Assholes – The Girlfriend Orifice

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Assholes – The Girlfriend Orifice

Women are assholes that like guys that are assholes and so she needs her asshole taken.

If she’s not giving her ass up to you, it’s because you’re just not “that guy” for her.

Women Like Guys Who Are Assholes

Women like “assholes” / “jerks” / “bad boys” precisely because they have high self-confidence of their value above hers, which is necessary for female hypergamy as women only want to “trade up”.

That confidence implies a high degree of competence, prior success, and jerks are hard to tame so a challenge. Challenges appeal to human nature universally. It’s why people climb mountains just for the sake of it.

Girls Are Assholes: At a Bar

This is a classic comedy sketch shows the difference in how the same women treat different men depending on how their perceive them to be Alpha or Beta.

Women are assholes.

Girls Are Assholes: At a Bar

Assholes – The Girlfriend Orifice

Since modern women are both assholes and whores for many other men prior to you, see Pre-Cheating

I have dubbed assholes to be “The Girlfriend Orifice”.

Nothing says “romance” like shooting cum up a girl’s ass. 😉

I never accept a girlfriend without her giving her ass up to me.

And nor should you.

And don’t let them bullshit you that they’ve never done that for a guy before you. Of course they have. Even by 2008, 1/3 of women surveyed admitted to having had anal sex 1 and that was a relative age of innocence before dating apps. You’ll find some of them come quite well pre-trained from being used to taking it regularly too.

If she doesn’t give up her ass to you, it’s because you’re just not “that guy”.

Her favorite celebrity would likely get all 3 of her orifices the first night and be on his way to a hotel with her within a few minutes of meeting.

You can pre-frame this from your earliest dates even before you’ve ever had sex by letting her know that you wouldn’t have a girlfriend who didn’t surrender her body to you completely. If she asks what that means just tell her to use her imagination.

How to Tell Her She’s Going to Have Anal Sex

Firstly, I don’t recommend you try anal sex with her the first time you’re having sex as you haven’t proven yourself or built sexual rapor yet.

Give her a few orgasms and let her get used to being fucked by you 2 or 3 times. You can also finger her during giving her oral and then slide your wet index finger up her ass very slowly as she is near climax. This will usually push her over the edge and make her cum. After she cums, ask her “Did you come just come during anal penetration you little whore”. When you later tell her that you’re going to have anal sex together, she can’t say she’s never been anally penetrated.

If you’re not any good at vaginal and oral sex, then you definitely shouldn’t be trying anal sex. Consider it advanced if you’re not a guy who’s fucked a lot before.

Then it’s as simple as whispering something like this in to her ear during vaginal sex:

“You’re gonna end up with my cock up your ass if you keep seeing me”

I usually do this in missionary position as the closest and best for whispering in her ear, although lying spooning behind her or prone bone positions should both work just as well. Any sexual position where you fucking her and your mouth can reach to touch her ear and whisper.

She’ll feign something like “I won’t” or “I don’t do that” (see Womanese).


“You will if you want to keep seeing me”

This has worked for me with multiple women.

Often she’ll concede something like:

“Go on then, do it”

(this is a real-life example from my last ex, and the chick I was seeing before her responded similarly)

At this point she’s trusting you to not hurt her and assuming you’re experienced enough to know what you’re doing.

It took me nearly 20 years of very regular sex to get to this point where I was telling women this because I was confident of what I wanted – to dominate them anally and by taking all 3 of her orifices – and knew what I was doing physically which I’d already demonstrated to them sexually via the other 2 orifices, orally and vaginally.

Don’t Fuck It Up

Don’t hurt her.

Some women I’ve dated have bad prior experiences with anal hurting them and never wanting to do it again because their guys didn’t know what they were doing.

If you do it right, it can result in her having loud gasping orgasms. Both of my longest-term relationships had these from anal and one of them I saw her messages to someone else saying it was the biggest orgasms she’d ever had.

Read the tips section below.

Anal Sex Tips

For those of you less experienced, you need to know the following.

  1. Use lots of anal lube
    • preferably silicon-based (it lasts longer than water based which evaporates)
    • on the full length of your cock and all over her asshole
  2. Enter very slowly and give her asshole time to adjust, relax and dilate gradually – you are not being charged by the minute, so slow down
  3. Let her relax into it psychologically and physically, you do not want her asshole clenched from stress
  4. Be sensual – do not be fast or rough unless she is up for it, experienced and fully dilated and warmed up first
  5. Be careful with her – if you’re incompetent or rough you can tear her ass or colon, make her bleed, give her infections and even permanent health problems such as anal fistulas that require surgery
  6. You are dominating her by taking her asshole as it is, you do not need to be rough. You can whisper filthy things in her ear to dominate her further socially and remind her that she’s your anal whore now as she’s taking it balls deep
  7. You may want to use a condom to keep yourself clean and avoid the “ick” factor
  8. You can take the condom off near the end if you want to creampie her asshole, which I like, but it’s your personal preference
  9. You can warm up her asshole with buttplugs first, which is a good idea. Porn stars do this for good reason. They come in a range of sizes, start small and work your way up. Apply lots of lube to the buttplugs and go slow, the same points apply to being too fast or rough and the health implications of being incompetent at this
  10. Positions:
    • Beginner – lying on her side with you lying on your side behind her in a “spooning” position is a good one, because there is no bodyweight pressure from you onto her so it’s easier to give her a gentle entry and build up
    • Anal doggystyle is always a classic – getting her to rest her head down and relax is even better – “head down, ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck” as the old saying goes. It also aligns with her offering up her ass to you, metaphorically as well as physically, being feminine and submissive. There is no equality during sex
    • Anal prone bone is easily one of my favorites and the most dominating position, but requires the most control over your own body weight and thrusting as she cannot adjust away to mitigate any imperfection on your part
  11. Recommend she rub her clitoris during anal. This can result in her climaxing with huge loud orgasms. I personally love to hear women having huge filthy gasping orgasms this way. The arousal of her clitoris can also make it easier for her to take the anal gaping from your cock for the same reason that the head of your cock is less sensitive when you’re hard and aroused but becomes highly sensitive after you cum. But conversely you may need to let her off any further anal if she climaxes this way in case her sensitivity changes. Ideally you should be aroused enough by what you’ve just done to her and hearing her loud gasping orgasm that you cum at the same time she does, let your cock soften and then make a slow graceful exit
  12. Obviously wash yourself and any buttplugs afterwards with soap and warm water, and she should do the same
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