Beware of Long-Term Single Women

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Beware of Long-Term Single Women

A Woman who is Long-Term Single (LTS) is often very different from a woman who is used to being in a Long-Term Relationship (LTR).

There’s usually a good reason why all the men who’ve been fucking her while she’s single declined to commit to a relationship with her and take her “off the market”.

Remember, single does not mean celibate.

Such women often seem to become institutionalized as single into a “Sex and The City” type lifestyle.

Single women often rack up huge body counts with lots of different sexual partners during their single years, which can easily be in the range of a dozen cocks per year having been inside her. Even a handful of sexual partners is known to destroy a woman’s ability to pair bond.

She gets pumped and dumped over, and over, and over again as she dates around to try to get into another relationship. It’s why she’s still single.

So What is “Long-Term Single”?

This means different things for men and women.

For a woman, Long-Term Single is 1+ years.

Maybe 1.5 years if you’re being generous.

In the current dating market, even the most mediocre women are flooded with matches on dating apps within days, while average guys receive few matches, fewer responses, and even fewer dates.

For an average man today, being single for years is not unusual.

For a woman, being single for year or more is usually a Red Flag, because she will have had so many opportunities with so many men, so many dates, so many hook-ups, flings and affairs with different men within the space of just a few months.

That’s market feedback from other men who didn’t keep her.

Wait, how can this disparity exist?

Female Hypergamy means women only want to trade up.

Hoeflation means women only want to trade up to the extreme.

She’s “single by choice” because she doesn’t want to settle for men at her level which she sees as a downgrade.

Alpha Males in the top few percent are picked by most women due to female Hypergamy, so they churn through an endless stream of different women on a weekly basis, often several women a week. But they are not most men.

Female Hypergamy goes into overdrive on dating apps as women all go for the top few guys, as evidenced by the fact women only swipe right 5% of the time, whereas guys swipe right about half the time.

Why settle for someone on her level when she can just swipe another 99 times in 2 minutes to get another Alpha male match?

This is what causes Hoeflation and women to stay single.

Implications of A Woman Being Long-Term Single

  1. She has been getting fucked by lots of different guys for years
  2. The guys are fucking her but not starting relationships with her, as per the old natural progression
  3. Guys are fucking her but avoiding a relationship due to seeing Red Flags in her that you may not have spotted yet
  4. She’s been trying to punch above her weight in height, looks, physique and socioeconomic status
  5. She will hold a grudge for now having to settle for a regular guy at her own level, who she will see as beneath her due to her overinflated self-worth and Hoeflation
  6. She will be an Alpha Widow
  7. Statistically, it’s unlikely that you’ll be the best she’s had in any dimension
  8. She will pine for the Alphas of her past when she was younger, hotter and fresher
  9. She will likely seek to rediscover those experiences once you are locked down – especially after marriage or children – either of which guarantees her access to your future finances via the big feminist government laws, regardless of whether or not she gets caught (and often it takes many years for a woman to get caught because they’re much better cheaters than men are since in history their lives literally used to depend on not getting caught)

“Never pay full price for something other men got for free”

She’ll Try to Convince You She Wasn’t Whoring Around While Single

One woman I dated in her 30s told me she’d been single for 6 years.

Of course, I had to question this obvious red flag. I can’t remember if I implied that is a lot of fucking around with different men, but knowing me I probably did.

Whatever prompted her, she proceeded to try to convince me that she hadn’t had sex with anybody in that time.

That’s extraordinarily unlikely.

She tried to explain that she was just “very busy with work”… and “didn’t really date”… for 6 years.

How many women do you know who can go 6 days without social media validation? Never mind this ridiculous 6 years without sex.

Especially not given I’d just met her off Tinder in 2018, and even before dating apps most women could go to a bar and go home with a guy the same night.

The Exception to the Rule?

If she was some fat ugly black woman who is bottom of the dating barrel to all races of men (according to the data in Dataclysm), who couldn’t get anybody she fancied, then I might have been half inclined to believe her at that time.

In the early 2010s when I worked in California, my african american colleague’s childhood best friend was such a fat black girl, albeit with good clear facial complexion. During one of our socialising nights out after work she confessed to me that she hadn’t had sex in 2 years. I was shocked by such a long duration at that time, so asked her why. Her explanation was that she wasn’t getting what she wanted when having sex and so stopped doing it until she meets someone special. This account was both heartfelt and believable given her limited dating options.

But this tall blue-eyed white English woman in front of me? 6 years?

GTFOH with that bullshit.

She was in great gym shape, flat stomach and wasn’t a single mother like half the dregs on Tinder.

Needless to say I fucked her all through the night until the morning in a hotel that first time.

Women Are Massive Fucking Liars

This is how brazen women’s lies are today – they think men are the gullible idiots from 90s sitcoms.

When pressed further, she admitted to going on only one date (in 6 years?!), which was “not good”, but wouldn’t tell me why specifcally, no matter how many times I asked her. Another red flag.

When pressed further again she admitted to only having “the odd little kiss” with a guy here or there on a night out. Yeah right.

The story changed a bit each time she was pressed.

This is in itself a red flag.

If women were honest – their stories wouldn’t be changing at all when asking at different times.

This same women later gave me the “only had 3 boyfriends” bullshit – sneakily not counting guys who fucked her but were not her “boyfriend”. She persisted with this for a long time. On a later occasion she slipped and said “3 or 4” which of course I immediately picked up on and challenged the subtle change. It turns out the guy she lost her virginity to at 17 wasn’t in fact her first boyfriend.

Sister Accidentally Snitched

After I dumped her using the best catchall ever, her sister stopped by to collect a copy of some pictures & videos (not the xxx ones I’ve still got those 😉).

I called them both “feminists and liars”, to which her sister inadvertently dropped another nugget trying to defend her and her sister’s honor (about 20 years too late for that sweetheart).

When I told her they “don’t even own it” regarding their sexual histories, her sister then proceeded to divulge more in their defense.

Having not been privy to our 3-4 body count conversations, her sister cited her own body count as 7, and her sister’s body count as “around 8”. Around 8 – really – that’s very different to the “3-4” she had told me herself and that she was a “traditional woman”.

And this was her sister trying to downplay their body counts to me to not be judged as hoes.

Her sister who used to work in beauty, on cruise ships with bunking with coke head colleague partiers, and who I wasn’t supposed to know has the lifelong STD genital Herpes which results in recurring periodic breakouts… had previously made the mistake a long time prior of bragging that “she’d had sex with many, many people”.

Now she was telling her me her body count is only “7” – nobody says “many, many people” for 7. That hoe’s body count is in the dozens at least.

Women are the biggest fucking liars in the world.

Not one western woman I know would be in a relationship if her husband or boyfriend had full disclosure of what a whore she’d been and for how many other men.

And they all know it – this is why women lie every day to try to protect the mirage of their long fucked away value.

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