The Women Who Never Love Men, Only Their Children

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The Women Who Never Love Men, Only Their Children

“Women are fickle creatures”

“Women don’t really love men, only what men can do for them”

“A woman is incapable of loving a man in the way that he wants to be loved”

I spent 3 hours talking to one of my baby momma exes in person late last night and it occurred to me from that conversation that women often don’t love their men – they only love their children.

Many other men have come to similar similar conclusions.

If you’re an experienced father, you might find the following personal experience sounding familiar.

Pressured To Move In Together

My girlfriend, my second baby momma, pressured me into moving into her house as she was pregnant.

I initially rejected this, having read The Rational Male volume 2: Preventive Medicine, but this resulted in us having a big argument. I told her to get out of my apartment for pressuring me into something against my best interest which would put me in a vulnerable position with no security, and literally opened the door and told her to get out. She cried and refused to leave, so we continued talking, she backed down and spent the night.

A couple days later, I felt guilty and called her to apologise.

Perhaps I was just being a jerk and was too hard on her.

She shouldn’t have to suffer for the mistakes of my ex-wife – “don’t be that bitter divorced guy, give a new girl a chance!” I heard in my head. I can’t remember if that was something she’d said or if it was my own inner monologue, but it sounded right, I didn’t want to be a bad guy, and this one was different!

She also had a fair point for wanting relationship security and looking after our baby together, it was natural.

So I agreed to move in with her.

The Bait & Switch

Within 3 months of moving in together, I was paying for everything and there was no more sex.

She changed her mind about returning to work after her initial maternity leave ended, and a health complication after the birth meant sex was mostly off the table. This is not uncommon, as I knew from prior experience as a father, and a good man tries to be understanding about such things without resorting to going outside the relationship to meet his needs.

Eventually, her libido seemed to return and she jumped on me for several nights in a row, somewhat undermining her long-running health issue excuse.

“This is great! She must finally be into me again!”

… I remember thinking that first night, as she rode me cowgirl style – a rare reversal as I was always top dominant, by both our preferences, but I was so happy to finally get some that I went with it.

I must have been like Eddie Murphy’s starving man eating a cracker.

After a few nights, she ended up going back to the status quo – no sex.

The Baby

Those few nights of sex resulted in her getting pregnant with our second child, something we had talked about previously, so no complaints from me.

Eventually, though, I realized in retrospect that the enthusiastic sex she had given me was in fact nothing to do with me as a person and was specifically timed with her menstrual cycle tracking app to get pregnant.

She used me to get the second baby she wanted, and funded via child support.

I was used as a free sperm donor with legal financial obligations.

She only had sex with me during those few days she was likely to get pregnant.

The Aftermath

By the time our second child was born, we were on the rocks due to the ongoing lack of intimacy.

Two weeks after the birth I got into an argument about men’s rights with her 39 year old childless STD-carrying hoe sister and her fat left-wing lesbian best friend (red flag) at the end of the night at her birthday party, which nearly led to us breaking up that night and for several days afterwards.

Her sister even came to the house to continue the argument with me a few days later.

Ironically, her sister’s boyfriend dumped her 2 months later and a few months afterwards she was diagnosed with uterus cancer, probably as a result of her STD, which required removing part of her uterus, rendering her infertile.

God’s punishment? I’m agnostic but I do love that phrase.

Anyway, I decided to stick it out for the sake of my kids, but a year later she was asking for a third baby and I was no longer interested in giving her another one, even though I was up for four with her originally.

Originally we used to have banging sex, I did everything to her, she was tall, great legs, I loved her in dresses and heels, we’d have great kids. But her switch from me to the kids had killed our relationship.

The Lesson Learnt – DTB & Avoid Cohabitation

By that point I realized that it wasn’t about me any more… long gone were the passionate days of regular sex and being treated like a human being instead of an ATM machine and once-a-year sperm donor. This ATM machine expression is actually borrowed from another one of my still married friends bemoaning how he felt his doctor wife treated him.

It turns out sexless relationships are much more common than I knew. After 2 decades of experience with women and a much longer cohabiting relationship than this one with a good everything goes sex life, I thought I’d seen it all. But I ended up learning this lesson the hard way.

Eventually, I had to Dump That Bitch. In the proceeding few weeks of breakup while I found a new apartment, she was waking me up with blowjobs every day. Part of me still feels bad, perhaps she was trying.

There is a saying that

“a man is only one blowjob away from returning to the plantation

Not this man.

I got fed up of her trying to win me back and went to sleep in another bedroom for the next couple weeks until I could arrange a new place to live.

My ATM machine friend was envious that I was moving out to my own apartment, as he had been unhappy with his wife for a few years now in our talks and he said he’d be happier with a quiet life of an apartment to himself. He’s still sticking it out for his kids and enduring ever greater demands on his finances – now private school is being demanded – and I can see how she’s aged him more than the intervening time between visits should have.

Tom Leykis was right when he said the first few months are the best and you should never marry or cohabit. He has many such similar stories from both his personal experience and callers to his show.

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Women’s Hidden Ovulation & Their Devious Nature

Women’s hidden ovulation is typically cited by evolutionary biologists as one of the clear signs of women’s devious nature. This is in contrast to female baboons which swell with red backsides to signal to males when they’re fertile.

Human women evolved to hide their ovulating phase to exploit men – forcing them to stick around and invest resources the entire time, and gave the ability to time cheating with alpha males during the fertile part of their cycle to have stronger children by cuckolding the dutiful beta male provider (husband).

a baboon standing in the middle of a dirt road

An Honest Conversation Reveals Female Thinking

My girlfriend confessed in conversations just prior to me dumping her that she loved her children because they could never be taken away from her, unlike a man. No mention of loving me. Conspicuously absent. Such is the problem of reduced pair bonding in women who aren’t virgins.

How nice it must be to be a woman though – so secure in her knowledge that the children are hers, that she will get de facto custody of her children under the legal system of feminism – aka the female supremacy movement – and that thanks to feminism she will also get her children funded by the father while being able to control the children and mostly cut him out of the picture.

If she isn’t giving you regular sex, is regularly making excuses, is not initiating sex with you, and most of all, declining your advances… then she is signalling that she just isn’t that into you anymore – if she ever really was. You’ve served your purpose – financial security, sperm donor, not human being to be loved as an individual.

This is why the 3 quotes at the top of this article are so frequently cited by men online. Quite often, women don’t really love men, at least not in the intrinsic way that we do or desire back.

She had never had a more serious/longer relationship (5 years) or longer cohabitation (3 years). She always said she hadn’t found the right guy (was that supposed to flatter me?), but in retrospect, there is no right guy and never will be now she’s past her prime and a single mother. It’s all trade-downs from here on out.

Childless Bachelors Don’t Escape the Feminist State Either – Higher Taxes

Before you think you’ve gotten off scot-free by avoiding marriage or getting any girl pregnant, consider that you’re being taxed more by the feminist state to subsidize single mothers via welfare benefits to top up their finances.

Women are majority voters and they vote to take a cut of your pay no matter what you do.

One single mother I dated revealed how she was earning about $31,000 working 4 days a week, but had the financial equivalent to double that income at around $62,000 due to receiving government subsidies!

If you work and pay taxes, you are paying for her to fuck around with lots of chads… and also me.

Men Are Only “Loved” On This One Condition

“Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only ‘loved’ under the condition that he provides something”

– Chris Rock

Unfortunately, many men are not really “loved” even under that condition.

Similar sentiments are expressed by men in general discussions, such as this one on Quora.

MEN are Loved Under one CONDITION - CHRIS ROCK 😔 #shorts

Tom Leykis – The Reality of the Relationship Lifecycle

Every guy needs to see this – chilling.

When Tom Leykis talks you remember why he’s The OG of the Red Pill above all others.

No RP guy around today is on his level in depth of experience.

The Relationship Lifecycle explained perfectly – feeling & truth only a lived guy can give.

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