Feminists are Criminals

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Feminists are Criminals

Most feminists are criminals by the standards of human history.

Once women got the vote, they moved to legalize even their severe social crimes, such as adultery and paternity fraud. They were able to do this because women are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates.

Conversely, they criminalized even the most trivial male responses such as swearing at or slapping a cheating wife or objecting to “Girl’s Night Out” (cheating 101) via domestic abuse laws.

The following are examples of how modern feminists would be literal criminals in history before the feminist legal takeover.

This covers most women in the West today. The remaining ones often support the laws that allow these social crimes, making them criminal accessories.

Adultery / Cheating

Adultery was illegal in history for good reason. It is a severe breakage of the social contract. Infidelity is one of the worst things a woman can do to a man. 1

Due of evolutionary biology, there is an asymmetric impact to infidelity between the two genders. The risk of paternity fraud, as well as microchimerism, means men have a far more severe emotional reaction to infidelity. Female infidelity a severe form of abuse against men.

Adultery is such a severe crime that in history women could be killed for it. Women used to be ‘stoned to death’ for adultery, called lapidation. This is still the case in a few countries where women have not commandeered the legal system via voting. Despite seeming harsh, in hindsight stoning was to prevent the social fabric from unravelling as we see now. 2

Decriminalization of adultery favored women because they can cheat much more easily than the average men. It’s not a concidence that as feminists rose to power, they changed this law.

The situation is so bad today that women routinely betray their men while they’re at work providing for the family. It also happens to men on military deployment. It’s even happening to men who are suffering and dying doing their heroic duty to defend their country. See Ukrainian Women Cuckolding Their Men At War.

This is why one of the Golden Rules is No Military Service for the feminist state. The only cause worth fighting for today is the fall of feminism.

Women are frequent cheaters these days. Buyer beware.

Paternity Fraud

Paternity fraud is always the result of infidelity, by definition, further severely compounding the above crime. Millions of people do not belong to the father they think they do.

Paternity fraud is Evolutionary Murder against the husband or boyfriend.

Similar to adultery, a cuckolded man would be well within his rights to kill such a woman in history.

Baby Murder (Abortion)

1/4 of women in the US has had an abortion. 3

Many, if not most, abortions happen when the baby is already a fully formed and recognizable human being. Babies have ‘heartbeats’ 6 weeks after conception. 4

I didn’t have any strong opinion on abortion until I saw my own child at her 12 week scan. She was fully formed with a head, brain, hands, legs, stomach, and face with that cute button nose that babies have. She was waving her hands with fingers in front of her face. In that moment I was horrified to realize that feminist women are killing real babies. It’s not “a bunch of cells” – feminists are fucking liars.

Feminists are killing babies up to 24 weeks.

Abortionist women and their accomplices are literally baby murderers.

Pro-choice women, common among the rest of the feminists, are accomplices to murder.

Men have no legal rights under feminist law to protect their own babies from being killed. That’s because of their accomplices, women voters, who control the law.

It is a genocide that far exceeds the often cited Nazi holocaust of 6 million Jews. Babies killed via abortion already number well over one billion at this point. 5

If a woman is willing to kill her own baby for convenience, imagine what she will do to you when she has no more use for you.

Behold the horror of how abortion is performed:

The horror of how abortion is performed

Theft of Property – Divorce – The Fraud of The Rings

Taking someone else’s property that you didn’t earn is theft.

Feminists changed the laws to allow wives to steal their husband’s wealth. That usually includes his house, money, pension, investments, and even future earnings via alimony. They then extended the law to allow even cheating wives to this, even when caught and divorced for adultery.

Women are divorce fraudsters and thieves.

There are cases of women marrying men, divorcing them a mere year later, and stealing substantial wealth from them. It’s common today for women to steal 60 – 75% of a man’s net worth, especially if they have children together.

This is why Golden Rule #1 is No Marriage – No Exceptions. This applies doubly so to anybody you intend to have children with.

Women initiate 70% – 80% of divorces. They often received legal advice and planning well in advance of declaring their intention to divorce you. They’re advised to delay their divorce filing until they cross the 10 year threshold of marriage, in order to scam the husband for lifelong alimony.

Feminist lawmakers continue to ratchet the laws ever further. They now add the dating period to the marriage to get wives over that 10 year threshold for lifelong alimony.

Divorced men are 9x more likely to kill themselves than divorced women. This is due to women abusing them for years in divorce courts and zeroing them out.

Women’s Nagging Inching Strategy, applied against government using their voting majority leverage, is how they’ve ratcheted the law to be ever worse against men over time.

A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis)
A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis)


Contested divorces can cost men 6 figures in legal fees. Husband are forced to pay the wife’s lawyers as well as his own, doubling his damage.

Wives use this to blackmail husbands into settling during divorce.

Lawyers at a leading divorce law firm told me that 95% of their clients settle out of court as a result.

If the husband dares to go to court he will face heavily biased feminist legal statutes. He’ll suffer seriously lopsided financial losses anyway, often 60-75% of his net worth. He’ll then suffer both side’s substantial legal fees on top.

Wives blackmail their husbands into financial settlements using this threat of legal force, backed by feminist state force. They’ll put you in prison if you don’t comply with feminist divorce law. They can even weaponize international law to apply feminist divorce law across countries. This means you cannot even flee abroad to most developed countries as they have treaties to enforce feminist divorce law.

Women also blackmail their husbands using false allegations during financial negotiations.

Women often blackmail their exes using legal threats, courts and false allegations to the police.

Children as Hostages

Women are awarded child custody by default in most cases.

They use the children for extra financial leverage in cases of divorce. This allows women to demand more financial equity, including the house, as well as excessive child support from high earning fathers.

Women can also block access to the man’s children. Sometimes to extort more than the state enforced amount of child support, sometimes just out of spite.

It can take a father over a year in court and $20,000 in legal fees to try to re-establish contact to his children. That’s a year in which she’s held his children hostage and can have thoroughly brainwashed them by telling his children that he didn’t want to visit them, damaging their emotional bond.

Feminists hold men’s children as hostages for financial gain and to inflict emotional and legal damage against fathers.

The children are collateral damage, with children of single mothers having the worst life outcomes overall. Children of single fathers do better.

False Allegations of Domestic Abuse or Rape to Weaponize the Law

Women often make false allegations to the police during divorces.

Lawyers even coach wives to do this, calling it the ‘silver bullet’ for financial or child custody leverage.

It’s very difficult for men to defend themselves against this manipulation and weaponization of the legal system.

These allegations will usually be along the lines of physical or sexual abuse, as this is very provocative.

Feminists have extended the law ever further to include ever more definitions of legal abuse. ‘Financial abuse’ – not giving her your money, as well as ’emotional abuse’, ‘psychological abuse’ and ‘coercive control’. For example, “no you can’t go to the club in a miniskirt because you’ll cheat on me”. Historically, this was just called common sense. Coercive control laws allow feminists to hit men with criminal convictions and prison time for any number of trivial reasons upon exiting a relationship.

A husband who slaps his cheating wife will find the weight of the law against him as she moves to get him criminally convicted for a trivial response to the much more severe crime of adultery. This can then destroy his entire career since it prevents him from passing all future background screening checks for jobs.

Feminists are legal abusers using feminist law to weaponize the power of the state against men.

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Extortion – Alimony & Excessive Child Support

Extracting unearned payments from somebody under threat of force is called extortion.

Yet feminists do this regularly.

Ex-wives extract monthly alimony payments from ex-husbands under threat of state force and imprisonment. This ‘vaginamony’ – money for past use of a vagina – is completely immoral. The ex-wife can and should work to support herself like every other adult.

Feminists have written into law to ‘maintain the lifestyle to which she is accustomed’. Yet the husband invariably faces a downgrade in his lifestyle, even when he is divorcing her for cheating on him. There is no justice under feminist divorce law.

Ex-girlfriends/wives extract excessive child support payments based on the income of the father rather than the cost of the children. This is a scam to subsidize the mother’s life via a second form of alimony. There is also no way of enforcing that the money is actually spent on the children, rather than herself. High child support payments constrict the birth rates of even successful men from having more children.

The new scam is civil litigations for historic allegations. Virginia Giuffre used this to extort millions from Prince Andrew of the UK. The case would almost certainly not have been proven. But fighting the court case would have been too much negative press to the British royal family. This is similar to spurious lawsuits against corporations in the US. The legal fees to defend them are more than the cost of a settlement payment to the applicant. If a serious crime is committed, people wouldn’t be dropping charges in exchange for money. 6

Feminist women are extortionists via divorce alimony, excessive child support, and financial litigation of allegations.

Domestic Terrorism

The above crimes are committed by most normal women. They often don’t self identify as feminists – but they are if you apply a checklist of behavior to them.

Radical Feminists are even worse.

Suffragettes were literal bombers and arsonists in Britain to coerce the government to give women unearned voting rights. And that was over 100 years ago when women were supposedly better people. 7

Erin Pizzey was the founder of the first men’s shelter for domestic abuse. She was subject to death threats and bomb threats requiring her mail to be routed through the police first. She eventually fled to America to get away from the British feminists. 8

Esther Vilar – author of The Manipulated Man – also received death threats for her critique of feminist exploitation of men. 9

More recently modern feminists terrorize:

  • husbands / boyfriends – 70% of one-way domestic violence is by women against men
  • exes – via divorce, child laws & false allegations
  • their own children – as hostages
  • government politicians
  • state budgets & economics
  • content creators – via doxxing, censorship and deplatforming them. This is especially the case on social media. They don’t even get platformed on controlled mainstream media in the first place – see Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media
  • guest speakers – cancel culture on university campuses, blocking or disrupting them from giving intellectual talks. This has been the case for Jordan Peterson and others
  • corporate workers – feminists damage the livelihoods of those who criticize their failing ideology. They do this by contacting their corporate employers to get them fired. I know a guy this happened to based on a tweet from 9 months prior

Feminists have become government funded terrorists backed by state force today.


The conclusion from the above is that women shouldn’t have any authority in society. They have proven to be untrustworthy with the both the laws and economics of countries, and lacking social decency.

They’ve taken the richest most powerful countries in the history of the world and driven them into the ground in a mere few short decades. They’ve caused major declines demographically, economically and legally.

Women should be held accountable for their social crimes that abuse the traditional social contract on which civilization was built. They should have all legal advantages and state subsidies revoked.

The only way to re-criminalize many of the above social offenses and restore the balance to the social contract is to revoke women’s right to vote. Or at the very least switch to TaxPayer Suffrage with a proportional weighting of taxes paid. That would have a similar effect since in net terms only men pay tax to subsidize women via the state.

The solution cannot be achieved democratically though since women are the majority voters, and will veto any fixes to society that removes their unfair advantages.

It will happen eventually. A blog post for how this will occur is in draft. Stay tuned.


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