Feminist Logic… Or Lack Thereof

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Feminist ‘Logic’… Or Lack Thereof

Feminist Logic is rare.

Unsurprisingly, many feminists are also socialists.

“If socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be socialists”

Friedrich Hayek

“If women understood logic, they wouldn’t be feminists”


Male Logic

First, a call out of our own…

Male logic: “I put up with her shit because she’s hot”

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List of Feminist Logic Examples

Below are some examples of the sort of logic that feminists routinely exhibit.

You criticised women, you’re a Misogynist!!

That’s not what ‘misogyny’ is. Read more.

Misogyny Debunked – Why You’re Not A Misogynist.

Men can’t have an opinion on women because they’re not women

By this definition, we can’t have an opinion on murder because we’re not murderers.

Apparently, somebody forgot to tell the police and entire legal profession of judges and lawyers.

Credit to Tom Leykis for the idea of this murder comparison. The professor was a master debater and cunning linguist, used to dealing with the madness of feminists.

You can’t have an opinion without personal experience

Feminist Logic: Somebody I don’t agree with is not allowed to learn from history / books / society and repeat the already known knowledge (women speaking against Pearl).

You don’t have to have personal experience of everything, you can read from those who do and are experts in various fields.

This is the whole point of reading books, which is the fundamental basis of civilization. One lifetime is not enough to discover everything personally. We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

Men criticize us women for being promiscuous so we’ll just boycott marriage & family

Yes, women, make your value even lower than it already is.

Ironically, women boycotting marriage plays in men’s favor.

Perfect, then less men get screwed in divorce. 😂

Golden Rule #1 – No Marriage – No Exceptions

Marriage benefits women via relationship subsidies as women usually marry men who earn more than them due to female hypergamy.

Divorce benefits women because they take 60-75% of men’s wealth, plus alimony.

Children benefit women because they keep them even in event of breakups, get child support. And let’s not forget evolution, passing on your genes, or even just social connections and having a connection to youth in your old age.

You’re a pedophile for liking 18-20 year old women!

Womanese Translation: “I don’t like that young women are more valuable than I am”.

“I’m jealous of younger women and hate the men who value them more than me”.

That’s old women logic to try to eliminate sexual competition in their age bracket that they cannot compete with.

Women ignore that 20 is the prime age for women for both fertility and according to Dataclysm‘s data from millions of men’s clicks. 18 is a legal adult who has already been having sex for 1-3 years on average, can vote, buy a gun, drive a car, join the military, and die for their country.

Yet women want to claim that they are somehow not adults when it comes to sex, despite them having been having sex for years by that point.

It’s even worse to hear it coming from a supposed man. Male feminists really are weasels.

They’re are the weak men that created the hard times of feminism with dying birth rates leading to demographic replacement by foreigners & unsustainable feminist state spending driving high taxes & inflationary money printing that has devalued 90% of the value of the dollar… impoverishing recent generations. See Economics 101.

You have an insane obsession with body count. Gross!

Womanese Translation: “I am offended at being judged for my sexual mileage”.

“I am wilfully ignorant, haven’t seen YouTube podcasts, and refuse to read this Body Count article which lists YouTube videos showing this is a hotly discussed topic among some of the biggest podcasts in the world such as Whatever podcast, Fresh & Fit, Pearl etc.”

Also, basic economics:

You’re grossed out by the DNA of your own gender being in women! (Microchimerism)

Womanese translation: “You’re not being a compliant cuckold because you’re grossed out by having other men’s DNA in ‘your’ woman”.

Context: women trying to deflect men’s disgust for prior female promiscuity and Microchimerism – permanent DNA contamination from other men – being a problem with men rather than a problem with women being hoes.

Apparently feminists don’t read books on Evolutionary Biology.

It’s Just DNA (Microchimerism)

Then she shouldn’t object to her man putting his DNA in other women’s pussies whenever he wants…

Same Microchimerism context as above.

Why can’t I find a good man?

Gee, let me think…

Why Can't I Find a Good Man? Because you're a Hoe

If you want a virgin… be a virgin yourself!

Angry old feminist that doesn’t understand sexual asymmetry, or Microchimerism.

Ok then.

I’m a born-again virgin now.

And a feminist.

Since the two often go together… 😂

See Chameleons.

"traditional" woman aka chameleon

Passport Bros are just Exploiting poor Foreign Women!

The lack of self-awareness of the low value of western women, and the advantages that foreign women have over them, is astounding. They’re also ignorant about the development of foreign countries.

“Passport Bros” are seeking relatively more traditional foreign women. Foreign women aren’t perfect either – they’re not as traditional as they used to be – but it’s such a low bar to beat western Hoeflation.

In the West, traditional women are functionally extinct.

My Career Makes Me Valuable

Men figured out forever ago that the only point of a job was to be able to afford to date and have a family.

Your career does not subsidize your age, dwindling ferility or long sordid sexual history of riding the ‘cock carousel’ for 10-20 years, essentially pre-cheating on any future man who wants to have a serious relationship with you.

Women are Strong & Independent!

Firstly, women aren’t ‘strong’ – any average man can kick any average woman’s ass, and outcompete them in most physical activities too.

Secondly, women aren’t independent, they are subsidized via the state, corporate jobs built on men’s productivity, and in dating and relationships.

Men are Intimidated by Strong Independent Women like me!

Womanese Translation: “I’m old and need an excuse for why men didn’t pick me that doesn’t sound as negative as my personality or being a feminist”.

Men are not ‘intimidated’ by ‘strong, independent women’.

Women aren’t paid the same as men

Because they do different jobs, dumbass. It’s been illegal to pay men and women differently for the same job for literally decades, and would be easily provable and prosecutable by inspecting the company payroll.

If women were cheaper and just as good, then greedy corporations would hire only women and keep more profit for themselves.

The Gender Pay Gap has been thoroughly debunked.

I don’t need a man

When everything around you is built by men…

Ok, ignoring that you’re taking all of men’s productivity via society…

What about children?

I can just use a sperm bank

Children do better with 2 parents.

Your children need a father.

Fatherlessness is one of the biggest epidemics for negative outcomes for children’s lives.

Single mothers are the worst for children (perhaps only surpassed by LGBTQ+, but there isn’t enough info on that edge case yet).

I’m not a baby machine!

You literally are.

Failing at your primary job in life is not a flex.

I don’t need to have children

Fine… what do you think the second half of your life is going to look like when you’re just an old feminist, and your looks and attention are gone?

There’s nothing worse than old feminists.

Feminist Essentials - cat, wine, lots of dildos, vibrators and lube

All men are pigs!

Feminists: “All men are pigs!”

Same Feminist: “Women are equal to men!”

So women are equal to pigs.

Therefore all women are pigs.


“Men Are Trash”… “Women Are Equal to Men”

Feminists: men are trash, women are equal to men

Men face huge injustices subsidizing women for 6-7 figures, but women have to pay for tampons & The Pink Tax!!

Feminists equate the massive 6-7 figure losses each man takes under feminist law against the relatively trivial free market dollar markup of female products known as ‘The Pink Tax’, or ‘The Tampon Tax’ of having to pay sales tax on tampons, like most other products.

Like it’s some kind of counter-balancing point!

Seriously, do feminists even realize how ridiculous they are…

When men try to discuss major life-changing inequalities ranging from divorce courts to high taxes to subsidize each women for $150,000 – that leaves each man hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars worse off than they would have been without feminist voting – some feminist has to pop up with The Pink Tax / Tampon Tax, because they have little else to complain about. Next they’ll bring up the discredited Gender Pay Gap.

It’s like a child telling a bankrupted man that he suffered as much because he lost his packet of sweets. The economics are worlds apart.

Only feminists could have such little logic to equate such trivial imbalances to the life-changing losses that men face as a direct result of women’s manipulation of western politics and law via the Nagging Inching Strategy.

Even more ironic is that in many cases because women add these products during the grocery shop which the man pays for, or using the household budget allowance the man often transfers to the woman, men end up paying the Pink Tax for women too.

Women don’t abuse men, they just need mental health help when they do.

They also do it 70% of the time when it’s one way domestic violence.

Apparently women are the crazy gender, the bully gender, the less empathetic gender, and the gender whose logic is so bad it required this page to be written.

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