Keyboard Warriors – The Rule of Good Manners on the Internet

keyboard warrior champion

Keyboard Warriors – The Rule of Good Manners on the Internet

There’s a good reason reason why guys on the street are usually more polite and respectful than keyboard warriors.

The Rule of Good Manners on the Internet, which decent men and women should already implicitly know, is hereby cleared defined:

You do not say something to somebody, or about somebody, that you would not be willing to say to their face and physically back up the confrontation you may start.

Mike Tyson - Social Media made y'all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it

On the internet that would mean an arranged boxing match or an MMA cage fight. Now consider how this returns human decency and respect in interactions.

In real life the *potential* for face to face physical escalation keeps people more polite and civilized because there can be real physical consequences for bad behavior.

Imagine the world champion loses a fight – you don’t suddenly slander him as “shit” like some unskilled yokel, because he’d beat your ass.

You would maintain an appropriate level of respect throughout.

If you’re a top 10 contender angling to provoke the next fight with him, then fine. Otherwise, check yourself.

He lost, it happens.

Even the greatest champions in history like Muhammad Ali and George St Pierre lost fights – it happens if you fight everyone in their prime.

Everybody hates keyboard warriors and doesn’t respect them – because of their unbacked attitude.

That’s not a real belt, homie:

keyboard warrior champion
keyboard warrior champion


Feminists tend to be even worse because their arguments are usually weak and so they quickly devolve into ad hominem slurs attacking the individual instead of the point.

This is the opposite of logical critical thinking.

It’s also a problem frequently encountered with male feminists – mental beta males.

If all you hoes could stop using ad hominem that would be great

Critical Thinking

One would expect more intelligent and well read people to be more respectful and understand their own limitations.

They’d either converge on similar findings based on similar knowledge, or share something interesting to counterpoint arguments in good faith.

A bigger blog post is coming on this topic.

Socrates - When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers

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