Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back

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Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back

It’s critical today that a man never accepts an ex-girlfriend back under any circumstances.

No matter your justification – kids, money, sunk cost fallacy, you’re lonely, she’s your “soul mate” (she’s really not otherwise you’d never have broken up)… you must Never, Ever Take Her Back.

“There was a reason the relationship ended in the first place”

This means you’d likely break up again anyway, having lost even more time and money in the process.

It also telegraphs you as low value to take her back. It says you have no other options with women and that you are afraid to be alone. Even being alone, maintaining your sovereignty, is more powerful than bending the knee to a woman like an inferior beta male.

However, today a much bigger reason that men need to remember.

Why You Must Never Take Her Back

“She’s Not Your Girl, It Was Just Your Turn”

Women often fuck other guys shortly after a breakup because it’s so incredibly easy for them to do today.

If your relationship was on the rocks for any period of time, chances are she’s already cheated anyway or done it immediately after the breakup by lining up the next one while you were still together.

It’s why male friends are a huge deal-breaker red flag – half the women in relationships use these as warm backups ready to go. This can result in her getting fucked within 12 hours of a breakup. See Corey Wayne’s video The Truth About Male Orbiters for such a real-world example, which is so far from an isolated incident that someone went and made this meme:

Even from a cold start position, a woman’s girlfriends can take her out the first Thursday/Friday/Saturday night to a bar or club and she can easily pick up and go home with a man the same night. Even an ugly old out-of-shape 40-year-old woman can do this because there are plenty of men everywhere who wouldn’t say no to a free hook-up.

Dating apps have made it even worse. She can arrange a rebound fuck within hours of downloading Tinder/Bumble/Hinge etc. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza for women who are quickly flooded with matches due to the swipe-rate imbalance between the two genders.

You should assume she’s tainted goods the night you originally broke up with her. Don’t look back.

Avoiding The Breakup Doesn’t Work – She’ll Just Cheat

Worse still, if you’ve had any relationship problems and she hasn’t already cheated, there is a high chance she will, just to spite you, even if you manage to avoid an official breakup.

“Rings don’t plug holes” – Tom Leykis

Being “in a relationship”, even marriage, will not stop her from fucking other men.

Thinking you’re going to keep her on lockdown by not breaking up with her and trying to work it out via counselling or similar is an antiquated fallacy that will just get you hurt very badly by sticking around too long.

Get out as fast as you can and don’t look back.

The Point Demonstrated

If you take her back after the below, then you label yourself as an inferior beta male among all your peers.

This kills your own self-respect and confidence needed to reach your potential in life, or find new love.

If break ups were honest (girlfriend edition) #shorts
If break ups were honest (girlfriend edition) #shorts – Content Machine
She's Too Honest After Taking a Break
When She’s Too Honest After Taking a Break – Stevie Emerson

Iron Rule of Tomassi #7

Rollo Tomassi’s Iron Rule #7 states:

“Never root through the trash once the garbage has been dragged to the curb. You get messy, your neighbors see you do it, and what you thought was worth digging for is never as valuable as you thought it was.”

This is always time better spent moving forwards in your life, making money, new dating or finding new purpose in life. Remember The Golden Rule – Never Base Your Life Around A Woman.

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What To Do After a Breakup

Move forward in your life and don’t look back – see What To Do After A Breakup:

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Tom Leykis "Do not take her back!" When a relationship ends, it ends for a reason.

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