DTB – Dump That Bitch

DTB - Dump That Bitch

DTB – Dump That Bitch

Have some self-respect.

Self-respect is the most important thing for a man.

If a woman treats you badly in any way, have the self-respect to walk away.

That includes:

  • disrespectful behavior
  • breaching your boundaries
  • male friends
  • cheating
  • lack of sex
  • refuses sex acts she did for other guys
  • getting fat
  • pressures you into marriage
  • pressures you into having children if you don’t want them
  • or any number of other Red Flags

DTB – “Dump That Bitch” as the legend Tom Leykis would say.

Never Marry or Cohabit To Keep Women In Check

This is why it’s incredibly important to never marry or cohabit with a woman because it makes it very hard to dump her and walk away, and once she knows this she will invariably treat you worse.

At the milder end this will mean a decline of your sex life, with 1/4 of relationships ending up sexless, and at the worse end will include daily misery, disrespect and cheating on you.

If she ever disrespects you, you need to kick her out of your place immediately. She will likely apologise and back down, otherwise let her go. It’s not a bluff.

This is how you keep women in check, or cut them loose and get rid of them.

If she hasn’t had sex with you a month, dump that bitch. She almost certainly doesn’t love you.

Unless she has some severe medical condition in her pussy that prevents her from having sex with you, she doesn’t love you. Women know that men have needs, and if she doesn’t care to meet yours, it’s because she doesn’t love you and probably because you moved in together, gave her commitment, reduced her competition anxiety and knows that you are her only source of sex.

How To Dump Your Girlfriend

Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back

Golden Rule – Never Take Her Back – women often fuck other men shortly after a breakup. Not breaking up doesn’t stop her from fucking other men either, you’ll just take damage by staying.

Walk away in time and never take her back.

DTB and don’t look back.

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