How To Dump Your Girlfriend


How To Dump Your Girlfriend

Here is some advice on the best ways to dump your girlfriend or wife.

Most relationships fail over time, so the “dumping” conversation is one you’re probably going to have at some point if you DTB.

In Person vs Text vs Call

If it’s a shallow short-term relationship, up to 3 or 4 months, you might get away with breaking up over text or a call if you’re not too invested in each other.

For a more serious medium to long-term relationship, this should really be done in person.

The one exception is if she’s aggressive or unpredictable – you don’t want to risk a domestic situation – in that case a call is safer.

In Person – Plan The Location

Generally, you should have this conversation in private.

Don’t have this conversation in public if she’s a normal person – she’ll likely cry, people will notice, embarrassing both of you and it’ll just make it worse.

Have the conversation at her place so you can promptly leave – after all you’ve been following the Golden Rules and haven’t been cohabiting, have you?

Don’t do it at your place where she may refuse to leave and cause a domestic problem or call the police on you.

If she kicks off you may need to record video on your phone while leaving to protect yourself from false allegations.

If she’s unpredictable or aggressive then choose a public place with CCTV like a shopping center to support you if she hits you or makes false allegations.

What To Say

Some of the ways to dump your girlfriend, wife, or woman you’ve been seeing for long enough for her to think she’s your girlfriend, in increasing orders of severity:

1. It’s Not You, It’s Me

Don’t say this – it sounds fake and doesn’t help because it doesn’t give her genuine useful feedback.

2. Gentle Feedback – Honest Constructive Criticism

Give her honest feedback about why you no longer want to be a relationship with her. For example:

  • she’s argumentative
  • she’s too demanding or entitled
  • she’s expensive / financially exploiting you
  • she’s a single mother
  • she’s too old
  • you met her when she was around 30+ and you don’t want to be the guy she’s just settling for
    • “if you didn’t have her in her prime, she doesn’t deserve you in her decline”
  • she’s too fat or put too much weight on since you met her
    • she’ll at least know to get back in shape once she’s single instead of going through life as a delusional land whale

or whatever it is, tell her that.

It’s probably something from the ultimate Red Flags list.

This will also allow her to reset her expectations in future to match her actual value.

Have something you think should go in this list? Leave a comment below!

3. Harsh Feedback – She’s Cheated

If she’s cheated on you then tell her she doesn’t deserve you, it’s a simple DTB.

Leave promptly to avoid any escalation of the argument.

4. The Best Catchall Ever – Her Promiscuous Past – Explain She’s “Pre-Cheated” And Doesn’t Deserve You

Don’t tell her you’re breaking up with her explicitly yet, but lead in this series of questions and only give her feedback after she’s answered all three. She may be uncomfortable answering – stay quiet and wait for each answer – let her squirm.


  1. What age did she lose her virginity?
  2. What was her shortest record time between first meeting a guy and having any kind of sex with him?
  3. What’s her body count? (number of prior sexual partners)

For more detail on these questions, read:

Then Feedback To Explain Why She Doesn’t Deserve You

  1. Her age when you met her, minus her age when she lost her virginity, is the number of years she’s been getting fucked by other men before you – assuming she hasn’t been cheating on you too (common these days)
  2. If her shortest record time to fuck another guy is faster then she hooked up with you, then she’s treated him better than you, which is insulting – you had to take her on 3 dates but other guys got to fuck her quickly for free eg. 1-2 hours after meeting her at a bar or club or hook-ups off apps
  3. Tell her that her number of prior sexual partners is the number of men she’s Pre-Cheated on you with. Tell her about Microchimerism – that she is permanently contaminated with the DNA of other men.

This is the perfect time to Red Pill a woman on the way out when you’re ready to burn that bridge.

If she was in her late twenties onwards when you met her you can say:

“you’re too old and gave your best years and sex to other men”

There’s nothing worse than old feminists after all:

If She Refuses to Answer

If she refuses to answer these questions then tell her that’s a huge Red Flag and you’re going to assume she’s had a very promiscuous past and that’s why she won’t answer – that’s she’s Pre-Cheated on you really badly with lots of men and doesn’t deserve you.

Tell her about Microchimerism – that she is permanently contaminated with the DNA of other men.

Her Likely Reaction To Being Told You’re Dumping Her For Her Past Promiscuity

This often seriously offends women as they hate being judged for their sexual history because they instinctively know it lowers their value and she’ll likely have no good comeback for this because it’s true.

It’s hard for her to overcome this – hence why it’s such a great catchall dumping strategy.

“Call me old fashioned, but I like a dump to be as memorable as it is devastating”

Bender, Futurama
Futurama - Call me old-fashioned, but I like a dump to be as memorable as it is devastating.

DTB & Never Take Her Back

She may cry. Stand firm in dumping her.

After you DTB and dump her, read why you must Never Take Her Back, have some self-respect.

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