Golden Rule – Never Base Your Life Around A Woman

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Golden Rule – Never Base Your Life Around A Woman

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

Most relationships fail over time, plan for it.

If you base your life around a woman, when the relationship ends, as most do, your life will collapse along with it like a game of jenga.

Remain anti-fragile by ensuring the following:

Have Your Own Purpose In Life

Find out what you want to do with your life that doesn’t revolve around a woman or even kids, because under feminist law she can and will take those away from you upon a breakup.

Your life’s mission could be work, a hobby, craft, charity, helping people by spreading masculine advice to all the men you meet, writing a book or a blog… 😉 … anything that is within your personal control via your own effort that does not depend on her. Any her. No exceptions.

No Shared Residence

You need to be able to kick her out immediately if she disrespects you or cheats on you (super common these days).

This is critical to minimize any emotional damage you will take.

Cut her off immediately. See What To Do After a Breakup.

No Shared Finances – Assets, Accounts or Loans

This ensures she doesn’t pull the jenga blocks out from underneath you after a breakdown, or that you can in fact afford to break up with her!

Ignore these rules at your peril, as she can damage your credit score, making it difficult for you to (re)mortgage or she can run up huge debts that you will be forced to pay off.

No Shared:

  • Property
  • Loans
  • Cars Leases
  • Business Shares
  • Other Assets
  • Bank Accounts
    • you can’t remove yourself without her written signature
    • she can over withdraw and you are then liable to pay off to the bank
  • Credit Cards
    • she can run up huge bills that you are liable to pay back
    • in fact, if you’re stupid enough to get married, she can do this on her own personal credit cards you don’t even know about and you’ll get hit with the huge bill
      • this happened to a good friend of mine who found out his wife had $40,000 of undisclosed credit card debt she’d run up on her personal credit card that he was then liable for when he was divorcing her for cheating on on him. Rubbing salt in the wound, she’d probably spent that money cheating on him.
  • Student Loans – never co-sign on her student loans, they can come after you for the payments

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