Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media


Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

When I started watching YouTube and reading Books, I was surprised by how much information we’re not given on TV, in newspapers, or in school – how much is never said.

They restrict what you know, giving you only a small slice of information on repeat – their chosen propaganda, to distract you from the really important issues.

That is the Matrix. It’s there to stop you rebelling against the truth – that you are slave via taxes and laws that are not for your benefit, but theirs.

This 1 minute clip demonstrates how controlled everything mainstream media says is – it doesn’t even matter which channel you switch to:

This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

The Decline of Mainstream Media

With mainstream media selecting which info and stats to report and how to spin them… it’s not hard to understand why people are quickly losing trust in it once they get access to better sources.

Getting most of your information from mainstream media is the 21st century equivalent of being uneducated.

The journalist class are a thin slice of society – people from similar socioeconomic and educational background – that filter and control the news, and present it through their own invariably left-wing lens.

This pales in comparison to YouTube’s grassroots info where more people of different backgrounds actually say what the rest of us think.

Mainstream media is in slow decline as ever more people switch away from traditional journalism towards the internet.

Americans trust in mainstream media 1972-2023

Even Conservatives Have Fallen

Even supposedly ‘conservative’ outlets like the UK’s Telegraph newspaper are now writing articles that would have been unimaginable before the universal suffrage takeover of law and culture.

Scumbag idiot feminists have infected even the last bastion of decency that was formerly known as ‘conservatives’ with articles like men should give their wives a pass at Christmas to cheat on them!!

How very ‘Christian TradWife’ of them! Not.

You can’t make this shit up, as the late great Kevin Samuels would say.

This is why conservatives are now widely derided as ‘Cuckservatives’, such as in the Futurist’s 2020 article Gems – a once-a-decade blog post follow up to the legendary 2010 blog post The Misandry Bubble.

The BBC & Princess Diana Scandal

Let’s also not forget the BBC’s dubious tactics of lies and bank forgeries to pressure Princess Diana into an interview to publicly disclose on national television that she’d been cheating on then crown Prince Charles (he cheated first, but still, she was supposed to be a princess – a “high-value woman”).

The ensuing scandal was so severe that reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II of England had to order her son Prince Charles to finally divorce Princess Diana to save what scrap of dignity could be salvaged.

The UK’s Royal family has never recovered its reputation from the scandal, or Diana’s subsequent carousel riding and suspiciously early death in a car crash. Feminist culture had infected not just mainstream media but also the UK royal family.

Despite her low-value behavior of having several affairs, and lovers after the divorce, Princess Diana was much beloved by the people (pretty privilege) and many have never forgiven the BBC’s lack of integrity for their role in her divorce and downward spiral that led to her early death.

Prince Harry said that the “ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices” had led to Princess Diana’s death.

Public opinion widely blames the mainstream media and paparazzi for chasing Diana around everywhere, which directly led to the car chase and subsequent crash that killed her and her lover.

The Payback – Learn to Code

When the coal miners got laid off, the journalist class told them to “learn to code”.

As if a 40-year-old blue-collar worker can simply retrain in such as difficult highly skilled job at that age.

The journalist class showed a complete lack of empathy for the working-class man.

Naturally, as journalists now themselves face threats of layoffs, this meme sums it up nicely:

Notice the journalist class often contains the stereotype feminists the world doesn’t need.

The YouTube Revolution

YouTube is a revolution of knowledge compared to mainstream media.

However, even YouTube has its limits.

When contrarian YouTuber thought leaders get too big, the Tech Oligarchs de-platform them and wipe out all of their videos.

That really should be illegal because a few Silicon Valley nerds shouldn’t be determining who can say what and what information they’re allowed to surface to us.

We definitely need regulations against Big Tech to enforce freedom of speech and outlaw de-platforming or choosing who can monetize with ad revenue and who cannot – another form of strangling content creators that don’t match their views by taking away their livelihoods.

Many men’s issues are suppressed this way.

They even demonetized Fresh & Fit recently – one of the most popular men’s podcasts.

The Tech Oligarchs should not be the arbiters of truth, they are biased and cannot be trusted.

Beyond YouTube

YouTubers who are deplatformed often end up on smaller alternative platforms like Rumble and BitChute, but this is far from ideal, fragmenting and losing much of their user base.

It would be far better to prevent Big Tech oligarchs from de-platforming content creators, or individual users for leaving comments, by law.

Twitter / X

Twitter has also become a refuge for free thinkers since Elon Musk bought it.

However, the scumbag corporations are withdrawing their advertising to try to blackmail Elon Musk’s free speech platform next – this was such a big story even the mainstream media couldn’t bury it and Elon didn’t let them spin it either – he gave an unequivocal explicit “Go Fuck Yourself” to the corporations:

"Go F*** yourself": Elon Musk to advertisers

Elon Musk will forever be a legend for this moment. Memes abound on the internet.

Elon Musk saying Go Fuck Yourself to advertisers pulling ads on Twitter to try to pressure them into censorship

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