The Red Pill vs The Blue Pill


The Red Pill vs The Blue Pill

This analogy derives from the blockbluster 1999 sci-fi movie The Matrix.

In it the protagonist Neo is offered a choice of 2 pills – one red, one blue – by the enigmatic renegade Morpheus.

If he takes the blue pill, he’ll wake up in his bed and believe whatever he wants to believe.

If he takes the red pill, he’ll discover the truth, but may not like what he discovers.

Blue Pill or Red Pill - The Matrix (2/9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD

The following is how this analogy applies to the real world we live in.

The Blue Pill

Blue Pill = socially accepted lies

This is the default government feminist mindset that most people are indoctrinated into since kindergarten, by majority female teachers, controlled mainstream media and Disney.

Girls are sugar and spice and all things nice we are taught.

While men are the “toxic” ones that need to control themselves and stay in-place like good little slaves.

Men were told that “personality is more important than looks” – just be a good person, kind, thoughtful and subservient to women’s needs – that this was the path to success with women. Eventually everybody knows some “nice guy” that disproves this because he gets no success with women.

The common narrative is that a man should get married, provide for his wife and children, work hard, be a good man and all will be well. It is characterized by the slogan:

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Unfortunately in the 2000s and 2010s with the advent of social media and dating apps many men found out this was not true at all and got “red pilled” the hard way.

Men discovered that women frequently cheat with taller more handsome and muscular men, paternity fraud is common, women initiate most divorces and that in general women can be really terrible people under feminist law.

Everybody knows a bunch of divorced guys and if they are close enough to them some details of a horror story of divorce court or being cheated on.

Here is an example story from my good long-term friend for the typical blue pill journey today:

The Red Pill

Red Pill = Truth

What you do once you know the truth is up to you.

Taking the Red Pill means waking up to a harsh truth of life, especially one that is often hidden by society and powerful interest groups such as feminist government and mainstream media.

Technically Red Pill can mean any truth, especially if hidden or obscured, such as politicians are corrupt and in the pockets of mega corporations via lobbying, or that mass immigration is actually a bad thing for most of you economically.

A red pill could be that universal suffrage allowed women to commandeer politics as majority voters to change the divorce laws and raise taxes against men to subsidize women via the welfare state, ensnaring both married men and bachelors alike and is behind most of men’s modern problems.

The Red Pill on True Female Nature

One of the earliest uses of the blanket term “red pill” was on true female nature – that women care about looks more than they’d like to admit and that women are duplicitous by nature – they’re frequently liars, cheaters and divorce rapists.

This is the one most people think of these days, because the biggest problem most men face in life is women – dating, divorce laws, child support, false allegations, being disenfranchised from their children, if they even have any children at all… some mix of which will impact the lives of most men living in feminist countries today in one way or another.

It reveals that women are not fully monogamous, and weren’t in evolutionary history – they were merely controlled by Patriarchy since the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago using severe legal and cultural repercussions for infidelity to prevent the kind of unravelling of society we are now seeing.

Only too late did we learn that there was a good reason that every society that succeeded in history controlled women’s nature via laws, culture or religion to stop female infidelity and promiscuity.

Once women got majority voting control under universal suffrage, they quickly moved to legalize their social crimes such as infidelity and paternity fraud, transferred ownership of children away from responsible fathers to themselves and rewrote the divorce laws to steal the majority of men’s money, house and other assets. They even protected their financial claims in cases where the husband was divorcing the wife for proven adultery. They then proceeded to enforce child support in cases of proven paternity fraud. It just keeps getting worse and worse over time.

In short, feminists destroyed the traditional social contract on which civilisation was built, leading to a collapse in both marriage and birth rates, as well as mass ethnic replacement from abroad to prop up the unsustainably heavy welfare state they introduced.

Feminists are criminals by the standards of history.


As men struggled to navigate the changing dating market and women’s unleashed bad behaviors of promiscuity, infidelity, and no fault divorce devastating marriages and relationships, they started sharing their experiences online in forums.

Much to their surprise, they were not alone in these problems and frequent patterns were seen to be recurring. This became essentially reverse engineered into the current red pill understanding of true female nature.


One such forum was SoSuave, from which highly popular Rational Male books were derived. Historically being cuckolded by scumbag women was very shameful for men would not be keen to admit this in their local community. It’s by far one of the worst things a woman can do to a man. Online anonymity allowed men to share their experiences candidly. A forum elder/moderator with a keen interest in psychology – Rollo Tomassi – realized that the same patterns were recurring and essentially reverse engineered women’s psychology and situations. These later became blog and then the The Rational Male series of books. Other popular related blogs were Dalrock and Chateau Heatiste.

Reddit – TRP

The Reddit forum r/TheRedPill aka TRP was started in 2012 for men to discuss sexual strategy to overcome the problems men were having dating and in relationships under a manipulative feminist culture that mainly empowers women. It’s random posts and answers cover a range of topics from self-improvement and weight lifting, to what guys should say to “Game” women into sleeping with them. It was quarantined in 2018 by Reddit due to its anti-feminist contents. It’s hard to convince people that the Feminist Matrix isn’t real with reactions like that trying to limit the message.

“Game” is a crappy unintuitive term that should really be called “Social Skills and Manipulation“. All women have this. Men are late to the party to learn it, and some of the strategies such a ‘spinning plates’ (dating several people at the same time) are learnt from the worst feminist women.

PUA – Pick-Up Artists

These were the precursor to the Red Pill community. They attempted to “Game” women using social manipulation, routines and gimmicks, through brute force trial and improvement. This has been largely surpassed by the red pill community which built on the field reports and went deeper into understanding women’s nature through evolutionary psychology. Many of the early names in “Pickup” are now discredited.

The Rational Male

If you only read one book in your life to understand women, make it The Rational Male volume 2: Preventive Medicine:

The Rational Male Preventive Medicine by Rollo Tomassi

The Purple Pill

This is a mix of Red and Blue pills.

It indicates that a person is “Red Pill aware” but still has some Blue Pill tendencies such as trying for traditional or semi-traditional relationships, often believing “his girl is different”, she’s a “good girl”.

Purple pill is generally seen as somewhat naive and lacking in experience, specifically around the repercussions under feminist law such as divorce, cohabitation, children and false allegations.

Usually more experience correlates to being more Red Pilled over time.

Typical Purple Pilled guys would be married guys or those in long term relationships who will summarize that “yes, women are terrible people today, but my girl’s not like that”. They’re usually proven wrong eventually, such as in the Covid Lockdown Proved Her Libidio Wasn’t Low true story from my long-term friend.

Purple pill men typically cite “Not All Women Are Like That” (NAWALT) but fail to recognize that all women share the same evolutionary biology and as the Stanford Prison Experiment proved in the 1970s, that humans are situational. Given the right circumstances and opportunities, his “good girl” will behave just as badly as those “other” bad women. See Sperm Wars for good examples.

Probably the easiest way to discredit this “good girl” fallacy is to dig into her full explicit sexual history. She’ll either hide and minimize it, or become hostile over the probing, because no she is not a “good girl” and was not a good girl for many other men before you.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn

A basic red pill axiom

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn” – a basic red pill on women that summarizes that modern women are promiscuous and disloyal, and that most relationships fail over time

The Black Pill

Black Pill takes the Red Pill a step further.

After seeing that even applying the same “Game” words and tactics some guys were successful with, other guys doing the same things were still not getting success. Women would take one look at them and reject them.

Since it didn’t really work for everyone, especially people who are not very good looking or charismatic, there was a realization that looks play a much bigger part in dating than even red pilled guys would like to admit.

The Black Pill is somewhat genetically determinist – if you were born winning the genetic looks lottery, then you had life on easy street and probably didn’t know much about this since women came to you quite easily. If you weren’t you were in a bit of trouble because all the “Game” skills in the world can’t make an ugly man attractive to women in the 2010s onwards where women were only a few swipes away from good looking guys.

This resulted in a split in conclusions

  1. Looksmaxxers – those would would focus on improving their looks as much as possible – gym, make-up, plastic surgery, whatever it took
  2. Nilihists – those who gave up, realizing that no amount of “Game” skills or even Looksmaxxing where going to be able to make up for their genetic shortfalls compared to other guys

LMS – Looks Money Status

Women select on some combination of looks, money and status.

This is of course more realistic to anybody with any common sense, and it’s a shame that it’s taken this long for people to converge on this rather obvious truth.

Looksmaxxing – Black Pill reloaded

The Wheat Waffles YouTube channel is one of the better known sources in Black Pill that focuses extensively on Looksmaxxing and photo analysis of different shortcomings, from the dimensions and proportions of facial features, to height and physique. He looksmaxxed and even got a girlfriend.

Mens Maxxing is a great example of looksmaxxing, as well as How to Beast.

Ironically it’s funny it’s taken this long for Black Pill to become a thing because when I was out in the early 2010s chatting up women in bars with a friend of mine, having both read the awful book The Game at that time, he turned to me and said “You know, all this Game stuff is bullshit, it’s just about looks”. Lucky for him he was 5’10” decent looking guy wearing a Hugo Boss suit. But it would take the rest of the world the better part of a decade to come to the same conclusion. Looks matter. A lot.

Categorizing People Based on Looks

Since Black Pill tends to focus on looks, it categorizes people into the following shorthand category names:

Chad – tall handsome muscular white physical Alpha Males, athletes etc. These are the 9/10 or 10/10 guys. 7/10 or 8/10 guys are sometimes called “Chad-lites”

Tyrone – black physical Alpha Males, similar to Chads

Stacey – attractive white girl

Becky – average looking white girl

Normies – average guys 5/10 or 6/10 who struggle to get much attention from women today and are “lucky” if they get the odd girlfriend here or there. This is where most guys fall.

Sub-Normies – the ugly guys who have little chance in the current hyper competitive dating market

Black Pill / Red Pill History

A very good video on this topic on the Black Pill and how it derived from The Red Pill over the years.

How the #Blackpill Changed + Wheat Waffles Response

White Pill

White Pill means an optimistic outlook based on some positive news or interpretation of opportunity – it’s the opposite of the Black Pill nihilism branch.

This typically indicates a person with “internal locus of control” meaning that it is within their power to change their circumstances. It’s the belief they are likely to succeed if they simply try harder. Being persistent working towards their goals there there is a good chance that they will eventually achieve their goals.

The Christ Pill

Some men try to return to more devout Christianity as the solution.

But this Christian Pill is false hope. Christianity is a paper tiger now. It has no teeth. It used to be enforced by patriarchy.

Feminist law that resulted from universal suffrage now supercedes the authority of the modern Christian Church.

Religion cannot save men from divorce.

Religion cannot stop wives from cheating or being promiscuous before marriage (pre-cheating).

‘Christ Pill Bros’ are often proven embarrassingly wrong when it comes to women, usually when they’re going through their own divorce.

MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way

This was originally started by divorced men warning younger men not to get married to avoid the unfair feminist divorce laws.

It means men going away from women’s agenda – which starts with no marriage. Women often push marriage via coercion or ultimatums that they’ll otherwise end the relationship (huge red flag). Men resist this to walk their own path in their self-interest to protect themselves from toxic feminist laws.

This means that most red pilled men are actually MGTOW to some degree, if only the first level against marriage.

It can now mean several different things with increasing levels of dissociation from women:

  • Men avoiding marriage
  • Men avoiding cohabitation – risk of “common-law marriage” divorce rape or false allegations
  • Men avoiding having children with women
  • Men avoiding relationships with women
    • only using women for casual sex
  • Men avoiding hookups with women
    • only seeing prostitutes – often cheaper & easier than dating entitled modern feminists
  • Men avoiding sex with women altogether. This is called “Monk Mode”
    • due to fear of false allegations
    • or because they’re older and just don’t need the hassle any more citing “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”
  • Complete dissociation and refusal to support feminist society, doing the bare minimal work and paying minimal taxes – “Going Galt” as per Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged

“Monk Mode” is not recommended for young men, but is perfectly fine for men in their 40s or 50s who are divorced, have had their kids, and want to be free of the burden of dealing with women any more. Nikola Tesla, the great genius inventor we now thank for electricity, apparently freed himself from the burden of needing women. He was the OG of MGTOW before it was a thing. Jesus Christ is another example, a man on his purpose and not distracted by women.

Many people associate MGTOW with only Monk Mode, but in reality it was the origin of the modern marriage boycott. This has even spread to India as you’ll see indian MRAs on twitter using the hashtag #MarriageStrike. I’ve known many guys in real life avoiding marriage or kids due to the laws, without knowing any of this internet jargon and are surprised there are now terms to describe them.

This behavior is so common that psychologist Helen Smith observed it as a recurring theme in patients for years which culminated in her 2014 book Men On Strike.


A few years ago we might have scoffed at this complete avoidance of women but after the #MeToo movement / witch hunt and a whole raft of high profile historic allegations against celebrities that fall out of favor with the elites with women retroactively revoking sexual consent going back 15 years, nobody is laughing now (except perhaps evil man-hating feminists).

Even Bloomberg published this article:

Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost

Men’s Rights

Fundamentally, the failure of Men’s Rights Advocates to fix the divorce laws due to universal suffrage has left millions of men with no alternative but to avoid feminist laws and go MGTOW to some degree. I know plenty of guys in real life avoiding both marriage and children, even those that would want children otherwise.

Men On Strike by Helen Smith PhD

Agents of the Matrix

“They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys. Which means that sooner or later someone is going to have to fight them”

“Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed”

Feminists control the real matrix of our society. They control the government and politics as majority voters. They control the media. They control the corporations as women are 85% of consumer spending.

People who are still “Blue Pilled” and unaware of how disenfranchised men are, or who simply don’t care, will often be offended by anti-feminist talking points even though they are factually true. Such “Agents of the Matrix” are dangerous because an otherwise normal person can turn into a hostile agent seeking to destroy your life, get you fired, get your bank account closed, get you deplatformed or anything else they can do to destroy your life.

Just like the agents in the Matrix movie, while they are still plugged in, they are your enemy, and trying to awaken them can be dangerous as they can turn on you even when presenting them with hard facts.

Like Morpheus prophetically said in the Matrix, some minds are too old to be unplugged. They are so hopelessly dependent on the matrix, on their belief system, that changing their mind becomes perceived as an attack on their very self, leading to great hostility.

The future lies with unplugging those not too far gone. From experience the worst people are 40+ year old people who are still blue pilled or extremely left-wing. They will probably not listen unless they suffer a serious divorce or get cheated on to make them question their belief system. At that point you can explain what you know and point them to references and books.

The hope for the future lies with people who are in their 30s or younger today. The younger the more their brains will be able to accept without being too far sunk into a conflicting ego investment.

Morpheus Explains The Matrix | HBO Max

Universal Suffrage – A Political Red Pill

Women are majority voters under universal suffrage due to higher male mortality rates.

This is why most laws are now in favor of women. Feminists have been manipulating and changing the laws gradually over decades one they got political leveraging.

Even a husband divorcing his cheating wife will divorce raped out of his own house, lose his children and she will be free to bring a series of men into his house to cuckold him in the room next to his children. The feminist legal system is a horror equal to the awakening from the Matrix. This is who many guys get red pilled the hard way.

And the laws keep getting ever worse. A man controlling his own earned money is said to be guilty of “Financial Abuse”. Apparently banks who want us to justify loans are abusing us, but it only counts when it’s man vs woman.

Coercive Control laws introduced in the UK in 2017 with 5 year prison sentences for anything from speaking badly to your wife, such as swearing at your wife for cheating on you, or reading her messages to catch her cheating on you. Insanity.

There is no future for men under universal suffrage. Eventually men are going to have to fight the agents of the matrix.

On twitter this is understood by the #RepealThe19th hashtag meaning the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution that granted women the right to vote and sent the West into decline.

Election outcomes and laws would be different if women hadn’t taken over the political system.

If Only Men Voted

A political red pill

Men’s Taxes Subsidize Women – An Economic Red Pill

Tax rates increased a lot after universal suffrage to cover women’s welfare state.

Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state, at the expensive of higher taxation on men.

Men pay most of the taxes, and women receive most of the state benefits.

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax

Feminist subsidies have rigged the dating game against men:

Everything in Western society is designed to Transfer Wealth from Men to Women – An Political/Economic Red Pill

Everything in western society is designed to transfer wealth from men to women, divorce, government, dating, alimony, child support

The Mainstream Media – A Propaganda Red Pill

Mainstream media is owned by a handful of giant companies and operate at the whim of the government.

The government is primarily answerable to women as majority voters.

The state transfers wealth from men to women via threat of force via divorce laws and high taxes.

Women then use this money to account for around 80% of consumer spending, despite not earning even half of that.

Corporations are therefore feminist aligned as feminists are the ones driving their profits.

There is an unholy alliance therefore across most of society from government to corporations to media all pushing pro feminists agendas and suppressing anti-feminist information and injustices, and preventing turning back divorce laws.

The Gender Pay Gap Scam – A Propaganda / Economic Red Pill

Social Security is a Scam to Subsidize Women & The Government – An Economic Red Pill

The Pareto Investor - By the time I am 67, over $600,000 will be paid into Social Security on my behalf. That money would have been worth $1.9M if I had gotten a 5% return. My annual interest would be $95k. The Government promises me $3,075/month at 67, which is $37K/year. How is this not THEFT?

Different Types of Guys Women Like – A Dating Red Pill

The different types of guys women like
The different types of guys women like

Women Have Already Pre-Cheated On You – A Dating Red Pill

Women intentionally pre-cheat by fucking around before relationships, even though everybody in history knew this was cheating on her husband. But fuck that beta male idiot you’ll marry her later. Women are permanently contaminated with the DNA of other men, scientifically known as Microchimerism, and women have shocking highly body counts and lack of pair bonding by the time you meet them.

Microchimerism – Women Are Contaminated With Other Men’s DNA – A Biology Red Pill

Even the Best Men Get Cheated On – A Relationship Red Pill

Being a great guy, physical sportsman and top 1% earner is no defense against being cuckolded.

Read this true story:

The Problems with Having Children Today – A Relationship / Children Red Pill

woman carrying baby with pacifier in mouth

The Impacts of Children on Relationships

Having children impacts relationships - money, sex life, time, bonding and other aspects of your relationship, breakups, single mothers

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

The Women Who Never Love Men, Only Their Children

Women love their children, men are expendable - to be used as sperm donors and financial slaves enforced via feminist laws

grayscale photo of woman carrying baby

The Problems with Having Kids Today

Cost, AI killing jobs, toxic feminist baby mamas cucking you in your house, taking too much of your money and blocking visitation for years, lawyers fees for family court

a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

The Best Books on Men’s Rights Issues & Children

Issues every man will recognize. You are not alone. Divorce, paternity fraud, mental health, suicide, fatherlessness, the boy crisis, the collapse of parenting, the feeling of powerlessness trapped in the feminist legal system

Christianity has been infected with Feminism – A Religious Red Pill

Christianity has changed over time to follow the social norms, which means under feminism christianity has become ever less patriarchal and ever more feminist.

For much better coverage of Christianity’s fall, read Rollo Tomassi’s Rational Male volume 4 Religion.

They say Islam is “the last religion”. This may well be true given Christianity’s fall. Islam is perhaps the last major patriarchal religion that could be considered an antidote to feminism.

However, now Saudi Arabia has given women the right to vote, expect them to develop an increasingly more feminist political system as led to the decline of the West. In the United Arab Emirates, home of the much vaunted Dubai city, your ex can already take 30% of your income by law for “child support”, just like in feminist countries.

Christianity Can’t Save You from Divorce & Infidelity – A Religious Red Pill

Military Service = Cuckoldry – A Military Dating / Relationship Red Pill

Women cheat on their men when they’re away on deployment.

Some men get “Dear John” letters of breakups. Others don’t get told because the woman wants to keep collecting military benefits or his salary for financial support.

From The Golden Rules:

Ukrainian men are finding out en masse just how disloyal modern women are at shocking rates of partner abandonment. That doesn’t even include the countless single ukrainian women who are fucking and settling with men abroad. The young men of ukraine are fighting and dying for nothing.

Read this article for more:

The Misandry Bubble – The Famous Blog Post – Thoughtful Analysis on the Decline of Western Society under Feminist Laws & Economics

A long read but a seminal blog post covering many aspects of Western decline in surprisingly well thought out detail, more than I can do justice to here.

Read it:

and the 2020 follow up:

The Red Pill Documentary – Men’s Rights Issues

The feminist Cassie Jaye decided to make a documentary about Men’s Rights Activists to show what a bunch of “misogynists” they must be.

Her journey was an awakening of her own. A good intro to the fact that there is a lot wrong with society under feminism that the feminists don’t want you to know, with devastating impacts on both men and children.

Feminists even tried to get this documentary banned because they don’t want their male slaves waking up like the rebels in The Matrix.

It’s in the list of The Best Documentaries.

The Red Pill (2017) - Movie Trailer

The Divorce Corp Documentary

Exposes the devastating marriage/divorce industry in the USA and the corruption of incentives all the way through the chain, from the lawyers to the wives to the judges to revolving door between public service and private firms that creates a conflict of interest in the judges too.

Judges have almost unilateral power over your entire current and future finances, a level of slavery not seen in any other field of law. Why? Because feminism.

Helen Smith also wrote a book called Men On Strike about this which is found in the Best Books on Men’s Issues.

Divorce Corp Film Trailer (Documentary)

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