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Passport Bros

“Passport Bros” is a movement of men who are going overseas to find more pleasant, feminine, relatively traditional women in countries that are further behind the curve of feminist decline, instead of suffering entitled argumentative western feminist hoes with high body counts.

This is also called “GeoMaxxing” – using maximum geographical advantage for dating.

Even dating coaches like Richard La Ruina and John Anthony Lifestyle have been doing this for years before the term “Passport Bros” was coined or widespread on social media. This means that even “expert” dating coaches did not solve dating in the West. Neil Strauss is divorced too.

Another part of the allure of emigrating is also lower cost of living, especially housing, and to escape the high taxes that have resulted from women’s voting. It’s also done by people following the F.I.R.E. movement – “Financial Independence, Retire Early”.

Foreign Women vs Western Women

Is it just low hanging fruit abroad for men because they can’t handle these ‘Special Boss Queens’ in the West? 😂

Seriously, these are the sort of dumb questions / assertions you get from western feminists attempting to deflect or who can’t understand that feminism has made them low-value women.

It’s even worse once they hit their 30s and 40s onwards – there’s nothing worse than old feminists.

Men don’t care about women’s fluff degrees, pseudo-intelligence or make-work bullshit office jobs. They value what they have always valued – youth, fertility, beauty, chastity, feminine energy and motherhood qualities.

Foreign women are higher status than western women in most of the ways that men value.

Foreign women often have these key advantages over western feminists:

  1. thinner
  2. lower body counts:
    • they prioritise getting into a relationship younger rather than having a ‘hoe phase’ – playing the field to pre-cheat on their future man
    • lower is merely relative, and not saying much compared to western hoes
  3. more traditional values
  4. more pleasant – more peaceful & supportive, less argumentative
  5. more feminine – long hair, less weird body alterations like piercings & tramp stamp tattoos
  6. traditional homemaking skills, cleanliness and especially cooking:
    • “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”
    • most men love to be cooked for:
      • it’s both a sign of affection (Acts of Service love language)
      • and physically strengthening him via quality food
    • eating tasty home cooked food is a pleasure with no real downside (as long as you’re not over eating and getting fat)
  7. relationship oriented:
    • promiscuous western women are more likely to cheat or end relationships and move on
    • good quality relationship oriented men looking for stable loving relationships want stable relationship-quality women, which comes back to traditional values above
  8. family oriented:
    • especially valuable to men who want children
    • and for his children to be raised with proper morals & traditional values
    • rather than feminism & broken homes which are well known to result in poor life outcomes for children across a range of categories including mental & physical health, education, promiscuity and criminality
    • the best quality children require a good quality mother in a patriarchal intact nuclear family unit

Foreign women are superior in nearly all the metrics that good quality traditional family men value.

It’s not because they’re genetically superior, but rather because they are less deteriorated by western feminism.

What is a passport bro?

The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women

Foreign women are not a panacea though. They are merely less feminist.

There are not entirely traditional any more due to feminist globalization. There are merely behind the curve of feminist decline. Read here for more:

Golden Rules for Passport Bros

If you “Passport Bro”, you must follow these two important Passport Bro rules:

1. Never Bring Her Back to the West

Don’t bring women to the West, they end up the same in this culture.

She’ll become a hoe due to peer influence & FOMO.

Eventually, she’ll belong to the western streets.

I have both personal experience with this and seen it in peers too.

Eastern European women are notorious hypergamic cheaters. I’ve seen several slavic women migrate to the West, then cheat on their husbands/boyfriends.

Hypergamy is ruthless.

Read the Eastern European Women (Slavic) section in The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women

If they will leave their country and family, what makes you think they won’t leave you? And take your money with them if they can via divorce or child support.

Eddie Murphy nailed this decades ago in his famous Umfufu sketch showing how peer influence in the West changes women. Eddie is a legend that knows women – he has 10 kids with 5 women – he’s even got me beat by some way on that front.

2. No Marriage – She Can Fly to the West to Divorce Rape You

Golden Rule #1 is No Marriage – No Exceptions.

This applies doubly so to foreign women.

Women often change after marriage.

Foreign women are twice as high risk of being chameleons because they have twice as much incentive, not just financial, but that Western passport too.

If you’ve followed Rule 1 above, you should be living in her country with her and not bringing her back to the West to be corrupted by the western feminist hoes here.

But if you marry, even overseas, you’ve fucked up big time.

Once married, she can fly to your home country and divorce rape you from there using Western feminist divorce laws and weaponize international law against you almost anywhere in the world.

It’s not where you get married that counts – it’s where the divorce gets filed. The divorce then proceeds according to that country’s laws.

Passport Divorcees

Women are using geomaxxing to screw men by choosing to divorce them in the most feminist countries, weaponizing international law.

This is why London, UK, is called the “Divorce Capital of the World” – because women literally fly there to divorce rape men using their very feminist divorce laws, which include 70% asset theft and lifelong alimony. USA and UK have the worst divorce laws in the world.

Even the Ruler of Dubai, in the Middle East, got done over like this by his cheating ex-wife who flew to the UK and screwed him via UK divorce courts for over $700 Million dollars. 1 2 3 4 5

If it can happen to him, it can happen to you.

You’re not even safe in the Middle East from the reach of international feminist law.

Nor can you emigrate to get escape western feminist divorce laws due to legal treaties between most countries.

Dubai Ruler forced to pay over $700M (£550M) to ex-wife in divorce by UK Court

No Marriage – No Exceptions

I don’t care if there is a tax incentive in the US, don’t marry her. You’ll lose far more in the divorce.

I don’t care if she needs a visa otherwise she has to return to her home country, don’t marry her.

You will most likely bitterly regret it in future.

I know because I’ve done it myself decades ago with lovely 22 year old virgin girl from a small town in Europe.

True love, a special love like no other has ever had we thought… <puke>… Tom Leykis rightly shreds this false narrative in his radio show episode Denial & Acceptance, having made this same mistake himself too.

They don’t stay that way over the years due to their western feminist peers giving them FOMO over months and years via regular tales of their weekend adventures fucking with this new guy or that new guy.

After kids their hormones change too, their reproductive system goes into overdrive and they go gene shopping for ever more physical Alpha Males, because it’s so easy for them to do in the current market. They are legally protected by law and all their financial claims are protected even in case of proven adultery by scumbag feminist divorce law.

Cheating – Phone Spot Checks – The Language Barrier Problem

Something would be “passport bros” may not have considered is how women cheat. Cheating is relatively common, and if you’re a foreign “socioeconomic alpha” (Beta Bucks) then she might still have incentive to cheat with a hotter poorer local guy.

It’s common in relationships these days to have your partner’s phone code and spot check her phone for inappropriate messages – micro-cheating – which can lead her towards full-blown physical cheating.

However, how do you do this when you are living in a foreign country and you don’t speak, read or write the language?

She can write messages to a guy on her phone and you can’t tell what they say. Or she can use subtle elements of the language for innuendos that you as a non-native cannot translate properly even if you were to plug it into Google Translate.

She can save guys’ numbers under female names (western cheaters do this even in english), so you’ll just assume that she is texting some native chatter to her girlfriends that you can’t understand.

Loyalty Test Your Girlfriend

Since the above is hard to solve, it’s even more important to loyalty test your foreign girlfriend.

Find an attractive guy to loyalty test her, preferably a professional seducer and not some friend who might take it too far.

It is disappointing how many girls fail this test.

One can find a clue as to what archetype of guy to hire to test her by what type of celebrities she finds attractive.

You may also want to test her with 2-3 different types of guys over the course of a few months as she may say no to a black guy like Austin Dunham below, but jump on somebody who looks like Brad Pitt, or vice versa. She may not admit to you that she secretly likes black guys or blonde guys or muscular guys because she doesn’t want to expose her past, or offend you because you’re not that type.

Because women are secretive, one can’t always predict it as well as you might think, no matter how well you think you know her. Women often withhold their deepest sexual fantasies from men for fear of being judged. If you don’t believe this, read Nancy Friday’s books. They will shock you if you’re not familiar with what sexual degenerates many women secretly are, including the “good girls” who are keeping up wholesome appearances.

Remember – foreign women have the same evolutionary biology, hypergamy and ability to cheat. You need to test her periodically to be sure she won’t cheat on you.

Every Man Should Loyalty Test Their Girl

Western Women Are Bitter About Passport Bros

There is no shortage of bitter western women on YouTube deriding passport bros saying they can’t get women in the West and that’s why they are going to exploit poor foreign women who can’t speak English.

The Filipinas clap back in response videos showing them with great english and traditional home skills – showing why western men have chosen them over western women.

The other aspect is that the relatively more traditional women overseas usually have lower body counts than the feminist hoes in the West.

However, be aware that foreigners are merely further behind the curve of western feminist decline, that is all.

Passport Bros argument

Don’t listen to these TradCon idiots like Matt Walsh at the DailyWire, who has now become the meme below. As Stephen Crowder recently found out, being a traditional man is no defense against her divorcing you or cheating on you – which are functionally equivalent by the way.

Why Men Prefer Non-Western Women

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Eddie Murphy – Umfufu – How Women Change If You Bring Them to the West – Peer Influence

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Debunking Idiotic Western Feminists Ignorant Criticisms of Passport Bros and Foreign Women

Look at the uggos and weirdo feminists’ criticisms get shredded:

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Tom Leykis – A Special Love Like No Other!

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