Men Don’t Care About Women’s Degrees or Careers

Look at the degree on her, said no man ever. Men don't care about women's degrees or careers

In this article we address why men don’t care about women’s degrees or careers.


Men Don’t Care About Women’s Degrees or Careers

Men almost never prefer older women just because they have a degree or career.

The Red Pill has exposed men to the reality of women’s sexual histories. It’s common knowledge now that women ride the ‘Cock Carousel’ during those years spent in higher education and building careers.

Educated or career women have spent their prime years fucking around. She’s pre-cheated on the poor bastard who is going to end up buying the leftovers of other men.


A degree, a career, some pseudo-intelligence.

None of this comes close to compensating a man. He is still losing to accept an older woman who has misspent her youth, looks and fertility.

And she’d better not insult his intelligence either by pretending she was a ‘good girl’.

Any guy who is not a complete fool knows it’s usually quite the opposite.

Cover Story Blown

Getting an education or building a career is no longer a valid cover story for fucking around.

She’s pre-cheated for years on any future serious boyfriend or husband.

The typical 30 year old woman has been getting fucked and used as a free cum dumpster by a long series of men for 13-15 years. Her high sexual mileage acting like a free prostitute for other men is extremely off-putting to most normal men when they do even 10 seconds of basic math on her sexual mileage in years or body count.

And that’s before they even learn about Microchimerism – that women are permanently contaminated with other men’s DNA.

Many men today assume by default that a woman they meet past a very young age is an absolute whore, because that’s invariably the case. She has been for an undisclosed number of other men. It can be very difficult to convince any half clued up man otherwise. Even 18 year olds have double digit body counts these days.

Guys are becoming ever more acutely aware of this due to the Red Pill exposing modern women’s typical feminist dating lifestyle.

Women who were used as free cum dumpsters by many other men under the cover of getting an education or a career are simply not valuable any more. The value loss is permanent and irrecoverable.

The cover story is blown, along with a lot of other men who got the better deal from her.

Men Don’t Cares About Women’s Degrees

Putting aside for the minute that most women major in bullshit degrees anyway, rather than serious STEM subjects, which is partly the basis for the Gender Pay Gap.

Women’s degrees are simply not valuable to men.

If anything, a degree is yet another red flag on a woman today – it means she’s been getting fucked by other guys in college.

She likely also has significant student loan debt in the range of 5-6 figures making her an even worse marriage prospect as he’d likely have to pay it off for her. That’s if any man has so little self-respect that he’d be willing to marry the equivalent of an ex-prostitute today.

Even worse, many women today have done escorting, OnlyFans, been ‘sugar babies’ or similar sex-for-financial-subsidy arrangements during their younger years when they were poor students. Many women today have been literal prostitutes, if not just free ones for the frat boys.

College Life - getting fucked by lots of guys. Degrees are now a red flag on women

Just Get a Girl in STEM, Bro – They’re Different!

Firstly, medical students are notoriously promiscuous because of the gruelling fortnightly exam schedule followed by drunk parties and hook ups.

The rest of the STEM chicks, what few there are, are usually too ugly to matter anyway.

Women’s Money Mainly Only Benefits Themselves

When men have money, they spend it on women.

When women have money, they spend it on themselves.

When men are rich, women want to marry them without a prenup.

When women have wealth, they insist on a prenup just to cohabit. My ex-girlfriend’s sister got her boyfriend to sign one before moving into her house (bought cash by rich daddy).

So women’s money is of little interest to men because they know it’s usually a one-way street. Women don’t share their pot of gold with men.

Women don’t usually bankroll men in life unless they are very old and compensating hard.

“Women are the cheapest creatures on earth”

Tom Leykis

Women’s Careers Mainly Only Benefit Themselves

Lower value males who let women be the main breadwinner may find out the hard way that they are at higher risk of relationship failure as the woman’s hypergamy nags away at the back of her mind in conflict over the natural financial arrangements being inverted.

Women also cannot adequately compensate with money for the things that men really value – youth, beauty and fertility.

An older man can get away with this because he is still fertile for decades past the point a woman becomes infertile. He brings both resources and reproductive value, whereas there is nothing worse than old feminists.

See the Myth of the High-Value Woman.

Having spent years building up a career is no longer a valid cover story for fucking around pre-cheating on any future serious boyfriend or husband.

Nor is financial compensation adequate either, and would only be accepted by the lowest value males.

An older woman with all the money in the world still can’t give a man her prime beautiful sex and as many children as she could when she was 20 – the prime age according to the data in Dataclysm.

There is no amount of education, career achievement or financial compensation that can replace a woman’s youth, beauty and fertility.

When a Woman’s Career Benefits a Man

The caveat of benefit is that a good chaste family woman who also has a career can contribute to support herself and her own children.

This reduces the financial burden on the father.

By improving the family’s income, this can then potentially improve the quality of life of the family eg. better house, cars, holidays… or most importantly, affording more children in total.

Unfortunately the trap of high childcare costs in the West means that a woman has to be a very high earner to make it worthwhile to work and pay childcare for more than one child. Most women are simply not financially successful enough to have more than 1-2 kids doing this since childcare costs are multiplied by the number of children.

For many women, their careers aren’t financially valuable enough. To have multiple children they often may as well stay at home until the children go to school to avoid childcare costs.

The Right Way of Having an Education & Career

For women who are smart and ambitious, here is the correct way of doing it.

First, she gets into her serious relationship young, preferably as a virgin.

Then she does her education in parallel to being faithful in her relationship and continues on to her career.

There is little trade-off for men in this scenario.

Her education and career are a bonus, with no pre-cheating trade off.

This is the way my grandmother did it. She did her degrees and built her career while raising three children. She used to study after the children had gone to sleep. She pretty much did it all.

The women of today could choose to do that.

Modern feminist whores instead choose to fuck around using the outdated excuse of education and career.

That game is up, it’s exposed and men know they are being cheated.

Male investment in women continues to decline because of this feminist behavior.

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