What To Do After a Breakup

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Going Through a Breakup

Whether you’ve DTB or been dumped yourself, we’ll all been there.

Either way, if you ever had a heart for her, you’re likely on the sharp end and it could take a long time to recover from the emotional pain. It’s normal to be depressed. You need to distract yourself as much as possible.

No matter how much it hurts, remember the Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back. Read that link for why. Don’t be that cuck who takes her back, it’ll destroy you. Don’t let The Sunk Cost Fallacy sink you.

Why Men Suffer More During Breakups Than Women

This is why normal young men love Andrew Tate, because he understands.

Top G explains why men suffer more with a breakup than a woman does

What To Do After a Breakup

Cut Her Off Completely

No texts, no calls, no social media, no favors. Give Them Nothing.

Avoid looking at her pictures – it’ll make you miss her more.

If you’re going through divorce or have kids with her, you’ll unfortunately have to learn to live to dealing with her for years, if not decades. Stay strong.

You may find comfort in spreading the knowledge to other men to never get married, and choose the mother of their children very carefully, even point them to the Golden Rules for Men.

Camaraderie among men helps in tough times, both online and in person.

Stay Busy

You need to distract yourself as much as possible.

  1. Talk to your bros – make new guy friends if you need to
    • team sports, classes, group activities, Bumble Friends – try it all
  2. Spend as much time out of your house or apartment as you can, for any excuse
  3. Get in the Gym and work out your pain diligently
    • Pace yourself in the gym though, otherwise you’ll injure yourself by overdoing it
  4. Video games, Movies and TV box sets are all nice distractions
  5. Bury yourself in Work or Studies

What Doesn’t Help

  1. Moping around in bed or on the couch
  2. Drinking to excess – it’s a depressant and will only make you feel worse, give you a hangover, and make your body worse – alcohol deteriorates both your brain and your body in any amount
  3. Sleeping around doesn’t help either when you’re hurting because you loved a woman – unless you’ve made a deeper connection with a new woman, but it’s likely just a rebound and won’t last
  4. Porn doesn’t help, because it merely reminds you that you’re not with your girlfriend or wife any more and leaves you feeling low

Father Time is Undefeated

Thankfully this applies to the pain too, it will fade over time. Scars don’t completely disappear, but they become less noticeable.

“Time heals all wounds”

You simply need to play for time by distracting yourself as per the Stay Busy section above.

How Long Will It Take Me to Recover?

Expect to take one year to recover from a serious breakup and level out your hormones and mentality before seriously dating again. It could be two. Plan for the long term.

If you can date again sooner, great, but don’t push yourself, and when you do start dating again, have no expectations.

For many guys I know, once they’ve been through one or two serious breakups, especially divorce, they’re often done with relationships and stick it casual dating or hookers only, often citing “The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze”.

Guys talk about relationships a lot these days.

At times like this, lean on your guy friends, and find ways to make new guy friends if you have to.

Remember the Stay Busy section above.

Heal & Move On

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