The 3 Dates Rule

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The 3 Dates Rule

The “3 Dates Rule” means if you’re not having sex by the end of the 3rd date then she has no genuine desire or chemistry for you and you should dump her.

If she hasn’t had sex with you in that time then she’s just not into you. DTB.

Don’t Be A Simp

You should not be dating a woman if you’re not having sex with her.

It’s also likely she’s fucking another guy, like an ex or guy who already refused to give her a relationship, while making you wait.

Don’t be a Simp. Have some self-respect. DTB.

“From The Streets She Came And To The Streets She Shall Return”

“I’m not that kind of girl”

She’s exactly that type of girl for the right guy. Just not for you.

You know when she’s that kind of girl?

When she meets a hot guy, a celebrity, a rockstar, an actor, a male model, a rich lifestyle guy or any number of other high status guys.

This is why the Tinder Swindler was bedding women in hotels on the very first date, because they thought he was filthy rich. You could see the women’s hypergamy dripping off them as you watch it.

Ironically she’ll have sex immediately with a guy she believes is high status for free, but make a regular guy pay as much as she can and still not fuck him.

Most women I’ve surveyed have fucked guys on the first night for free. This is why the common saying is:

“She Belongs To The Streets”

She’s Treating You As A Beta Male

“Women make rules for Betas, and break rules for Alphas”

After 3 dates she’s filed you into the beta male category and will seek to extract your resources for reluctant minimal play, if you ever get any at all.

Recognize and avoid falling for this predatory female extended courtship routine.

No matter what rules she’s told you she has, it’s bullshit.

Did she always have those rules for every guy? No. She just pretends to be a “good girl” to use you for your money but has no genuine desire for you.

For the guy she really wants she won’t risk letting him go in case another woman fucks him before she does and can try to get her claws into him.

See this story of a girl who made her boyfriend slow date her while she fucked a “friend with benefits” guy for free on the side at the same time her boyfriend was having to take her on a series of dates with no sex. This is a common behavior among modern girls who have no decency.

Most girls in the West have lost their virginity by 17.

She’s been riding the “Cock Carousel” (CC) for how many years with how many guys?

Do you think she made them all of them wait a long time and pay for a series of expensive dates?

Hell no. Not a chance. Not unless she just lost her virginity last week. In fact, women I’ve asked didn’t even make guys wait to take their virginity.

Why waste your time, money and attention on somebody like that who is intrinsically insulting you.

Even if you eventually wait her out, chances are you’ll just end up in a sexless relationship while she drains your wallet and cheats on you at every opportunity because she has no genuine desire for you.

No Free Attention

“Attention is the coin of the realm for women” – Rollo Tomassi

You must learn to deny them it.

Don’t spend more than $50 on a date.

Spending too much money puts her on a pedestal and puts pressure on her by implying that you’re buying her – both can easily turn her off you.

A woman decides if she’s going to sleep with you before the date even happens. Spending more isn’t going to help get you laid, she’ll just take the opportunity to drain your wallet and see you as a chump.

When a woman has decided to sleep with you, she will make it happen. She’ll be organized ahead of time, she’ll bring extra panties, condoms, clothes for work the next day, logistics – whatever it takes.

One of my serious girlfriends booked and paid for the hotel upfront herself before our 3rd date for us to have sex that night. Seriously.

Women are organized when they want to have sex with you.

If she’s already decided that she’s not going to have sex with you then buying her sushi, steak, lobster tails or champagne isn’t going to make any difference at all, you’re just throwing your money away.

The 3 Dates Rule is supported by this experience from long time well known dating coach Alan Roger Currie

The Ultra Rare Exception to the 3 Dates Rule

One caveat to this rule is if she’s an actual proveable virgin. Beware though that chances are high she’s just lying and will clench her vagina to appear virgin-tight the first time (hookers have admitted to using this trick too to make men last less time).

Most women I’ve surveyed lost their virginity between 15 – 17. By 18 the girls I’ve asked had around 10 body count.

More likely if she tells you she’s a virgin, she’s probably not and her saying this just means she sees you as naive and inexperienced enough to believe that.


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