The Golden Relationship Rules

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The Golden Relationship Rules

“Women are the gatekeepers of sex, but men are the gatekeepers of relationships”

Unless you want to end up in a sex starved relationship, cheated on, disrespected or financially exploited – you must lay down the law on your girlfriend as early as possible.


Historically some of these wouldn’t need to be said explicitly (you think your grandmother entertained male friends? Your grandfather would have beaten her ass for that form of cheating and lining up beta male orbiters), but women are so terrible today due to Hoeflation that these need to be laid down explicitly as early as possible into a relationship.

How and When to Discuss These Rules

One of the following two situations are likely to arise:

  1. Wait until she starts with “Where is this going?”
  2. If you see a behavior that crosses one of these rules, such as having male friends, then mention casually that “I wouldn’t have a girlfriend who had male friends”. She will get the message and self-correct or DTB herself

If she starts the “Where is this going?” talk – which basically means asking to confirm relationship status with you – then you can reply with:

“Are you really sure you’d want to be my girlfriend? I have relationship rules that you’re have to carefully consider first…”

and then you can have this conversation of what your expectations are for a relationship.

This gives her the opportunity to see the expectations up front and by her agreeing to them up front to get into an official relationship with you then it’s very hard for her to walk them back afterwards.

Now is the most leverage you will ever have to set safer terms for a relationship. Don’t waste it.

If she doesn’t accept then that is an easy way out for you to deny her a relationship on the excuse that she has chosen to disqualify herself.

First Check Her For Red Flags

First check her against the ultimate red flags list.

In relationship context you must especially check her against the “3 Dates Rule” – if she made you wait for more than 3 dates for sex then she is playing you – manipulating you into a relationship thinking she’s a “good girl” – you should not be giving her a relationship.

Read the “3 Dates Rule” article for why – what it means she really thinks about you – and what sorts of common scenarios like women often fuck other “Friends with Benefits” type guys on the side during your dating period while making you wait for sex:

If she passes these checks, then proceed to give her the relationship rules below.

The Golden Relationship Rules

  1. No Marriage:
    • she should be told off for even asking
    • tell her it’s a Red Flag for her to ask and betraying that she cares more about herself than you
    • she’s almost certainly not a traditional woman
    • feminists have wrecked the divorce laws. Redirect her to blame the feminists and not ask again, it’s disrespectful – you are not a beta male
  2. No Cohabitation:
    • this often leads to nagging and “Betatization via a Thousand Concessions”
    • it allows women to sponge off you financially or withdraw sex
    • Finances – within a few months of moving in together she might make you pay for everything by conveniently losing her job or needing to reduce her hours
    • Babies – she’ll want a baby and to give up work for several years etc.
    • Sexless – she may stop having sex with you due to reduced competition anxiety – you are on lockdown, she doesn’t need to give you much if any sex any more to keep you
    • All of the above can happen to even 20+ year sexually experienced men – don’t get cocky thinking any and all of the above can’t happen to you – read this true story
    • if you insist on breaking this rule (usually because of kids) then at the very minimum you must enforce these extra rules
      • never move in to her place – it will emasculate you & change the dynamic of the relationship – this is how you end up in a sexless relationship
      • she must have no legal right to the property / ownership / lease / rent – don’t even let her co-sign a rental lease
      • you must be able to kick her out in 30 seconds if you have a fight, if she denies you sex or if she cheats on you
        • otherwise she can call the police and have you removed instead
      • everything is in your name and she is your guest so you maintain power
      • she must sign a cohabitation contract – a prenup for cohabitation – with each of you having separate lawyers that she will make no financial claim against you at all in future
        • this must be done with plenty of time before cohabitation deadline eg. her lease expiring, to prevent her later claiming she signed under “duress” and try to overturn it and make a financial claim against you. This same principle applies as with prenups
      • tell her if she disrespects you or denies you sex you will kick her out
      • insist that she pays 50/50 for all rent/bills/mortgage – it doesn’t matter if she earns less than you – you should not be subsidizing her life
      • you will together decide on the split of household chores and stick to them – she is not allowed to increase demands on you later
      • if you pay more than 50/50 of expenses for any reason then she better not dare ask for 50/50 of chores
      • if you pay for everything, due to her giving up work to have children, then she must accept and agree up front to do 100% of all household chores without complaint
  3. Sex Any Time aka “Free Use”:
    • 1/4 relationships are sexless and yet more are sex starved – cohabitation and marriage make this much more likely which is why you should avoid both
    • tell her you expect her to give you sex whenever you want
    • tell her if she ever declines you sex then you will have sex with other women – you will not be a sexual hostage – women commonly withdraw sex as a weapon to leverage against men they cohabit with, knowing he has agreed to monogamy and can’t go elsewhere – that is despicable and completely unacceptable
    • if she persists with declining sex then you will dump her and get a better girlfriend who understands the importance of physical connection
    • 1 month is the cutover point to DTB – at that point you’re entering sexless relationship territory (exception: 2-3 months after childbirth for recovery)
  4. Money:
    • make it clear that you will not be subsidizing her life if she was not a virgin for you
    • you will be going 50/50 on rent/bills/holidays, alternating paying at restaurants etc. because she is not a traditional woman (virgin), she has Pre-Cheated on you and she must make that up to you by pulling her own financial weight
    • if you start off taking her to expensive restaurants you’re setting a bad precedent, she’ll see you as a beta male provider and will bleed you financially
    • remember, she is not really a traditional woman except for wanting you to pay for everything
    • you will not pay her debts:
      • she racked up those debts buying things, going on holidays and banging other guys
      • student debts – women whore around at college, paying that debt is cucking yourself
  5. No Nagging:
    • it is poison to relationships
    • it can shorten a man’s lifespan 1
    • she must accept you as you started or break up
    • beware women’s “Nagging Inching Strategy”
  6. No Male Friends – that is a form of cheating and lining up cheating or backup guys
  7. No “Girl’s Night Out” or “Girl’s Trips” – those are cheating 101. If she wants to go, she goes with you, otherwise she is a cheater => DTB
  8. No Social Media – Instagram or similar ‘thirst trap’ sexy bikini pictures advertising herself to other men, that is a form of cheating. Any social media pictures should be private to friends & family only
  9. No messaging other men, that is cheating
  10. Phone Passcode & Online Account Logins (Email / any remaining Social Media etc.):
    • she must give you the code to her phone and any email or social media accounts
    • you may or may not check them but she must know that if she messages other men or cheats on you there is a good chance she will be caught
    • watch out for hidden 2nd phones or other email / social media accounts you don’t know about
  11. No Getting Fat – She Must Stay Thin, No Excuses:
    • even pregnant women get back in great shape after kids
    • if she doesn’t it’s because she’s lazy and doesn’t deserve you
    • her not staying in shape is a disrespect to you
    • it’s easier for a woman to be in shape, all they have to do is eat less, it’s extremely easy compared to men trying to build and maintain muscle so there is no excuse
    • getting fat will turn you off
    • getting fat will make sex less enjoyable
    • her not staying thin is cheating you out of what you signed up for
    • you must also stay in the same shape as when she met you for the same reason
  12. Life Goals & Political Views – you’re asking for trouble having a serious committed relationship with a woman who has very different life goals or political views:
    • eventually the crack pasted over with sexual novelty will become a chasm over time, leading to conflict and relationship failure
  13. Set her expectations – you cannot sustain the level of effort of initial dating all the time. If she expects this and you fail to keep it up, which is exhausting, then she will resent your lack of effort and this will poison the relationship as women see the effort as caring about her – in terms of love languages this is called “Acts of Service”
    • you must put in some effort to maintain the relationship but you must ensure that she knows you have other goals in life other than revolving around and entertaining her

Extra Golden Rules for Child Planning

  1. Be clear whether you both want kids and if so how many – changing this later can be grounds for a break up if one wants some / more and other doesn’t
  2. Childcare is the woman’s responsibility
  3. You will not have children with her if she has any expectation of you doing 50/50 – this is insulting to men and a feminist idea – becoming a 2nd mother will emasculate you and kill your sex life
  4. She has lived “Life on Easy Mode” of free dates and easy access to sex for precisely this reason, because the consequences of sex – children – are the woman’s responsibility – she can’t have it both ways
  5. Now it’s time for her to pay it back by taking on primary carer responsibility for the children
  6. She will get back in to pre-children shape – no excuses – or you will have sex with other women who can be bothered to stay in shape. So unless she wants to give you a free pass to bang other women she must stay thin – and even side chicks don’t solve the loss of emotional connection at home
  7. Money – discuss her working and income arrangements before hand, if she will return to work and when, and enforce that she stick to them. This is one of the big traps where women change their mind later and don’t want to return to work but instead make you pay for everything
  8. If you don’t cohabit, even when having children, then she will be responsible for her own rent and bills and will have no option to stop working to sponge off you


If she agrees to this list and still wants to be in a relationship with you then she’s eager enough to check her feminist bullshit at the door and you have a better chance, rather than a late stage failure caused by unrealistic feminist expectations.

This list is based on traditionalism with the man as the head of the relationship because that is the only model proven to work across history.


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