The Perfect Penis Size

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The Perfect Penis Size

With well over 2 decades of experience using my penis in various women to successfully make 4 children – somebody needs to settle this bullshit topic once and for all.

We’ll start with some basics defining the perfect penis size, but make sure you read further down, you may be surprised.


Men often first think of length, even going so far as to literally measure it to compare.

Beyond 5 inches / 13cm it doesn’t actually matter, not even according to porn stars.

Standard condoms only go up to around 6.5–8 inches max anyway, and any extra length doesn’t help with either pleasure or impregnation.

In fact if it’s too long you’ll end up stabbing the woman’s cervix and hurting her anyway so would have to be careful not to push it all the way in.

This is evident in some porn scenes where guys with long penises don’t actually go “balls-deep”. This is why.


Girth is actually a bit more important as it can give women a more filled feeling.

However, this also has a negative trade off, it makes anal sex more difficult.

If you want to really dominate a woman, you’re better off with an average girth for maximum versatility so you can take all three of her orifices.

Standard condoms are around 1.75 inches to 2 inches in width. If you think about a banana, they don’t actually vary in width by that much, which is why this is a relatively narrow range.

This is what most men already have, based on condom manufacturers who are the experts in the field.

The Perfect Penis Size Overall

So we can confidently say that the perfect size overall is 5+ inches and average girth.

This is nearly every man in the world.

But even that is only for whores who have been promiscuous in the past, as you’ll see in virginity section further down.

Considering evolution, men have by definition evolved penises of the right size to do their job – impregnate women.

“Boyfriend Dick”

If you’ve ever heard the term “boyfriend dick” – the above is what it means – the average penis size most men have – it fits just right – it’s not too big that it hurts her, but big enough to pleasure her with, and she can enjoy it every day in a relationship.

Virginity & Penis Size

For a woman who is a virgin, any penis is actually too big to start with.

This is why virginity is often associated with pain or discomfort as she learns to stretch to fit it.

She will adapt to take the penis size you have.

This means that almost any penis size is the perfect size for a good traditional woman who is a virgin for you.

She will mould to you specifically.

It’s only a whore who has taken other men’s cocks for which this even becomes a question of comparison.

When was the last time you saw a virgin comparing penis sizes or pretending she wants the biggest one possible? Ouch. Exactly.

The Self-Own of Women Who Discuss Penis Size

Any time a woman discusses penis size, she is inadvertently outing herself a whore who has taken other men’s cocks.

Otherwise she has no basis for comparison. It’s not a topic a high-value virgin is likely to participate in. She’d be more concerned whether she can fit it at all without pain or discomfort.

Remember this the next time some obnoxious feminist starts with the “small dick energy” or “incel” type ad hominem slurs in any conversation where she has no valid counter-points.

She is own-goaling herself as both a feminist and a whore of lesser value.

Ladies of decent social status in history did not focus on sexuality.

Compare that to every other woman you get into a disagreement with online today:

incel slur self-owns the woman as a whore whose only value is sex

this is also the typical type of woman who talks about penis size
incel slur self-owns the woman as a low-value whore whose only value is sex – this is also the typical type of woman who talks about penis size

Should men start saying that feminists have “loose pussy energy”?

(credit to Brian Atlas from the podcast for this term)

What Ancient Greek Statues Teach Us About Penis Size

You may have noticed that ancient greek statues have penises that seem rather modest in ratio when compared to their overall body size.

Perhaps it was just cold standing around naked being sculpted, causing them to shrink to conserve heat.

Or more obviously they weren’t aroused and engorged with blood to full size.

According to historians, the ancient Greeks and Romans regarded large penises with being more animalistic and less civilized – inferior humans – and therefore were incentivized to minimize them in their statues to show the virtue of the man. 1 2

Great men in history were never defined by large penis size.

Penises were there to have sex and children, that’s all.

Feminism & Penis Size

This exposes a few interesting things about Feminism.

Firstly, the type of people who are going to base worth on sexuality are likely those who are inferior in all other ways.

Women’s main value is often based around their sexuality, which is why they are frequently able to monetize their sexuality to a far higher degree than men are.

So it stands to reason that they would see life as a dick measuring contest. They transpose themselves onto men. But as we see from history, great men were never defined like women.

This obsession with large penis size didn’t seem to happen until feminism and specifically after the sexual revolution.

It is a reflection of the decline of society under feminist culture / voting majority but more specifically the decline in women’s individual value.

Women try to use topics like penis size or “incel” slurs as social warfare against men, but all these women do is expose their massive inferiority in trying.

They are not the high-value ladies of history.

See Hoeflation and The Myth of the High-Value Woman.

Measuring Up

As a boy growing up under feminist culture with all its bullshit talk about penis size, every boy wonders at some point if he measures up.

Don’t pretend you didn’t measure it at some point when you were young.

Below Average Women

Many women who are quick to reference penis size as social warfare are themselves below average in breast size.

The average breast size in Europe is a C cup, and in the UK is a D cup. These are not fat countries like the USA.

Yet how many women are only a B cup? Many, yet we men still consider them attractive and we don’t denigrate them for having below average breast size.

Anyone want to breed with Ms genetically defective 20 year old autist “Small Dick Energy”? No? C’mon fellas, she’s in her prime age at 20 according to the data for other girls!

The Virginity Point Exemplified – A Dumbass Thing to Say During First Sex with Your Virgin Girlfriend

Ironically, during my first vaginal penetration at 17 with my girlfriend (well over 20 years ago now), it seemed too big to fit. That is because she too was a virgin.

“It doesn’t fit!”, she said, after some trying.

To which I instantly replied without thinking:

“Oh, you’re fucking joking”

That phrase was immediately cannonized as a private joke between us and used for many years to come in all sorts of situations afterwards.

Ironic wasting time worrying if it’s big enough when it’s actually too big for a virgin.

After some persistence we did manage to fit it in doing basic missionary. I creampied her after probably not more than 10-15 minutes, mission accomplished. Big deal over.

Penis size is not the big deal that feminists want you to believe.

We also rapidly became highly proficient and adventurous sexual partners in relatively short time over mere months, as discussed in the article on sexual experience.

What Do Pornstars Say

High-mileage pornstars themselves confirm this.

Pornstars say anything 5+ inch is good, which is nearly all guys, and that’s for absolute whores who have taken countless cocks.

Pornstars say what penis size and shape is best for women - Offbeat Ep 23
LustCast – Pornstars say what penis size and shape is best for women – LustCast Ep 23


People worry far too much about penis size under stupid feminist culture.

In history, great men were never measured by penis size.

Not only is your penis likely already around the perfect size by both measurable dimensions and the common sense of evolution as an impregnation tool, but it only needs to be roughly close to average for sexual pleasure.

If anything, for a high-value virgin, it’s going to be too big for her that first time and take some getting used to.

The fact that women bring up penis size as a form of social warfare against men is a sign of the political weakness of men under universal suffrage where women have taken over the political system, and with it law and culture. Universal suffrage has caused the decline of the West, but that’s a blog post for another time.


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