Women’s Nagging Inching Strategy

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Women’s Nagging Inching Strategy

Women’s scam is what I call the “Nagging Inching Strategy” over time.

They inch ever forwards over time consistently.

It’s rather impressive, albeit negative for us men.

It is a form of soft power than women employ as the weaker sex.

Women are expert manipulators. They boil you slowly like the proverbial frog.

Give an Inch, Take a Mile

Women will gradually take so many inches over time via this Nagging Inching forward strategy that they’ll be miles past your boundaries and you’ll realize only too late today that they’ve spent your money and leveraged the entire divorce and tax systems to subsidize themselves.

You give an inch, women take a mile. They then repeat this process to take another mile, and then another. Your fathers and grandfathers fell for this strategy, which is why the West is in the state it’s in.

Over the last 100 years of universal suffrage women have gone 1000 miles past reasonable boundaries.

In no sane world would female adultery, paternity fraud or property theft be legal, state sanctioned and enforced even when a wife is caught breaking the marriage contract and traditional marriage vows of fidelity and sexual exclusivity.

Many negative outcomes for society, men and children are the result of the Nagging Inching Strategy. And yet here we are 100 years later in the 21st century ruing the day we ever gave women the vote.

Women gaining the vote was itself was the result of the Nagging Inching Strategy – and also some domestic terrorism by suffragettes 1 2. Whatever happened to “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”? They must mean only male terrorists.

Perhaps men’s biggest flaw with women is giving them an inch.

Examples of The Nagging Inching Strategy

Divorce Laws

This “Nagging Inching Strategy” is how women have devastated the family laws gradually over decades since acquiring their disastrous right to vote.

If women had simply asked up front to change the divorce & family laws 100 years ago to be what they are today, no sane man would have agreed, they would have veto’d it. However, by nagging for the right to vote, and then using that as leverage to nag for smaller changes here and there, they have gradually ratcheted the divorce laws and family laws to be devastatingly biased against men.

This has resulted in financial ruin of countless men, with many alienated fathers and male suicides across the Western world. It has devastated families and damaged life outcomes of countless children. Many of these children have grown up to be men who do not want children under feminist law, knowing their children are likely to suffer single motherhood as they did. I have encountered many such men in real life.

Even before women’s suffrage, their nagging inching strategy resulted in divorce laws that were plenty bad enough, and only became worse to legalize and protect adultery and paternity fraud in the time since.

The below shows just how dangerous women’s nagging inching strategy was before women’s suffrage:

Women's special privileges, divorce law

Government Subsidies

Women’s suffrage also allowed them to manipulated the state into subsidising them for $150,000 each over their lifetime, at the expense of higher taxation on men. Welfare benefits, once granted, are nearly impossible to roll-back. 3

Feminists today smugly say they “don’t need no man”. Of course they don’t, they stealing men’s money and productivity via the state instead of via marriage and relationships.

“Women have replaced men with the state”

Dr Helen Smith, author of Men on Strike
Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax

The Gender Pay Gap & Quotas

Every few weeks or months we hear repeated nagging about “The Gender Pay Gap”. Year in, year out, those feminists are persistent. That is their Nagging Inching Strategy at work.

LinkedIn can hardly go a month without publishing some article about how women aren’t being paid enough and how we need ever more government intervention against corporations.

Corporate HR and made-up “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” officers drive affirmative action in favor of women (also known as discrimination against men) to make sure women get their “fair share” of the pie – for less effort, skill and working hours, of course. HR and DIE, like most female voters, are the enemies of men.

Whenever you hear about the Gender Pay Gap – remember that’s women’s “Nagging Inching Strategy” to take another mile they didn’t earn.

The Gender Pay Gap Scam is thoroughly debunked here:

Personal Relationships

Nagging is how women pressure you into spending your money in relationships, on things you don’t usually care about yourself. They will often nag until whatever appliance or home improvement or car or bigger house is purchased with your money.

It’s also how “Betatization via a Thousand Concessions” happens, weakening your position and relationship gradually over time. Men work hard and do not need extra drama at home, so it’s often just easier to concede on small things here and there as not worth the trouble to constantly push back.

They are relentless at chipping away at you. They attack your peace to gain concessions.

From experience, one of my long-term exes, when challenged about her nagging, would reframe it as not “nagging” but as “repeatedly reminding”. How kind of her.

Smart women, like that ex, will use a softer approach to not trigger your alarm bells.

On a personal level it’s easy to be down 6 figures in cash from women’s nagging requirements of what they “need”. I’ve done it personally twice in long-term relationships. This even happened with 2 decades of experience under my belt when I should have known better.

They’re that good, this is their game. Give an inch, lose $100,000+ of miles. This is why you must refer back to the Golden Rules periodically to check yourself that you’re not slipping.

Women are expert manipulators. They boil you slowly like the proverbial frog.

Women also nag men to marry them, with often devastating consequences in divorce or dead bedroom marriages. 25% of marriages are sexless, which surely no normal man would sign up for had he known this outcome.

Nagging is poison to relationships. Remember to set the Golden Relationship Rules early in any relationship.

Everything in Western society is designed to Transfer Wealth from Men to Women

Everything in western society is designed to transfer wealth from men to women, divorce, government, dating, alimony, child support

The Relationship Lifecycle & Money

Tom Leykis the OG here speaks from deep personal experience about how women leverage men in relationships – this is a must see video:

A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis)
A MGTOW Wedding Video – Tom Leykis – women want your money, to be in a relationship, to leave the relationship… you can’t see it until it’s too late

Only Women, Children and Dogs Are Loved Unconditionally

“Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something.”

– Chris Rock
MEN are Loved Under one CONDITION - CHRIS ROCK 😔 #shorts
Men are Loved Under One Condition – Chris Rock #shorts


Women’s “Nagging Inching Strategy” on a day-to-day basis does not trigger men’s combative defenses. This is why it’s effective.

However, over time, this female strategy has devastated the entire Western world, as well as Japan, South Korea and other countries infected with feminist cancer to society – failing birth rates, unsustainable state spending and other problems caused by universal suffrage.

It’s also devastated many a man’s personal life. How many men got married because their girlfriends nagged them to? Both myself and friends have had contentious long-term girlfriends over their pressuring to marry (which thankfully we resisted due to red pill knowledge, but unfortunately not before some were already divorced the first time around).

Men need to get better at recognizing signs of Women’s “Nagging Inching Strategy” throughout life – from relationships to politics to The Gender Pay Gap Scam, and learn to have harder boundaries.

Try not to give an inch, you’ll lose $100,000+ miles.


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