesn’t come out and say it, check out this handy checklist to catch her out:

I Haven’t Met Anyone

I rode the Cock Carousel for 20 years getting banged out by 50+ guys but none of them wanted a relationship with me because I’m an obnoxious feminist.

I’m doing this for me

I’m doing this for dick.

C’mon fellas, don’t pretend now that you’re lifting weights or making more money to not attract more pussy. At the back of your brain it applies to you too.

She’s travelled “Solo”

She’s been travelling solo and getting fucked by random men in different countries.

She wants to travel without you – Girl’s Trips or trips home to visit the family

She wants to get fucked by other men with no chance of getting caught – Cancun is a favorite destination for this.

When Girls Are Out of Town
When Girls are Out of Town – Tom Leykis – women go on trips to cheat, hear it from their own mouths

She was “abused” by previous boyfriends

She was used sexually by them but wants sympathy to divert from her being a whore.

After everything I did for him. I gave him my all

After I have opened my legs for him countless times… just like I’ve been doing since I lost my virginity at school.

I am SO done with him

If he messages me, I will let him fuck me tonight.

I’m secretly hoping again it’ll happen at some point. I secretly love toxic men.

He’s an arrogant / cocky asshole

I’d let him do whatever he wants to me because I love his confidence but hate to admit it.

There’s a good chance I’ll become his next baby mama if we’re alone together because from a guy like that I want it bareback. I wonder if he’s looking for his next baby mama yet or just wants some fun…

I’m not looking for a relationship right now

She’s not looking for a relationship with you any time. If a hot guy she fancied came along she’d be ready for a relationship in an instant.

There is no such thing as “right person, wrong time” – for the right person it’s always the right time.

I don’t want to ruin our friendship

She doesn’t fancy you.

She’d ruin that friendship with all 3 of her orifices if you were the hot guy she wanted.

I’m Fine

She’s not fine, but she expects you to read between the lines, be a female mind reader and figure it out for yourself without her having to go through the discomfort of explicitly explaining it to you. If you don’t figure it out she’ll hold it against you.

This. I found this after I wrote this one from decades of experience, but this is a real thing she’s just exposed here:

The Fastest Contradiction In Women's History🤯😱
The Fastest Contradiction In Women’s History – Male Mentality

Another usage of “Fine”:

Maybe / We’ll See

Probably Not. Generally if the answer isn’t a strong “Yes”, she’s just avoiding saying “No” directly.

Go Ahead

Don’t do that, there will be consequences.

He’s “Nice”

“Nice” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Nothing particularly impressive going for the guy – not hot, tall, muscular, rich etc… but since he’s a mild-mannered non-offensive feminist ally the next best thing she can say is he’s just “nice”.

It’s completely different to when a woman says “oooh, he’s so nice” – that’s a guy she actually fancies, it’s a cherry on top because she already qualified him based on height, looks, status etc. and that’s her way of saying she likes him and that he’s non-threatening and his attractiveness hasn’t intimidated her so she’s super into him.

It’s completely different from the “nice guy” who finishes last or gets the leftovers to marry as she settlesfor him in her 30s because she’s tried and failed to get the guys she’s actually attracted to and been fucking for the prior 15 years to commit to her.

You’re a Nice Guy

You’re a finished simp. See the differentiation above.

I’ve Been Busy / I suck at replying

I have little to no interested in you.

Nobody’s too busy for the people who they’re interested in or are important to them in their life.

She’s not busy for a hot guy. See The Brad Pitt Rule.

There is no work or other social arrangements that is ever as important as the person you are hot for.

If you haven’t heard from her in 4 days, she’s just not that into you and has likely been exploring her preferred options instead. When they dry up, she comes back down the list to you, old faithful hanger on. If you haven’t heard from her in 24-48 hours she’s just not that into you. Would she have been busy if Brad Pitt was in her phone? No. Exactly.

If there was a one-time emergency, you could give her the benefit of the doubt. If it happens repeatedly it’s just an excuse.

You’d make such a great boyfriend…

You’d make such a great boyfriend… for someone else.

She doesn’t fancy you.

You’re a Great Guy, But… /

Why Can’t I Meet a Guy Like You

She’s not attracted to you.

Anything preceding the but doesn’t really count, it’s a softener for what comes next.

Don’t waste another second on her. She doesn’t think you’re that great otherwise she’d be fucking you and trying to make you her boyfriend.

The PART that WOMEN leave out
The Part Women Always Leave Out – PsycHacks

I want to take it slow / do it right

She wants to extract as much money from you via dating as possible despite having fucked other guys quickly and easily because she’s not really attracted to you so she’s primarily going to use you for money. She’s probably also fucking other guys on the side while you slowly court her. After you spend a tonne of money she might still not fuck you anyway.

Do you think she’d want to “take it slow” if she was dating a hot guy / her favorite celebrite? No! Her knickers would have come off the first night within 1-2 hours.

I need to “follow my heart”

She needs to follow her impulse to fuck around.

I need to “take care of me”

She needs to get a bunch of orgasms from other guys.

I need a guy who “makes me laugh”

She wants a guy who’s hot.

Women laugh at things that aren’t funny for the guys they like.

I want a kind, sensitive guy who loves me for me

She wants a kind, sensitive guy… who’s hot.

He’s my soul-mate

He’s hot and fucks her well.

Or he’s a nice guy that meets her material and comfort needs while giving her enough space to fuck hot guys on the side to allow her dual-mating strategy.

I love his energy

He’s hot.

I fell out of love with him

I fell on another guy’s dick, or was about to, so my brain mate-switched my interest to the new guy.

I saw a hot guy somewhere and lost interest in the guy I was with, because is he really the best I can do?

My friend or sister got a hot new boyfriend, and now I’m jealous because I’d rather be with that guy. This made me realize I don’t love the guy I’ve already got.

Don’t Judge Me

Don’t hold me accountable.

Women are allergic to accountability.

I would NEVER sleep with him!

I would absolutely let him fuck me in every way, especially if drunk, as long as nobody sees me going home with him to label me a trash whore.

I need to keep up my “good girl” persona so that I don’t lose my current provider male or reputation for future commitment options.

It Just Happened

I wanted it to happen and made it happen by moving towards it for a while in a series of many small steps, each of which gave me plausible deniability along the way, which I really knew were wrong but will never admit.

He’s “Husband Material”

“I want his money but don’t fancy him as much as the other guys I used to fuck for free”.

Usually accompanied by a change in dating strategy from alpha to beta as she’s getting older around 30+ when her looks are fading (covered up by make-up and dying grey hairs), or if she’s a single mother who needs a chump to financially support her and her kids.

The male equivalent of this would be to tell a girl “You’re not the type of woman I’d marry, but I’d have a one night stand with you!”

My dad/parents would love you

You’re the safe choice I could show to my dad/parents.

You’re not like the hot guys I usually get fucked by.

My dad/parents would hate/not approve of you

You make my vagina wet and tingly. But I can’t take you to see my dad/parents because you’re a bad boy. Let’s just fuck and figure it out later.

You’re the only guy who’s ever [insert compliment]

I’m lying to you to stroke your ego so that you’ll fall in love with me, so that I can then manipulate, control you and extract resources from you via a relationship.

You’re the first buddy, the special one, promise.

I need a monthly allowance

I’m a prostitute that should be paid for my services to you.

Relationships Take Work

I expect him to do whatever I want.

We Have a Healthy Relationship

It’s easy to cheat on you.

We Have an Open Relationship

I cheat on him and he’s too scared of being alone to stop me.

I don’t respect him any more and therefore I fuck lots of other men.

He pretends to be ok with it, and I don’t care that I’m hurting him.

He pretends that he gets an equal amount of outside action to try to save face, but c’mon we all know it’s 100 times easier for a woman to get casual sex, but I have little pity for such a pathetic man, so he can just keep paying my bills.

If It Isn’t Meant To Be, It Isn’t Meant To Be

I rode the Cock Carousel a lot so am used to just moving on to the next guy if one doesn’t simp for me enough or forgive my past or present transgressions (cheating / pre-cheating).

It’s Not You, It’s Me

She’s a hoe and the streets are calling her name.

It’s “Normal” for Married Couples to have Separate Bedrooms

Old hoes want your money but not to have sex with you.

They had all sex they need with other men when there were young in their prime twenties.

Inspired by this article on Cameron Diaz. The wall takes no prisoners, not even for the hotties you fancied when you were young – they age just the same.

There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists:

You’re a Pedophile for liking 18-20 year old women!! 😠

“I don’t like that young women are better looking and more valuable than I am”.

“I’m jealous of younger women and hate the men who value them more than me”.

Women ignore that 20 is the prime age for women for both fertility and according to Dataclysm‘s data from millions of men’s clicks, and that 18 is a legal adult who has already been having sex for 1-3 years on average, can buy a gun, drive a car, join the military, die for their country etc.

Don’t join the military by the way that was just an example – see No Military Service in The Golden Rules for why.

You have an insane obsession with body count. Gross! 😠

“I am offended at being judged for my sexual mileage”.

“I am wilfully ignorant, haven’t seen YouTube podcasts, and refuse to read this Body Count article which lists YouTube videos showing this is a hotly discussed topic among some of the biggest podcasts in the world such as Whatever podcast, Fresh & Fit, Pearl etc.”

Also, basic economics:

You’re grossed out by the DNA of your own gender being in women! (Microchimerism)

“You’re not being a compliant cuckold because you’re grossed out by having other men’s DNA in ‘your’ woman”.

Context: women trying to deflect men’s disgust for prior female promiscuity and Microchimerism – permanent DNA contamination from other men – being a problem with men rather than a problem with women being hoes.


Code for “I want to ride you cowgirl style… and then get taken roughly by your toxic masculinity”

Red Pill Ruined My Marriage / Relationship

She was a bitch, feminist or had a promiscuous past and was exposed by that evil red pill knowledge exposing her behavior or sexual history.

The Different Types of Guys She Likes

The different types of guys women like
The different types of guys women like

Womanese for Dummies

Womanese for Dummies

More Womanese References

Donovan Sharpe gives the top 10 Womanese expressions and explanations on Fresh & Fit – well worth a watch:

Top 10 Female Manipulation Phrases You Need to Know as a Man – Fresh & Fit podcast

Donovan Sharpe is a guest on Stirling Cooper’s channel and a few samples of his Womanese translations and goes over his Womanese courses:

How to Speak Womanese - Donovan Sharpe - Men are Talking - Episode 19
How to Speak Womanese – Donovan Sharpe – Men are Talking – Episode 19 – Stirling Cooper
Fluent Womanese! Giant Fake Ol Tiddies Edition
Fluent Womanese! Giant Fake Ol Tiddies Edition – Alexander Grace


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