Ukrainian Women Cuckolding Their Men at War

Ukrainian Women Cuckolding Their Men at War

Ukrainian men are finding out about female Hypergamy the hard way.

The Ukrainian men are suffering and dying to defend their country.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian women who were evacuated to other parts of Europe are on Tinder “living their best life” and cheating on their men.

I knew this was coming because I saw their profiles on Tinder personally, as has Brian Atlas from the podcast.

I have significant experience with slavic women to know they’re cheating hoes and seen them burn men left and right, but apparently Ukrainian men are only now finding this out the hard way.

Going off to War is Cuckold 101 due to Modern Women

She’ll be getting railed by other guys two weeks into your deployment to the front lines.

This was happening to US soldiers who went to Iraq and Afghanistan too, but in the last 10 years it seems like women’s hypergamy and morality is even more widespread off the rails.

Women have more and easier opportunity to cheat than ever before due to the ease of access via dating apps, and the fact that everybody seems to be doing it, giving women social FOMO – fear of missing out.

There is near zero consequences even if caught, not even when committing serious historical crimes like paternity fraud, as feminists have used their voting majority to legalize women’s social crimes.

Ukrainian Men Finding Out The Hard Way

Many Ukrainian men are now finding their wives have been getting fucked by other men across Europe.

Ukrainian women are monkey branching to trade up to these men due to female hypergamy and leaving their husbands.

The psychologist reporting in the first video further down describes 70% of his 1000 men treated being left by their wives for other European men.

And that’s just the ones openly declaring they’re leaving for other men after securing commitment.

It doesn’t even include the secret cheaters who failed to secure commitment and were merely used as free prostitutes while their men suffered.

After failing to secure commitment despite being fucked, they fall back to their husband as backup plan.

The Ukraine war is going to be a huge red pill moment in world history. Not about Putin or Russia, but about female nature.

“I’m Alpha – it wouldn’t happen to me, bro!”

If you’ve spent much time in full contact grappling with eastern european men, you would know they are the definition of physical Alpha genetics. They are built in a different way to the rest of us.

There’s a reason you will hear things like “Polish Power” in grappling gyms as instructors tip their hats to their most rugged competition fighters.

Famous examples in combat sports include the ukrainian Klitschko brothers who dominated heavyweight boxing for a decade until they were far past the athletic primes that most athletes can sustain, and of course the wave of Dagestani fighters over represented in high level mixed martial arts cage fighting such as the dominating Khabib Nurmagomedov who retired an undefeated champion after wiping the floor with the UFC’s most talented division, and current UFC champion Islam Makhachev.

You are not more Alpha than the stock of ukrainian men who are widely known to be well built Alpha Males, and it’s happening to many if not most of them.

The Demographics

The Russia-Ukraine war has been a catastrophe for Ukraine.

So many prime age men have died, and similar number of prime age women have fled to other European countries.

There isn’t even a benefit to the surviving males having fought, because their women have become the whores of other European men.

Ukraine demographics 2023

The Golden Rules

This is why the Golden Rules includes No Military Service.

Women are not worth dying for.

“Women are only as loyal as their options” – another golden rule.

No man should not be fighting to protect any feminist country in which he’s a 2nd class legal citizen.

Women are not loyal to you either anyway – whether during peacetime, and especially not during war time when they’re separated. This also shows why No Long Distance Relationships is in the Golden Rules.

If you come back maimed then you can expect “your” woman to cheat and leave you to monkey branch to another man anyway.

YouTube – See For Yourself

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