The Wall – Women Past Their Prime

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The Wall – Women Past Their Prime

‘The Wall’ refers to the point after which a woman declines in value.

It originally comes from men’s sports. Male athletes are said to ‘hit the wall’ in terms of their decline in athletic performance and results.

‘Post Wall’ means she is noticeably into her period of decline.

‘The Wall’ refers to generally one of three areas of a woman’s decline today:

  1. Physical Attractiveness
  2. Fertility
  3. Psychology – Behavior & Pair Bonding

The Physical Attractiveness Wall

Younger women are prettier with nicer skin, hair and softer eyes than older women.

‘The Wall’ was first used to address a woman’s declining physical attractiveness, most notably for 30+ year old women. Although some women’s looks start to decline in their mid to late 20s if they party and drink too much.

These days, women find ways to cheat with make-up. Many still look attractive enough into their 30s to have sex with. But the 20 – 25 year old version of her would have had the edge in looks if applying equal care.

One also cannot compare a 35 year old model who won the genetic lottery, to a 20 year old who is a genetic pauper.

As a woman looks at herself in the mirror regularly, she notices when her looks are fading. She knows she won’t be able to compete with younger more attractive women much longer. The attention she gets from the hottest bad boys will start to fade along with her looks, as they prefer her younger prime age peers.

You’ll know when a feminist has hit the wall physically, because she’ll suddenly be ready to settle down.

This is the point at which she starts to re-prioritise from fucking around riding the ‘Cock Carousel’ to finding a ‘nice guy’ to settle down with.

Women can also hit the wall early in life if they have children. Single mothers have invariably have hit the wall and are low status for any man to accept. Their stomaches stretches and lowered vagina sensitivity are common symptoms of post-birth women.

A post-birth woman is a post-wall woman, regardless of her age.

She will never be as valuable as she was before getting impregnated by another man.

It’s not a coincidence that the dating profiles of single mothers cite wanting to find a ‘nice guy’. That is code for a low intrinsic value beta male to support her life.

Nice guys get the leftovers – the 30+ year old women or single mothers:

Post Wall physical attractiveness

Signs She’s Past Her Prime Looks Wall

  1. Skin – reduced smoothness and texture quality
  2. ‘Crows feet’ fine wrinkles around the eyes
  3. ‘Smiles lines’ – Nasolabial folds – creases in her skin extending from both sides of her nose to the corners of her mouth
  4. Hands – rougher / drier / wrinkled from years of dish washing
  5. Hair – greying that requires constant dying to hide her grey roots reappearing every few weeks
  6. Eyes – Dead Eyes known as ‘Thousand Cock Stare’
    • she loses the vibrancy of youth and twinkle in her eyes
    • there is no make-up for the iris
  7. Moles- increased number moles from all those ‘hot girl summers’ in the sun, wearing skimpy little bikinis and having lots of random sex
  8. Genitalia – may look ragged if she’s been promiscuous or roughly used. If you don’t have experience with a range of women to know this from experience, just look at porn stars. Especially those who are used to taking anal or being gangbanged. Even among porn stars, it’s clear that some of their vaginas / assholes age far worse than others who perform similar sex acts. This could be due to the size they take, roughness or frequency of their performances. Or their personal sex lives or habits off camera
Post Wall vagina
Post Wall represented by donuts
The last donut you get as a nice guy

An example of very far ‘Post Wall’ on the left – face, hand and donut:

Post-Wall on the left by physical attractiveness

The Fertility Wall

Women are working ever harder with beauty products and surgeries to appear younger than they really are.

But inside they are still getting old – they cannot stop it, every month they are losing eggs.

By 30 years old, a woman has lost 90% of her eggs, with the rest deteriorating in quality and DNA. 1 2 3 4 5

Of women who hit 30 years old without children, 50% of them will die childless. This is for reasons of both declining fertility and declining prospects of finding a husband with which to have children. 6

The age of 30 is therefore a very obvious point at which you could say a woman has ‘Hit The Wall’ in terms of fertility. She could not have as many healthy babies as the prime 20 year old version of her could, no matter what she does.

It’s not a coincidence that in the late 20s and early 30s women re-evaluate their dating strategy from focusing on hot bad boys to looking for a nice guy to marry, give her babies and pay the bill. That of course includes forgiving her many past transgressions and long sordid sexual history.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn
She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn

It is the pressure of her ticking ‘biological clock’ that forces her to ‘settle’ for the guy she wouldn’t have dated when she was in her prime at 20.

Post Wall - fertility - eggs gone

Psychology – The Behavior & Pair Bonding Wall

Today’s women have ever higher body counts at ever younger ages.

Women who still look young physically and are below the ominous fertility age of 30+ are still ageing mentally.

This is because women become jaded after being sexually used by successive waves of men and repeatedly having their hearts broken.

Pair Bonding – after a woman has her heart broken a few times, her ability to pair bond is diminished. This is clear in divorce rates even over the short 5 year period shown in the graph below. The ‘Pair Bonding Wall’ is actually 1 prior sex partner.

Virginity is much more important than feminists would like to admit. Unfortunately, most girls in the West lose their virginity by 17.

Number of Premarital Sexual Partners vs Chances of Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage

The ‘Thousand Cock Stare’ – that look in her eyes when she’s jaded and dead inside from having taken too many hard cocks.

A man with hard face has had a hard life.

A woman with a hard face has taken too many hard cocks.

Young woman with Thousand Cock Stare - 'Post Wall' psychologically with reduced pair bonding
Normal 18yo vs Thousand Cock Stare 21yo
Post Wall eyes from having taken too many sausages

Factors Which Affect A Woman ‘Hitting The Wall’ Earlier

A woman can hit the physical and psychological walls earlier or later depending on a range of factors, in no particular ranking order:

  1. Sexual Mileage
  2. Sun Damage to Her Skin
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Motherhood
  5. Single Motherhood Stresses
  6. Career Stress & Working Long Hours
  7. Bad Diet
  8. Obesity
  9. Alcohol
  10. Smoking
  11. Drugs
  12. Lack of Exercise & Blood Circulation

You’ll notice a lot of the above apply to men too. Don’t get cocky guys, look after yourself.

The Wall is Undefeated

Mother Nature gives a woman her gifts of youth, beauty and fertility.

Father Time takes them away.

Father Time is Undefeated – as every male athlete knows. Every champion’s day comes when they can no longer fight off the younger competition. If they choose to keep fighting they go out on their shield.

Similarly, ‘The Wall is Undefeated’ means that every young woman’s day will come when she hits ‘The Wall’ and she can no longer compete with younger hotter women than her in the sexual marketplace.

Sometimes when a woman ages badly from a hedonistic lifestyle men will say that she hit the wall face first because her face is a like a car crash or train wreck.

Even the richest celebrity women with all the money, surgery and personal trainers in the world cannot compete with the latest batch of 18 year old fresh warm buns out of the oven that graduate to adulthood each year. Time is the one thing that money can’t buy.

The Wall is something every woman must face.

How well she faces it will depend on the decisions she has made when she was young. How well she has treated the men in her life and her family values. A traditional woman who has done the right things, has a loving and supportive family can grow old gracefully with the love of her family.

There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists.

Bonus – The SocioEconomic Class Wall Has Come for Women

The decline of marriage due to feminist law and more specifically men’s wariness to trade down and have women pulling them down, now means that women will more often be stuck in their lower socioeconomic class with ever dwindling ability to marry up to escape their class.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth:

Marrying up to escape your class


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In China, if you are a woman, single and over 30, you are called…but if you are a man, you’re called
In China, 30+ year old women are called ‘Leftover Women’

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