The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women

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The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women

The rise of Passport Bros has exposed a common misconception that foreign women are “traditional”.

This belief manifests itself in the recommendation that men should fly abroad to find a wife or in comments like this:

“Today’s American women are not marriage material”

As if non-American women are by some magical virtue “marriage material”.

Evolution & Globalization

Firstly, women around the world have the same evolutionary biology including hypergyny and will respond similarly to the same circumstances, such as cheating or divorce if enabled by opportunity or feminist law – especially if brought back to the West – see the Passport Bros article for more on this.

Secondly, most women on earth live in a globalized internet connected world now.

They’re on social media and watching the Barbie movie even in countries that western feminist propaganda claim are oppressive to women, like Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Women Are Now Only Semi-Traditional At Best

Foreign women may be closer to traditional than American women, but that’s not saying much considering American women are widely considered to be the worst women in the entire world.

But even foreign women are not really traditional. It’s merely a matter of degrees where they are in the world.

The worst most feminist women ranked by region:

  1. America
  2. UK / Europe / Australia / Canada
  3. India / Pakistan / Far East
  4. Middle East / Africa

Since female nature is based on evolutionary biology it is universal. The real difference is that women in other countries are simply less spoilt yet by feminists laws and culture.

Foreign women are merely further behind the curve of western feminist decline depending on where they were raised and live, that is all.

Virginity, Body Count, Microchimerism & Birth Rates

Foreign women are usually not virgins any more by the time you meet them, even if young around 20, not even in the most conservative asian countries.

I’ve talked to a lot women from the Far East on Tinder – such as Vietnam, Thailand, Phillipines – and even over there they aren’t virgins and usually have 2-3 body count already.

They’re basically like women in the West used to be a few decades ago.

And those aren’t the notoriously feminist countries like South Korea where the birth rates are the lowest in the world, currently hitting a devastating new low of 0.78 per woman. South Korean women cite they’d like a baby but don’t want to tolerate a husband!

Interestingly, from discussions with many women in Africa, several of them were already aware of the existence of Microchimerism in women – women permanently absorbing men’s DNA – and understood without contention that this was a good reason to not be promiscuous. They typically had 2-3 body counts and lost their virginity relatively late around 19-22.

Having talked to many more western women who were usually in double digit body counts and lost their virginity between 15-17, almost none of them had ever heard of Microchimerism or even cared about the implications of it once explained (I wasn’t trying to bed them I was doing social research otherwise I’d have deferred the gratification of insulting them until after sex).

Screw the poor beta male who’s going to get the leftovers, that’s his problem for being an idiot – seems to be the underlying prevailing attitude among the white women.

Feminism is so strong in the West that it is suppressing basic lessons in biology and feminine decency it seems.

Theory – Birth Rates inverse Feminism

I’ve developed a general intuition and theory that seems to map to global observations of women around the world.

The birth rate in a country seems to be a good inverse representation of how feminist the women in that country are.

Women who are having more traditional relationships and settle down younger will usually produce more children.

Conversely, women who are more feminist tend to spend their prime fertile years in college and building a career while riding the “Cock Carousel” (CC) of many sexual partners and settle down later, leaving them little if any time to have children, resulting in lower birth rates.

So if you want to have a rough idea of how traditional women are in given countries, Google their relative birth rates – the higher the more traditional (or at least less opportunity to be feminist).

Feminism Spreads at the Speed of The Internet

Feminist ideology travels at the speed of light over the Internet, Social Media, TV, and Movies – like Barbie.

Foreign women may be somewhat more traditional in deference to their man, pro children, home care like cooking and cleaning, but they are still increasingly aware of their power to misbehave under feminist law which has pervaded even the middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, previously thought to be an anti-woman territory. Even there, the women can get a house, alimony and child support off you.

How did this happen? Having discussed this with a lawyer in the middle east literally last week, it seems partly due to Islamic law requiring a husband to look after his ex-wife and children financially.

But I also suspect that powerful feminist controlled countries like the USA have pressured modern reforms in these countries which allow for a more feminist interpretation of granting women resources without being under men’s authority in a more feminist divorce style. Recently, women in Saudi Arabia also gained the right to vote.

Give it a few decades of universal suffrage there and their laws, state subsidies and culture will gradually all change to be ever more in favor of women judging by recent Western history.

It’s ironic that they gave women the vote around the time that Western men are starting to wake up to the catastrophe that universal suffrage has been in the West but cannot roll it back as women are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates.

Never Marry or Bring Foreign Women Back to the West

What foreign women are most traditional about is making you pay for everything.

Feminism is a mind-virus that will infect even a good woman if she is exposed to it.

Unless you want to find out just how non-traditional she can be, don’t marry her or bring her back to the West.

If she will leave her country and family, what makes you think she won’t cheat / leave you? And take your money with her if they can via divorce or child support.

Hypergyny is ruthless.

Never bring her back to the West, and pray she doesn’t spend much time on the internet either while living abroad.

Eastern European Women (Slavic)

Slavic women are notoriously hypergynic gold diggers and cheaters.

Decades ago when I was young and poor working as a security guard, one of my colleagues was a short 5’1″ Russian blonde woman called Irene. She was married to a tall 6’2″ English guy for about 2 years.

Then a new chad called Nick was hired as the security control room operator. Nick was a tall blonde 6’4″ muscular guy. It wasn’t long before Irene was fucking him at work regularly. Eventually they were ratted out by another girl security guard and promptly both fired. We all knew it was going on, but trust a jealous girl to rat them out and get them fired.

Irene then subsequently dumped her husband, since she had by that point gotten her passport, and ran off with Nick.

Hypergyny is ruthless.

Don’t bring women to the West, they end up the same in this culture.

Another guy I worked with in those days, Tony, was a good looking tall muscular Alpha Male black guy – half Nigerian, half Jamaican. He had two kids with a black woman and two kids with a blue eyed Polish woman by the time he was in his twenties (preselection young without money, an Alpha tell). When I asked him why he wasn’t still with the Polish woman, he told me she’d cheated on him. Even being a clearly physical, confident Alpha Male did not protect him from slavic hypergyny and infidelity.

One of my serious long-term exes is slavic too, same deal, also a terrible cheater, because they’re too good looking. The price of those blue eyes and great skin is that every guy is going to go for them and they are eventually going to find one they like too much and cheat on you. Especially because they are low class, which means every guy is a psychological socioeconomic hypergynic trade up for them – especially guys in the West – which is why you can never bring them back to the West.

In fact, my ex’s mother had kids from two different men too, neither of which she managed to retain, and her dad had kids from two different women too. And that was just within her home country among equally poor people with no foreign socioeconomic hypergyny involved. They are just hoes.

Eastern Europeans are more promiscuous than you may believe if you don’t have much experience with them. They are less openly brazen than western feminists, but that’s all.

Another tell is that Eastern European women are very over-represented in the porn industry, and they are very prevalent in prostitution across Europe and the Middle East – Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Romanian etc – they’re in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Dubai for example. They are hoes by nature.

Do not trust them just because they’re foreign, more polite than western women and appear more traditional on the surface. They are not really traditional. They are the similar to American or English women in terms of promiscuity and infidelity, and when it comes to the sex work industry, much worse.

You can pretty much tell how low class a nationality of Eastern Europeans are by going on the internet and comparing the typical escort rates for the different nationalities. Romanians are often among the cheapest / most common / worst. Polish, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Lithuanians etc don’t fare much better. Rates for Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavians for example are usually significantly higher. Based on economics I presume this is due to supply vs demand, meaning there are relatively less Western hoes than Eastern European hoes.

See also significant rates of cheating and partner abandonment by Ukrainian women of their husbands fighting in the war against Russia:

5 reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian Girl
Hear a dating coach who specializes in Eastern Europe talk about how Ukrainian women are notorious gold diggers, and as per the article above, we know they are not loyal either. This has also been my experience with women from various Eastern European countries

Eddie Murphy – Umfufu – How Women Change If You Bring Them to the West – Peer Influence

Eddie Murphy - Raw - umfufu
Eddie Murphy – Raw – umfufu

Indian Women Are Just As Bad As Western Women

The feminist gender war is in full swing in India.

There are even Indian MRA blogs like

You knows it’s bad by the time guys can be bothered to write blogs about their local feminist injustices and advising men not to get married over there.

A high profile example of their cultural deterioration came recently on Indian TV with this celebrity admitting that she was parallel dating other guys and only came back to her main guy after trying and failing to monkey branch to a better option.

They move just like western women now.

Feminism travels at internet speed today.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Controversy #shorts #deepikaranveerwedding #coffeewithkaran
Deepika Padukone essentially cheats on Ranveer Singh and then finally accepts him when she secures no better options

Lying and cheating is rampant among Bollywood couples it seems according to this article in the Indian Express.

Famous Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan made a teary-eyed birthday post for son Zoravar after he was blocked from seeing his son on every platform for over a year, according to this article.

Indian ex-wives are just as money-grubbing as western ones:

The Indian feminist gender was is evident on Twitter:

Indian wife divorces her husband for being too perfect, not shouting at her, cooking for her etc.

And paternity fraud is common in India too:

It’s these sort of dangerous memes that can lead western Passport Bros into a false sense of security, like lambs to the slaughter. Buyer beware:

Pro Tip: you may fancy this asian hottie below – but she will likely already know the power her looks give her. They come from countries with low birth rates which as per the inverse theory above, means highly feminist societies.

Does this one on the right below look like a traditional woman to you with that low cut top? Great rack, but almost certainly trouble too.

American Supermodel - Random Asian Weather Forecaster

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