Women: If He Wants to go 50/50, it’s Because You’re Not a Traditional Woman

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Women: If He Wants to go 50/50, it’s Because You’re Not a Traditional Woman

Women complaining about the ‘Passport Bros’ phenomenon are asking if those men expect those foreign women to go 50/50 on things.

They ironically miss the point that the men are ok being providers for traditional women.

The problem comes where they don’t see women are virtuous traditional women.

This is summed up by the infamous viral term ‘Hoeflation’ which aptly describes western women:

“Modern men have to work 5x harder than their grandfathers did for women 20x worse than what their grandmothers were.

It’s called Hoeflation and it’s destroying western men’s desire to be providers and protectors.”


Women: if he wants to go 50/50 on things, it’s because he sees you as having been a whore for other men and that because of this you should pay your own way.

You’ve Pre-Cheated on him and will forever need to make it up to him in every way that you can, by paying for as much as possible and treating him as well as you can.

Otherwise you’re asking the man to accept a big L to give you commitment with no compensation.

Historically respectable men did not commit to whores who had been fucked other men.

The real problem comes when you insist on being treated like a traditional women when you both know that you’ve been fucked by other men – usually a lot of other men and for a lot of years. Your body count and sexual history can be inferred just from you age now based on market surveys.

Western women should be proactive with trying to be 50/50 on everything to try to minimize being too low value. It may be too late to change your past sexual mistakes but you can make sure you’re not a financial liability to him too.

If you don’t compensate him then this leaves you as an even less desirable woman than the foreign women waiting to receive your western men into their arms.

You may find another more desperate man with less self-respect or who has less travel options, and therefore settles to accept the current feminist status quo of faux-traditionalism, but subconsciously your respect for such a beta male is likely to wither and degrade into nagging and / or cheating on him.

If you’ve sexually behaved like a man with multiple sexual partners then you must accept full responsibility to be self-supporting like a man.


hoeflation describes that western men don't want to be providers for whores

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