AWALT – All Women Are Like That

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Here we will settle the common debate between AWALT vs NAWALT.

AWALT = All Women Are Like That

NAWALT = Not All Women Are Like That

AMALT – All Men Are Like That

AWALT is actually derived from women saying “All Men Are Like That” (AMALT). All men desire sexual variety and there’s serious risk that men will cheat given the opportunity.

Not all men will act on it, due to discipline, social conditioning and consequences such as the severity of divorce laws against them, losing their children, multitude of severe financial losses etc… but most men will feel the temptation if attractive women get too close to them.

To understand why this is normal, read Sperm Wars and The Evolution of Desire.

NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That

There are certainly countless terrible feminist women these days, both in the West and abroad. There must also be countless terrible men too. Most of them are likely in prison. That’s in contrast to women whose social crimes were legalized by feminist voting majority under universal suffrage.

Social media likely contributes to negative inter-gender perceptions. Viral examples circulate, highlighting extreme cases causing exposure bias. People who spend too much time on the internet can easily end up hating the opposite gender. In men’s case, at least feminists.

That being said, one only needs to dig in to a woman’s sexual history to realize that as she much as she might protest that she’s ‘not like the other girls’, in reality, she really is closer to them than not.

A more concrete test of whether she’s a NAWALT might be to compare her to the standards of the functionally extinct traditional women, or compare her to a feminist checklist.

Statistically speaking, good women must still exist somewhere, by sheer probability in a large randomized population.

So if you were a stats nerd, you’d say that technically NAWALT is more true than AWALT at the population level. However…

The Danger of Believing in NAWALT

A blue pilled or purple pilled man will cling to NAWALT like a psychological life raft.

He can’t bare to face the reality that ‘his’ girl was just as much of a whore in her past as other women. She will tell him sweet lies about her body count to get a relationship out of him. She would just as easily cheat on him given the opportunity with a highly attractive alpha male. Or she may break up with him to move on to better prospects if she thinks she has them.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn
She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have had a long-term relationship with a virgin, it’s even more dangerous. Just because she is a ‘good girl’ right now with no prior sexual history, doesn’t mean she’ll stay that way.

In the current feminist culture, she could easily end up a cheater due fear of missing out (FOMO). She may wonder what she’s never experienced. Or she may move on to better prospects, regardless of her sexual history – she ‘outgrew’ him when she realizes there are better looking or higher status men available in the dating market.

Unlike in the situation controlling men via divorce, losing their children, child support etc… there are no legal counterbalances to women’s worst behaviors today. She will still take all the same money in a divorce even if she gets caught cheating. Since humans are creatures of incentives and consequences, and it’s almost all upside for her, with little downside. She can always get another man in the age of women’s abundance of replacement men via dating apps.

Men often cite their own woman as the ‘exception’. Because if they didn’t, they may struggle to be in a relationship with her.

“But not all women are hoes!”. Of course, not every western woman is a whore. There are old women in relationships who predate dating apps so didn’t get such opportunity. There may even be some rare young woman who through some extreme circumstance isn’t.

However, NAWALT usually represents a cognitive dissonance coping mechanism on the part of the man, rather than a realistic assessment of the probability that he has found a magical unicorn.

A man’s biggest blind spot is his own woman.

Just because he’s still in a relationship with her right now, he assumes it’ll stay that way indefinitely if he doesn’t cheat or otherwise misbehave. Few people have relationships expecting them to fail or end in betrayal.

But statistically, most relationships do fail over time.

The problem comes when a man who believes in the blue/purple pill fallacy of his own personal NAWALT is proven wrong. When the relationship ends, he realizes quite jarringly that she is the same as all the other women. His psychological life raft is gone and he can easily sink under the water of nihilism.

He can also face huge financial losses in divorce if he was foolish enough to marry her.

NAWALT - it's a trap!

AWALT – All Women Are Like That

All women have similar instincts based on hypergamy and the same shared evolutionary biology.

In this regard, all women really are like that.

They may not act on it, but you’d be stupid to put yourself in a position like marriage. You could get badly burnt, and possibly destroy the rest of your life’s prospects.

Just because you could theoretically walk through a minefield without getting your legs blown off, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, or very realistic. The smart option would be to avoid going into the minefield in the first place.

Imagine a bowl of candies where 99 out of 100 of them were laced with poison. You’d be stupid to put any candy from that bowl into your mouth.

That bowl of candies is marriage and over invested relationships that women will try to sell you on the basis that she’s ‘not like the other girls. Do not swallow that lie. Do not even taste it. Never entertain the idea of marriage today under feminist law.

Golden Rule #1 – No Marriage – No Exceptions.

I don’t care how hot she is, how much her eyes sparkle, how good the sex is (especially early in the relationship lifecycle). We all know that feeling at some point. The one we like too much. We want to believe.

The woman below would have me wanting to believe too:

portrait photography of woman

That is the danger.

That is why you need The Golden Rules.

Women are used car salesmen. Take the test drive or the lease if the price is low, but do not to buy it permanently.

B-but NAWALT - get a grip!

Tom Leykis – The Relationship Lifecycle & Money

Tom Leykis the OG speaks from deep personal experience. See how women leverage men in the relationship lifecycle. This is a must see video:

A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis)
A MGTOW Wedding Video – Tom Leykis – women want your money, to be in a relationship, to leave the relationship… you can’t see it until it’s too late


While NAWALT is technically more correct than AWALT at the population level, it is also a dangerous belief that’s likely to get you badly hurt as a man dating in the modern age under feminist law.

The odds of ‘your’ woman being a legitimate NAWALT are so low as to be inconceivable. Such women are usually off the dating market for life from a young age. Remember, the women you will see still on the dating market are the leftovers of other men – the liars, the cheaters, the ‘cock carousel’ riders.

This is true even for Passport Bros going overseas to try to get a traditional woman. Read The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women.

You should assume that she maintains a ‘good girl’ facade to qualify for a relationship with you. Should you be caught slipping in value or her prospects suddenly improve due to a passing alpha male who takes an interest in her, you are in for a world of pain.

And don’t fall for these stupid Alpha Bro fallacies. There is always someone more alpha than you, bro. Or even just more novel.

Today, your best defense is to follow The Golden Rules and not commit to her.

Do not legally or financially entangle.

Never put yourself in a position with a woman that you cannot get rid of her in 30 seconds flat when you feel the heat around the corner.


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