Women Come Pre-Cheated – The Feminist Cheat Code To Infidelity

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Women Come Pre-Cheated – The Feminist Cheat Code To Infidelity

Most women today come “Pre-Cheated” – similar to clothes that come pre-shrunk to fit.

Nearly every woman you meet today has been fucked by many men before you get your turn on her.

This is intentional on her part.

She essentially cheated on you as much as possible upfront and then told you that you can’t complain about it because “she wasn’t with you at the time”. It’s the perfect crime.

It’s the feminist cheat code to infidelity. And not just prior infidelity as you’ll see later.

Dumb guys who believe in the Soul Mate Myth somehow conveniently ignore that his “soul mate” girl has been getting ran through by other guys for 10+ years…

Her soul didn’t wait for you bro.

“She Belongs to the Streets”

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

How They Do It

Girls peak earlier in life at age 20, so they get their best sexual opportunities much earlier than boys.

Most girls cannot or rather don’t want to resist the feminist allure of fucking around with the bad boys for years, despite knowing that they later want to get married to, or partner with, a good man.

She’s essentially saying “fuck that beta male idiot who’ll marry me later, he’ll just have to put up with being pre-cuckolded and swallow it”.

She rides the ‘Cock Carousel’ for 10-15 years from her teenage years until her late 20s to 30s, then looks for a reliable beta male provider to settle down with to have babies, pay the bill, and forgive her many past transgressions and long sordid sexual history.

Then hypocritically she insists on monogamy from him when he comes into his prime in his 30s and finally gets his turn on her. Instinctively he realizes this isn’t fair and the pair bond is not as strong as it would have been if she had been a virgin for him.

He knows something is wrong with this situation at the back of his mind.

He knows he’s been cheated somehow, but he can’t quite verbalize his objections properly. He’s been Pre-Cheated on by her, but he struggles to frame this under feminist culture which insists this is normal.

Regardless, it still doesn’t sit right at the back of his mind, so he tries to push it to the side for now. See The Impacts of Pre-Cheating On Your Relationship further down.

Giving Away Her Golden Ticket To Other Men For Free

I’ve surveyed a lot of women, nearly all lost their virginity between 15 – 17 (also supported by CDC findings), and usually before their first serious long term boyfriend.

This is somewhat surprising. You’d think they’d have made it count with someone they potentially saw a future with, like a long-term boyfriend, rather than just whoring around for free with the first guy to come along.

It wasn’t even a good experience by most accounts, and why would it be, each guy wasn’t there for the long term to take his time with her. It was more along the lines of “get a notch while it’s being freely handed out by this dumbass feminist”.

Once she starts having sex, adding each new sexual partner gets progressively easier, and suddenly she is in double-digit body counts before she knows it, because it’s so easy for her to do.

I’ve spoken to several 18-year-olds who’ve admitted to 8-10 body counts.

Premarital sex is linked to higher likelihood to marital dissatisfaction and divorce. 1 2

What We Can Learn From History

For most of human history, a woman fucking other men before getting married was widely considered to be cheating on her future husband.

Apparently, “Y’all Must’ve Forgot” as the boxing champion Roy Jones Jr.’s song says.

In history, any young woman who fucked another man even once would immediately become unmarriageable and have a lowered social status among her peers in society.

Modern feminists are the equivalent of ex-prostitutes by the standards of history.

No man with any self-respect would marry a prostitute-class woman or give any public commitment to her in front of the community, let alone be the mother of his children, a position that demands respect for the mental health of his children.

No child wants the shame of knowing his mother is a whore, and no father wants his children to suffer that shame.

What is one of the most severe, deeply-cutting, devastating insults a boy can receive among his peers? That his mother is a whore. Expect this to manifest with tragic consequences in the OnlyFans generation of mothers.

Today there are almost no traditional women left in feminist countries and certainly no high-value women as defined by men’s preferences for chastity and exclusivity.

So men make do with what’s left. But beware of the science and the psychology that follows.

What We Can Learn From Science – Microchimerism

Microchimerism is a shocking recent discovery that found that women are permanently contaminated with the DNA of men they’ve been fucked by.

This explains the visceral disgust that many men instinctively have in their gut for female infidelity or prior female promiscuity, and why women instinctively hide their sexual history by minimizing it.

Apparently, free sex is not so free, either psychologically in terms of reduced pair bonding or even physically in terms of permanent DNA contamination.

When Men Care / Don’t Care About Female Promiscuity

Men care about a woman’s sexual history when it comes to long-term committed mating but don’t care for short-term uncommitted mating.

Prostitutes and hookups are short-term mating examples – men that fuck them don’t care about their sexual history, as long as they don’t get STDs. This is because they just want to cum and they have zero investment in the whore they’re using – emotionally or financially in terms of his assets.

If a physically attractive woman offers sex for little cost, most men’s bar is so low that they’d take it.

The Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago started human civilization and changed our mating behaviours. Paternity and sexual history became important because men needed to know which kids were theirs to leave their estates and life’s wealth to.

The Evolution of Desire is well worth a read on short-term vs long-term sexual strategies.

A man who doesn’t care about “his” woman’s sexual past is probably either in coping mode or doesn’t have that deep an emotional investment in her. He’s just happy that somebody is willing to fuck him and he’s willing to overlook her past transgressions to get his sexual needs met. This is the equivalent of using her as a prostitute, but in the context of a committed relationship is pretty low-status behaviour. Because it’s the best he can do.

Men with better options would usually, all other things being equal, prefer a woman with as close to zero prior sexual usage by other men as possible. What kind of man wants his woman to have been creampied in all three of her orifices for years by other men and turned into effectively a free prostitute for all those other men before he picks up the bill to look after her. He’s been essentially cuckolded.

Women – if a man ever says he doesn’t care about your sexual history, that’s a red flag – he probably doesn’t love you as much as you think. When a man cares about a woman deeply, he cares about her sexual history.

The Impacts of Pre-Cheating On Your Relationship

While clothes come pre-shrunk to fit, you might think that “pre-cheated women” coming with their orifices pre-worn in by many other men will benefit you via ease of use, and this is certainly true, but it misses a crucial point in the context of relationships.

Prior promiscuity is correlated to later infidelity.

Prior promiscuity is also correlated to later marriage dissatisfaction.

This is due to her being an Alpha Widow or the idea that she might do better while adding yet another partner makes little difference to her value the further removed from her virginity she is.

The below shows findings for a 5 year marriage, and that includes the easiest 2-3 year “honeymoon” period where sex and hormones are overriding your brains. It doesn’t even cover the “7 year itch” (really 7-15 years) where many relationships fall apart in pursuit of other partners.

Impacts on Women’s Psychology

Women’s psychology deteriorates the more men they’ve been fucked by.

Their barrier to fucking new men is permanently lowered – they are more likely to cheat on you or just monkey branch to trade up to another man given the opportunity as adding yet another sexual partner becomes ever more trivial to her.

This is why the pair bond is weakened on the woman’s side as a result of her having been fucked by other men.

Essentially women’s psychology is ruined by taking multiple cocks up their orifices. Who would have thought?!

Oh wait, all the people in history prior to feminism and the sexual revolution. The feminist hubris of ignoring our ancestors’ life wisdom on human nature has consequences.

These free prostitutes then have the audacity to talk about wanting “loyalty” from men.

Loyalty for your husband / life partner starts with saving yourself for him from your teenage years, not after one’s had a decade-long “hoe phase” cheating workaround.

Impacts on Men’s Psychology

For the man, it’s always there at the back of his mind, gnawing at him.

She’s been fucked by a number of other men – he doesn’t even know the true number because women typically lie about their sexual histories – so he tries to push it to the back of his mind.

He can only silence it temporarily when he’s getting his sex on, and preferably treating her like a whore as much as possible, to make sure he’s getting his proper turn on her and not less than those other guys got from her, otherwise, it’s an insult to his status. Given she gave her pussy away to all those other men, the only more intimate thing she can give to him is anal, although these days, she’s almost certainly given anal to the other men too.

The real problem comes when he’s no longer having regular sex with her, because he married or cohabited with her which reduces her competition anxiety. Then he realizes she gave all her best years and best sex to other men, while he is being treated as merely the beta male provider, the lesser man.

This is why the pair bond is weakened from the man’s side by a woman being pre-fucked by other men.

There is also a likelihood that he will be more inclined to cheat on her, because she has in effect already cheated on him, no matter what she says about “not being with him at the time” and therefore it not counting.

So many women complain about being cheated on today, but how many of those women were high-value virgins exclusively pair bonded to their man that he would have thought twice about cheating and losing a special relationship?

Or he may leave her for a younger woman. Women will consider this bad behavior and disloyal on his part but fail to recognize that she has already been disloyal to him by having fucked other men. She cannot expect loyalty in that scenario – because it would be asymmetrically unfair to the man.

Any guy who has had a serious loving relationship with a virgin woman knows how much deeper it is than the more casual relationships with pre-cheated women.

She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn

This common phrase alludes to two simple facts in this context:

  1. She’s been fucked by other men, it’s just your turn on her
  2. Most relationships fail over time today – she’s almost certainly going to be fucked by other men after your turn ends, and these days with skyrocketing rates of female infidelity, often during your relationship too

Every normal man would dump his feminist wife or girlfriend if he knew the full details of her sexual history


This is the reality of the entire history of her:

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn

Do you really want to be that fool in blue holding flowers for such a woman?

Sayings such as these are now common among newer generations:

“She Belongs to the Streets”

“She’s for recreational use only”

the last donut you get as a nice guy

The Definition of Cheating

Cheating is anything that you do with another person behind your partner’s back that you’d be reluctant to tell them about because they might be upset or object. This includes sexting, or in this case intentional prior sexual activity with other men. This is why women won’t disclose their prior sexual activity, because she knows she’s pre-cheated on you.

Women continue forms of cheating in relationships, such as maintaining sexy bikini pictures online on social media such as Instagram – essentially advertising herself to other men in case she can get a better offer or a side hookup via her private messages. Another example is keeping male friend orbiters in her queue to fuck her later, such as backups to fuck immediately upon any breakup with you.

Pre-Cheating Disambiguation

Pre-Cheating has another definition online meaning actions done in advance of cheating, such as a woman messaging other men before physically cheating on her husband or boyfriend. Also called Preating.

However, by the widely used Definition of Cheating above, those messages to other men are in fact just regular cheating. Sometimes called micro-cheating. 3 4 5

Pre-Cheating is better used to describe a woman cheating on her future husband or partner in advance via prior promiscuity as the feminist cheat code to infidelity.


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