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The ultimate TL;DR concise reference to all the most important topics for men in the 21st century – women, money, career, health etc.

“Ultimate” is inspired by the UFC which brought Mixed Martial Arts to the masses and revolutionized martial arts – by stripping away the useless stuff and leaving only what works. The internet is full of top 100 lists of fillers which slow you down. Who has time for that in a TL;DR world?

Saving Your Time

I’ve aggregated thousands of books, blogs and YouTube videos to save you time.

There are many brilliant sources on the internet and books, but they take too much time.

This site will become one of the very best resources for men on the internet – the one TL;DR resource.

I’m writing this for my son and for all men everywhere to level up as fast as possible.

Real World Conversations Precipitated This Blog

I’ve had countless conversations with men in real life over the last 5 years while I’ve been extensively researching problems around feminism, marriage/divorce, fatherhood, dating and relationship problems.

When I started talking more openly to my friends and colleagues about my own experiences over the decades, I was surprised to find that nearly every man had relationship complaints ranging from dating to divorce, kids, quarrelsome women or sexless marriages.

It also happened to be that some of my long term friends were starting to get divorced, finding infidelity and leaving kids in broken homes.

Due to my citing of books, statistics and source over the years in these conversations, many men have asked me to write a book but I’ve been busy making money for all my kids, so here I finally start trying to collate and contribute the knowledge I’ve gained from both personal experience and the giants in the field back to the community.

Change Your Life, Change The World

Almost every man I know is unhappy with the current status quo under feminism. I intend to show you why and what you can do about it.

I’m writing with decades of experience with women, money, career, health & martial arts etc.

I’ve read many great books, but none are concise enough or tie all the big stuff together. This blog will do that, and I’ve already mapped out the topics.

This blog will change the world, one man’s life at a time.

In the longer term, it is up to those of us who are older to ensure things are better for the our children and future generations than they were for us under feminism. Feminism will fall, and it will likely be this century.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit”

ancient Greek proverb
A new dawn is coming for men.

Recommend Your Friends Here

If you want to mobilize men, it starts here.

Save your friends and your sons from marriage / divorce, child support, feminist laws, cheating women, red flags etc. Improve their money with financial tips, career advice, health etc.

Credit Where Its Due and Further References

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

I combine many brilliant and groundbreaking authors, the best men’s community knowledge from books, blogs, youtube, and my own personal experiences over the decades. I will give credit where due at every opportunity and quote references throughout.

None of us are geniuses, it’s simply a matter of more experience and access to more knowledge.

Learn from other men’s experiences and mistakes, or be doomed to repeat them. Arm yourself with this knowledge.

This blog will save men’s lives, change their fortunes, redefine how they see the world, reveal truths and hard-learned wisdom.

Share Your Knowledge

I welcome your comments, experiences, opinions, which topics interest you the most and which sources you’ve found the most insightful. I’ll integrate the best ones into the TL;DR blog posts of this site for the benefit of all.

Please leave a comment below, or for private messages use the contact form or email me at



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