The Dating Game is Rigged

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The Dating Game is Rigged

The dating “Game” is rigged. There’s a huge alpha bro fallacy currently circulating saying “The Game is Fair” or “Just Level Up”.

This merely compounds the problem of Hoeflation.

“Gotta pick one!”

“Just Roll the Dice, Bro”

The Game would be fair if you took away all of women’s subsidies:

  • Divorce Laws
    • Houses
    • Assets
    • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Feminist Welfare State supporting single mothers
    • causes Higher Taxes – most taxes are paid by men while most state benefits are received by women
  • Even corporate office jobs for ‘strong, independent women’ are subsidized by political gender quotas and male productivity

For most of history, women’s ease of sexual access used to be counter-balanced by the full unsubsidized burden of child rearing.

That was until feminists rigged the game using the female majority vote.

Women’s Psychology & Choices

Revoking women’s subsidies would change their entire psychology and mating strategy.

It would force women to rebalance their Alpha vs Beta priorities, and genetics vs resources. They’d choose a good overall man that they can expect to retain long-term.

It would encourage better relationship behaviors.

Women today prioritize Alpha via dating apps. They also routinely cheat on and refuse to submit to their husbands or boyfriends when in relationships.

Any woman prioritizing such short-term mating strategies like these would eventually suffer dire consequences in terms of her financial security and quality of life without any male subsidies.

This is how women’s hypergamy used to be kept in check.

How the Dating Game Became Rigged

The dice has been rigged by feminist laws subsidizing women at every stage of their lives.

Feminists even protected adultresses’ divorce financial claims against all morality and common sense.

Unmarried single mothers became covered via mandatory child support and welfare state.

These changes enabled women’s worst nature and lack of accountability to the men whose resources they steal without consent.

This happened because universal suffrage gave women the voting majority due to higher male mortality rates. It took several decades for women’s voting participation rates to rise until they took over. Women then proceeded to gradually change the entire economic and legal system in their favor.

Even corporate office jobs for ‘strong, independent women’ are subsidized by political gender quotas and male productivity carrying the corporations’ profitability to pay the salaries of less productive jobs done by women.

Everything in Western society is designed to transfer wealth from men to women.

Everything in western society is designed to transfer wealth from men to women, divorce, government, dating, alimony, child support

Why Men Are Struggling in Dating

Many average men struggle in dating today because part of their package – their resources and productivity – is forcibly redistributed to women by the feminist state.

A third of young men are sexless, yet they are supporting women via their taxes. 1 2 3 4 5 Just two generations ago they would have been married and popping out babies.

Women’s hypergamy became extremely manifested in social media and dating apps. These globalized the sexual marketplace and allowed women easy access to larger hypergamy trade-ups. Yet it’s the underlying feminist laws & economic subsidies that allow women to prioritize this strategy in the first place.

“Don’t Need No Man”

They don’t worry about retention and security as much, because the feminist state is their safety net. If their marriage fails due to prior promiscuity or cheating, they have divorce law. If they fail to secure marriage because they’re hoes, they have child support laws and welfare state.

Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at men’s expense.

Beta males are the bulk of the productive taxpaying classes that are subsidizing women.

Women are then free to disregard those average guys and focus on Alpha Male physicality, getting passed around and banged out by the top few % of men on Tinder etc.

This is just another variation of Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”.

Given the state of feminist divorce laws, is anybody surprised by this:

“Just Level Up, Bro”

The current bro solution of just ‘Level Up’ to become ‘High Value’ ignores the fundamental mismatch problem that average women belong with average men.

As men try to level up and offer ever more, it drives Hoeflation.

Nor is it sustainable. The higher level soon becomes the new normal level.

Instead of a $50k guy, she now wants a $100k guy, then a $200k guy.

This is why there is so much talk of ‘High-Value Men’ – often multi-millionaires – they are trying to overcome and outrun both the state and women’s earnings by offering ever more resources, both of which are already subsidized by men.

It’s hard to out-alpha the state, especially when it’s using your own tax money.

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax

“Just Be Jacked, Bro”

Instead of a guy in reasonable shape she wants ever more jacked, and so on. “Just take TRT or steroids bro”. I even literally had one little 22 year old idiot girl on Tinder tell me to take steroids. Seriously.

These solutions shorten your lifespan via stress and drugs to make more money and bigger muscles. All to try to appease ever more extreme hypergamy.

This is a desperately stupid short-sighted solution to the problem.

Historically, the impacts of a woman following such high risk mating strategy of trading up too far were so severe for her that they could leave her destitute for life.

Today’s feminist subsidies are the safety net that allow her to take these risks.

Short-term Solution

In the short term you can focus on dating strategies, read the dating and rules categories of articles and dating books.

You should aim to become the best version of yourself, regardless of women, but it’ll help. Just don’t do anything stupid like take steroids because you have a long dating lifespan as a man, don’t shorten it. You can always bang hoes later as sexual market value tips in favor of men as the two genders age. See There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists.

You can also bang literal hoes right now. If you don’t live in a jurisdiction where that’s legal, you can fly to holiday in one which is. A lot of guys today consider hookers to be better value for money than girlfriends, and certainly more than wives. Especially given that 25% of marriages are sexless. For the cost of one wife you could have sex with hundreds to thousands of hookers.

Medium-term Solution

In the medium term you can look at becoming a “Passport Bro” to get a better deal than you can in the West. Use hypergamy and geomaxxing to your advantage.

The limitation here is that not all men can become passport bros.

Aside from finances or work logistics for income, a mass emigration of men would result in other countries raising visa restrictions.

The Long-term Solution – Change the Game

In the long term the only real long-term solution is to revoke all women’s subsidies listed above, but this can’t be achieved under a feminist voting majority.

The solution requires revoking universal suffrage itself, hence the online phrase “Repeal the 19th”. But women can veto any fixes or reforms to maintain their parasitic grasp. Women are not willing to relinquish their power, despite the great Western decline that it’s causing in birth rates and economics.

It turns out that men were the more responsible gender. Who knew. Oh wait, all the societies that didn’t allow women to vote which got us this far.

The most likely solution seems to be a coup occurring within 1-2 generations to reset democracy to TaxPayer Suffrage where only unsubsidized net contributors can vote.

This seems the most likely outcome given nearly half of Gen Z are already disenfranchised and disillusioned with feminism, and men are the bulk of military power.

Monogamy was socially enforced in history because it promoted societal stability. Patriarchy gave each man full authority over his earned resources and legal authority over his wife and children. It ensured nearly every man had a vested interested in maintaining and protecting society, and not overturning the status quo.

The alternative today is that men “go their own way”, on strike, and let it burn. If and when a collapse comes, we now have the benefit of hindsight. In that scenario, it’s highly likely that men who rebuild would never again allow universal suffrage or state subsidies to women.


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