Neil Strauss – Disgraced ‘Pickup Artist’ Divorced – ‘Gamed’ Himself

The Game by Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss – Disgraced ‘Pickup Artist’ Divorced – ‘Gamed’ Himself


Neil Strauss – Pickup Artist

Neil Strauss rose to fame as the author of the book The Game back in 2007.

He befriended and followed around a famous enigmatic pickup artist called Mystery. Mystery was known for his tall height and funny hats, known as ‘peacocking’ to get attention from women.

He documented their exploits in attempting to chat up and sleep with women everywhere they went. Back in those days bars and clubs were the common scene, but they also approached women on the streets or in coffee shops.

Neil Strauss – Divorced Beta Male

Neil is a typical beta male – small 5’6″ (168cm) skinny frame, unathletic, unattractive – who thought he’d found the cheat code to manipulating women using canned sentences called routines, as well as other games and gimmicks. A self-proclaimed ‘Pickup Guru’.

Neil Strauss

In reality all Neil did was approach every woman he saw. He considered getting a dead end phone number that leads to nowhere to be some kind of fake moral victory. He had some success by simply brute forcing the numbers game. Unfortunately these were the typical low quality, promiscuous women from the bar and club scene.

Pickup Artists Didn’t Really Understand Women’s Nature

Ironically, thinking he was outsmarting women was stupid because that is women’s social game. They’ve been practicing their social skills since the time they could walk and make eye contact.

Any average woman could see straight through the intentions of his indirect approaches being obvious attempts to pick them up.

This god among men married a woman (one of the most clear Beta Male signs) and 5 years later he was divorced. She was the one with the game – to get his money.

He failed the Green Line Test – see her leaning away from him, and her left hand moved away from his:

Neil Strauss failed The Green Line Test with his wife - they are now divorced

Now in his 50s, divorced and with only 1 kid to show for his life, it’s easy to reflect back with hindsight at just how misguided he was.

Golden Rule #1 – No Marriage – No Exceptions

His Books Set Men Back Several Decades

Don’t waste your time on any of his books. They’re garbage and time has proven them to be badly wrong. Neil himself said he was embarrassed by his most famous book The Game.

His books wasted years of men’s lives. It created a generation of guys chasing women around. Men hitting on every woman they saw in the street, and every bar or club. This behavior gave women power to filter and reject lots of men.

It started the phenomenon called Hoeflation – the inflation of women’s egos from receiving too much male attention. Hoeflation was later sent into the stratosphere by social media and dating apps.

Read more modern dating books instead.

Another worthwhile read on Neil Strauss epic failure arc can be found here:

The Sham of PUA – Pick Up Artists

Neil Strauss isn’t the only one to have an interesting story arc that brings the PUA ideology into question.


Mystery - Erik Von Markovik

Mystery, the man himself, did actually have some game by all accounts.

But even he failed and ended up crying in Neil’s book. He broke up with his girlfriend and almost immediately afterwards saw her getting fucked by another guy. Bar game he had, relationship game he did not.

Nowadays with red pill knowledge we know this is what routinely happens upon breakups. It’s why a golden rule is Never Take Her Back.

It also shows why another golden rule is She Can’t Have Male Friends if she wants a relationship with you.

Mystery was good for his era in those early stages of pickup (being tall and quirky didn’t hurt), but he failed to evolve with the world.

His Mystery Method – M3 model is still worth a read for those early stages of dealing with women.

Richard La Ruina

Richard La Ruina on Good Morning Britain

Richard La Ruina was another self-professed ‘Dating Guru’ in the UK. He checked out of the British dating market by marrying a russian woman in 2016 and moving there!

He literally followed the Passport Bros playbook years before the term was ever coined.

This means he did not, in fact, solve the problem of dating women in the West.

He simply emigrated and geomaxxed to sidestep it.

You have to give him credit for telling the Good Morning Britain TV show that British women are ‘overweight’ and ‘entitled’ though! The reactions of Piers Morgan and the 3 women on the panel are entertaining:

The Dating Guru Who Says British Women Are 'Overweight' and 'Entitled' | Good Morning Britain
The Dating Guru Who Says British Women Are ‘Overweight’ and ‘Entitled’ – Good Morning Britain

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