How LGBTQ+ is Contributing to Western Decline

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How LGBTQ+ is Contributing to Western Decline

Two of my favourite authors are gay – specifically Douglas Murray and especially Yuval Noah Harari. I recommend both bestselling authors’ books in the General and GeoPolitics categories – all three of Harari’s adult books in fact as of 2023.

Neither of them are LGBTQ+ activists, they focus on much more important societal problems.

Alan Turing broke the Nazi’s Enigma code for the allies. He happened to be gay, but like with Douglas Murray and Yuval Noah Harari, him being gay was irrelevant to his value to society. It was a coincidental footnote, not his main work or focus of discussion.

The Problem Defined

LGBTQ+, and especially trans-activism, has sucked up so much oxygen in recent years, that it drowns out the many much more serious problems facing Western society.

Being any sort of LGBTQ should be a private matter only. It’s irrelevant to the best interests and benefits of normal people or the flourishing of society across generations.

The Burning Building

Your beloved home is ablaze, engulfed in flames.

Your wife and children are trapped inside.

You cannot get through to rescue them and have already been burnt trying.

The firefighters have just arrived with the equipment needed to brave the flames and rescue your family.

As they approach your house with hoses and fire suits, your heart swells with desperate hope.

Fight or Die

Suddenly, from your left, comes an LGBTQ+ activist with dyed neon pink hair who insists on addressing their issues to the firefighters, the brave men a mere few dozen feet away from your burning home.

She brings the firemen to a halt, if only for a moment. You immediately intervene with a sense of dire urgency to not interfere with the more important mission of rescuing your family.

You try to coerce the activist out of the way only to be blindsided from behind by a screeching feminist who supports the LGBTQ+ activist. She summons from your left a large diverse crowd of well-meaning but unintelligent mob to support the strange-haired activist, herself a mosaic of piercings and tattoos.

The firemen are physically blocked by the crowd, as strong as they are they couldn’t physically push through if they wanted to as they are heavily outnumbered.

One or two firemen realize the problem and manage to go around the side fringes of the mob to reach your home and begin to tackle the fire and rescue your family. But they are not enough.

It requires the whole team’s effort for a fire of this size, and most of the fire team is stuck behind the LGBTQ+ mob and their supporters.

You fight the crowd, knocking them down left and right, you are now a criminal as you desperately try to clear a way for the firemen to get through, but there are too many in the mob, too few heroes fighting too many fools.

The Collapse

You hear a creaking and turn to see your home’s structure collapse in front of your eyes, your wife and children still inside. You collapse to your knees in tears as they never emerge.

The couple brave firemen still inside are lost too.

Your home is every normal person’s home.

Your family is every normal person’s family.

The fire rages across the West and burns it to ashes along with the future generations inside, and all future generations never to be born.

burning building

The Burning Problems

The West is facing serious problems of historical magnitude:

  • ever-falling marriage and birth rates
    • feminist divorce law, feminist family law over children, feminist culture from schools to media
    • feminists are majority voters, due to higher male mortality rates
  • ageing populations
  • unsustainable economic policies
  • inability to balance government economics against the financial burden of the universal suffrage welfare state
    • shrinking young taxpayer population vs ageing population
  • permanent government budgetary deficits even during peacetime
    • historically usually only happened during times of war
    • went from 3% to 30-40% of entire GDP
    • 100%+ national debts
  • high taxation
    • further constricting birth rate affordability by the productive taxpaying classes
  • inflationary money printing
    • because even high taxes can’t cover the large financial deficits of the bloated universal suffrage feminist state caused by the need to bribe non-contributing voters
  • lack of young taxpaying workers to support pensions
  • mass demographic replacement by foreigners
    • to patch-over the shortage of young workers
    • or because western governments are failing to control their borders
    • UK 2021 census shows England & Wales are already 25% replaced. The largest invasion in UK history – the Norman Conquest of 1066 – resulted in only 5% population replacement
    • similar in Germany
    • USA can no longer control its southern border with Mexico, leading to huge Hispanic immigration
  • immigrants get old too and require yet more pensions
    • requiring importing ever more young immigrant workers to pay taxes to support pensions
  • loss of voting power by productive “native” citizens
    • ever more immigrants enter and vote left-wing, forming an unholy alliance with feminist voters
    • half of the adult voter base doesn’t pay income tax but eligible to vote for “free money” and services, forcing governments into ever greater budgetary deficits
  • Idiocracy – birth rate skew between high and low IQ people leads to genetic decline per generation
IDIOCRACY Opening Scene (2006) Mike Judge

LGBTQ+ Distraction

Yet LGBTQ+ and trans has taken disproportionately more attention than it’s worth to society as a whole given how tiny a percentage of people are actually trans and how trivial it is compared to the above issues which affect nearly every person in Western society to varying degrees.

Trans is the new “terrorism” boogeyman, that affects almost nobody but is used to steer control away from the real issues. Perhaps the rise of LGBTQ+ should be a concern in the context of estrogen contamination of our food and water supply, and falling sperm counts that threaten birth rates even more than feminism has to date.

The Mainstream Media does as they are told, don’t expect them to help clear the crowd. They are the feminist who summoned the crowd.

The global elite mega-rich are, of course, the least affected. The Moneylanders are a country unto themselves.

This trans issue gave rise to the popularity of Jordan Peterson, who became famous for being one of the very few intellectuals willing to risk taking a stand against the establishment of government-compelled speech over trans pronouns back in 2016.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

Jordan Peterson became that rebel. He may have sold a few million books and become rich and famous, but the rest of us are still left with a burning building and far too few families who escaped the flames.

The Voting Problem

Many if not most Western problems above derive from left-wing voting. LGBTQ+ are majority left-wing voters, forming an unholy voting alliance with feminists sending the West into ever further decline.

The problem of Universal Suffrage is a bigger topic that will be properly addressed in a future article.

Even many basic conversation topics ends up in a similar situation to the political problem – the unholy alliance of loud weirdos vs normal people:

Being Gay is Very Different from being Trans

Some gay people are of great value to society as intellectuals, such as Alan Turing, Douglas Murray or Yuval Noah Harari as mentioned above. They may be conservative in all other regards and a net positive for society. They do not cause the burning building problem. They are problem solvers of worth, not problem creators.

It is therefore not surprising for some gay people, especially conservative gay people, to object to being lumped into this every growing LGBTQ+ acronym alliance:

The slippery slope of LGBTQ+ extended
Never ask a gay or trans activist why they're so interested in your children

Keep It To Yourself and Behind Closed Doors

As much as I admire the work of some previously mentioned accomplished gay men, there is still an issue.

Even gay men need to keep it to themselves and behind closed doors though, as apparently straight men’s physiological stress response to seeing two men kissing is the same as seeing maggots.

This applies doubly so to the horse on the right.



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