Women Are Used Car Salesmen

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The Used Car Salesman Stereotype

Used car salesmen have a stereotype bad reputation for being unscrupulous – doing anything to get a sale for their commission, and even going so far as to sell overpriced old faulty cars if they spot a sucker.

This may be unwarranted in most cases.

It is, however, exactly how modern feminist women treat men.

If Women Were Cars

Imagine I sold you a 20 year old banger car for the price of a brand new one.

You would be offended at being taken for a fool and being cheated.

Now imagine that 20 year old car has been used and abused, ridden rough over the speed bumps, banged up undercarriage, scratched bumpers, dented here and then, creaking suspension requiring constant extra lubrication to function, and having frequent breakdowns.

It’s been ridden by a whole bunch of different couples over the years who would take it to their favorite make-out spots, have sex and cum all over the back seats countless times. An undisclosed number of guys left their semen juices in between all of the seat cracks and you can never physically get it all out.

But give the car a surface clean, push out some dents in the body work, buff out some scratches, and then mark that car as almost new – approved used. Don’t tell anybody about all the cum stains down all the seat cracks. The engine is fine, albeit at 200,000 miles it’ll probably last you no more than a handful of years at best.

Would you be happy if I sold you that car for the full high brand new car price that’s taken all your life to save up for?

Slay Queen... when she finally wants to settle down she's a bald tire

Special Price, Just For You

Oh, one more thing, because you’re such as special valued customer and we want to do this right, we have a special deal just for you.

Despite it being an old Volkswagen, for you the price tag of this wonderful car is now the same as for a brand new high-end Mercedes-Benz.

And with current inflation, known as Hoeflation, the price tag might just go up to a Porsche or a Ferrari level – because we don’t want to sell this special car to just anybody, but only the very highest quality bidder – so we recommend you purchase immediately to avoid disappointment.

So, are you happy with your new deal?

No? Why not?

Women Aren’t Cars, Bro

If it’s that bad for a car, and cars aren’t even for life – nor do you have to keep paying them once they move on to another owner – imagine how much worse men feel about something more important, more personal and more intimate like “his” woman.

I say “his” here, because we now all know the truth:

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

Most women I surveyed in the West lost their virginity between 15 – 17, which is supported by CDC data.

This means that the typical 30+ year old woman wanting to settle down now she’s “had her fun” – (implicitly little to no fun left for you!) – is the used car saleswoman and the dud she is trying so hard to sell you is herself.

Having to accept a woman who is the equivalent of that permanently semen stained old banged up car is enough to leave a salty taste in even the nicest guy’s mouth.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn
She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn

The Used Car Saleswoman

At this point you often hear the feminists shrieking one of the usual phrases in their typically offended-by-proxy-because-it-applies-to-them way:

“But Her Past Shouldn’t Matter!”

“He should just forgive her past mistakes!”

“She’s learnt from her past mistakes!”

“It’s her character that counts!”

Feminists are the biggest liars in the world.

They’d put even the most unscrupulous slimiest used car saleman to shame.

Her past is her character.

And that doesn’t even include the problems of being an Alpha Widow or having Microchimerism DNA contamination from other men – the cum stains in all the seat cracks.

Feminists are the biggest gaslighters in the world.

They continually try to socially condition men to ignore the natural “ick” that they have at the back of their brains.

This sometimes works on weak men – the beta males – that’s why they do it.

Feminists Control Politics, Mainstream Media & Culture

Feminists have had such a strangehold on western culture since they took over the voting system, laws, media, corporations and culture in the 20th century. Nearly all official voices are now feminist voices.

Women are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates. So all politicians bend to their will as no politician can win elections without the female vote.

Politicians control the mainstream media in what is acceptable discourse. They venture outside it at their peril.

Feminists control the laws – enforcing wealth redistribution from men to women via divorce, child support and high tax welfare state. Taxes are paid mostly by men and state benefits received mostly by women. This allowed women to become the primary consumers controlling 80% of consumer spending decisions.

In a consumerist-feminist-wealth-redistribution world – corporations align with the women if they want those profits. Even men’s razor company Gillette badly offended men with their 2019 toxic masculinity advert in an attempt to pander to women. A far cry from the 1980s chiselled jawed pro-masculinity advert.

Many men fall for this feminist social conditioning that there is something wrong with them. That they are the odd ones out and must conform to the feminist narrative by pushing their natural “ick” for women’s pre-cheating on them to the back of their minds. They must politely agree to keep the feminist social graces or face the social wrath of feminists. And heaven help them if they contradict the feminist narrative at work, they will ensure their HR sisters have them fired.

But when men talk, they find most normal men do not in fact like to get the cum-stained leftovers.

The only way to save the West and fix a lot of this is to revoke women’s voting rights, something that cannot be achieved democratically as men are a voting minority.

A topic for another time.

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