The Best Books on Dating & Relationships

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The Best Books on Dating & Relationships

These are the best books I’ve ever read out of hundreds in over a decade.

The days of old “pickup artists” are dead, and dating apps have changed human behaviours forever.

Whether you’re looking for love or in a relationship and need advice, these are the best of the best in terms of understanding modern dating and relationships.

Many of these were recommended to me by guys I know from various aspects of life, work, gym etc, and I’m eternally grateful for these which is why I pass them to you here.

Your best friend may have already pointed you to The Rational Male… if he hasn’t… point him to it. Because guys gotta stick together.


The System

The System by Roy Valentine

Short punchy practical advice.

One criticism is that it does not concern itself with sleeping with married women or those with boyfriends, and offloads the fault and problem as hers exclusively. This is not correct at all. It’s irresponsible weak man behavior. Firstly, Bro Code. Secondly, the long lost art of morals. Thirdly, if the husband/boyfriend were to shoot you, you’d have it coming. In history the husband would be well within his rights.

The Rational Male: volume 2 – Preventive Medicine

The Rational Male: volume 2 – Preventative Medicine by Rollo Tomassi

The blueprint to women – exposes their full dating lifecycle across different ages and phases of relationships by observing their common behaviors.

You’ll never look at 30 year old women the same away again.

The Rational Male Preventive Medicine by Rollo Tomassi

Men On Strike

Men On Strike by Helen Smith PhD

Avoid marriage / divorce at all costs and beware feminists have changed laws to force you to pay child support for paternity fraud kids, even when DNA tests prove they’re not yours! Millions of men are victims of paternity fraud and feminist law, with even millions more cheated on, which is why so many men are now on marriage strike.

Feminists keep making the laws ever more hostile to men because they’re majority voters due to higher male mortality rates. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this democratically as men don’t have the voting power to make the necessary changes. All they can do is avoid the legal system until a hard reset.

This book also predicted the weaponization of false allegations before #MeToo existed, based on Title IX legal changes brought in by Obama that removed due process protections in universities.

Update: Marriage in the US and UK have now fallen to the lowest levels ever recorded since records began in 1862.

Men On Strike by Helen Smith PhD

Sperm Wars

Sperm Wars by Robin Baker PhD

Why and how both men and women make evolutionary rational decisions to cheat.

This book blows the lid off male and female infidelity using 30+ real-world case studies described in graphic detail and explains each one using evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology.

An absolute must-read for all men to understand why women are commonly cheaters today now that feminism allows them to get away with it legally while still taking your house / alimony / child support, and why all men must beware of significant rates of paternity fraud, especially now child support is enforced against kids that DNA tests prove aren’t yours.

Supported by other scientific books such as the excellent Evolution of Desire further down, as well as The Red Queen, and Sex At Dawn.

Sperm Wars by Robin Baker PhD

The Rational Male: volume 1

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

The classic dating & relationship book, debunking myths and some interesting analysis around feminist dogma that we’re all brainwashed with growing up.

A few years ago I caught my girlfriend secretly reading this book on her phone. So I told her to finish it and then tell me what she thinks.

She said “It’s all true… but I’m not like that” 😂 🙄

What she didn’t know at that time was that I’d read the second book The Rational Male: Preventive Medicine, which is even better and completely exposed her. I dumped her a couple years later, for which she still blames that book! 😂

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

The Beta Male Revolution

The Beta Male Revolution by long-time dating coach Alan Roger Currie

Men are waking up to the duplicitous mating strategies of women to have lots of sex quickly with the alpha bad boys and then when older around 30 they look for the dutiful beta male sucker to marry them after a slow courtship and minimal sexual service. The same girls behave differently towards different men. Beware her cheating once your financial resources are guaranteed by feminist law. Similar converged discoveries to Rollo Tomassi’s second Rational Male book Preventive Medicine.

“Rings don’t plug holes” as the OG Tom Leykis used to say…

The Beta Male Revolution by Alan Roger Currie


Dataclysm by Christian Rudder (founder of the OKCupid dating site)

Hard data from the OKCupid dating site showing everything from age to racial preferences. Women’s prime age is 20 years old according to the clicks. This behavioural data of actual actions on the dating site is more reliable than self-reporting where people are inclined to give socially acceptable answers.

And yes OKCupid is that site that first exposed women’s Hypergamy in their 2011 blog post with the data showing that 80% of women rated men as below average looks. That is statistically impossible for any large random population which would follow a natural bell curve, meaning 50% may be below-average looks, but 80% is a clear trading-up skew caused by women’s Hypergamy.

Dataclysm vy Christian Rudder

The Evolution of Desire

The Evolution of Desire by David Buss PhD

Explains human mating and shows how our behaviours compared to our closest primate relatives from an evolutionary perspective. Supports the contents of the excellent Sperm Wars book above.

The Evolution of Desire by David M. Buss PhD

Red Pill 101: The Hard Truths Your Father Should Have Taught You

Red Pill 101: The Hard Truths Your Father Should Have Taught You by The Red Pill Scholar

A concise and informative read about modern dating and the gynocentric world in which we live in. This book has a good ROI for its small size.

The Unplugged Alpha

The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper (of Entrepeneurs in Cars fame on YouTube)

Now a friend of Rollo Tomassi, his book is heavily inspired by The Rational Male but with Rich’s life experience and perspective added. Well worth a read.

The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper

No Free Attention

No Free Attention by Alan Roger Currie

Women’s dual-mating strategy of quick sex for Alpha Males while making Beta Males pay for dates and slowing down courtship to extract maximum resources from, for minimal service, if ever.

Worse still are the simps they extract money, resources, time and attention from with no intention of ever having sex with them.

As Leonidas said, Give Them Nothing.

No Free Attention by Alan Roger Currie

The Rules

The Rules by Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider

This is actually a book for women about how to manipulate men by playing hard to get.

Read this to see the sorts of tricks that women play on men to make then mistakenly believe she is high value, when he is really not. Supports the above books description of dual-mating strategy for the beta male stategy.

She didn’t make all the other guys wait, some of them got the red carpet treatment the same night. But you dear sucker, will get played by these rules.

Read this to recognize the manipulative women and call them out on their shit before you DTB.

The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women

The Book of Numbers: Analyzing The ROI on the Pursuit of Women by Aaron Clarey (of Bachelor Pad Economics fame and other books)

A sobering look at the current dating market and eligibility of modern feminist women, or rather lack of it. Aaron does some napkin maths based on nearly a thousand dating profiles, red flags etc. An interesting read that’ll show you it’s not just you. You’re not imagining it.

The Book of Numbers by Aaron Clarey

Stand By Your Manhood

Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd

Lad’s bible covering a range of topics, but worth reading for the divorce examples of women taking men to the cleaners after a year or two of marriage in case you were still mad enough to be considering ever marrying a woman today. Short answer, do not get married under any circumstances.

Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd

Why Women Deserve Less

Why Women Deserve Less by Myron Gaines (of Fresh & Fit podcast fame)

I was very skeptical of this title, but once I read it, the content is decent, if short. Myron is a smart guy who has debated thousands of women on these topics, has read The Rational Male and knows Tom Leykis (in fact it is he who reminded me to go back through Tom’s radio show).

“Most women want to get married and have children. Very few want to be wives and mothers.”

“Intelligent men learn from their mistakes, but wise men learn from other people’s mistakes.”

Why Women Deserve Less by Myron Gaines

Say Goodbye to Crazy

Say Goodbye to Crazy by Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam

For the typical ex-wife or baby momma you just can’t get rid of due to feminist laws and need to learn to minimize the damage from in order to focus on your new life of freedom or new relationships. If you’ve got an ex and read the behaviours in this book you may not know whether to laugh or cry, because it’s true.

Say Goodbye to Crazy by Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam
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