You Want to Get Married?! But You’ve Fucked Other Men!!

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You Want to Get Married?! But You’ve Fucked Other Men!!

This is from a conversation during one of my experiences with a blonde single mother I was banging for a few months several years ago. Incidentally she may be the owner of my favorite tits that I can remember, natural D cups.

So there we were in bed lying on our backs side by side after having sex.

I can’t remember how this topic came up or how she segued into it, but she basically came up with the old classic:

“I want to get married”

Of course she did.

I was probably only purple pilled at that time around the mid 2010s, as it was before The Rational Male books were widespread, and even YouTube wasn’t so red pilled in those days. In hindsight with a 2023 lens I’d take a bit of offence that a woman would even suggest this to me. She mistook me for a mark, not realizing I’d had enough personal experience to know better. It did not go well for her.

Her Background

She was a 33 year old unmarried single mother after her half-black ex-boyfriend of 10 years cheated on her and ran off with a 19 year old Ukrainian girl 2-3 years prior. Smart in evolutionary terms to trade in a roughly 30 year for a much fresher woman. He was even using her car to drive his new hoe around, ran up her credit card bills spending on new hoe, and dumped her while she was pregnant.

What a G.

This is what people mean by “Alpha” does whatever the fuck he wants. The 19 year old was apparently “dumb” by his own admission, but apparently men don’t care about women’s intelligence. Who knew.

He moved in with the 19 year old at her parent’s place where she was still living. Never mind snatching from the cradle, he literally went to live in her cradle ha ha. Awkward for him, ok maybe less of a G.

She even by her own admission literally begged him to come back to her.

You can’t make this shit up as Kevin Samuels would say.

Women do love a bad boy don’t they lol. Take notes fellas.

She “hates” him now. Of course she does, because he rejected her and she couldn’t win him back against a much younger fresher woman. This level of personal rejection is deeply cutting, and something most men can probably relate to from experience.

Now that she was back riding the “Cock Carousel” (CC) after having come out of a 1 year “relationship” with an Indian man – which she broke off because he was understandably standoffish about meeting her 2 year old son – it was my turn.

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn

Don’t be the guy in the blue. I’d never bought her flowers. That guy is gonna get screwed.

The Conversation


I blurted out in shock.

I had not expected this topic to come up.

Yeah she really just said that to me.

“But you’ve fucked other men!”

That shut her up for a moment. Everyone who knows me knows I do love to club people over the head with aggressive verbal bluntness sometimes (honestly, often).

Recomposing myself, I proceeded to probe:

“Why do you want to get married?”

“I want the security”, she replied.

Probing further, I asked:

“What do you mean by security…?”

I forget her exact response here, but see the Analysis section below.

“If you really want to get married, you can always find some guy who is willing to marry you… but you won’t like the downgrade you will have to take”

She didn’t say anything further.

A harsh truth she perhaps wasn’t expecting to hear.


I can’t remember her exact reply to the security question, only the gist of it given this was a few years ago now, but I evaluated it to mean financial security for her and her son, not just just emotional relationship security.

I can understand this given her background.

She invested all her prime years into a relationship only to get discarded like a cummed in tissue and replaced by a younger fresher woman once she was around 30.

Historically, this was what marriage was there to protect women from.

This is also the experience where the Womanese entry for “Security” comes from.

DTB - Dump That Bitch

Don’t Be a Beta Male Simp Wifing Up an Ex-Hoe

She may have wanted “Security”, but that does not mean that I have to buy the leftovers.

As much as I enjoyed fucking her, you need to have some discipline. Which isn’t easy when she did everything in bed on top of having one of my favourite body types, all three orifices taken and all on my phone and digital camera. Yeah I literally brought my digital camera to her apartment where she was dressed up for a romantic night in and stripped for me. And I wasn’t the first. I saw a pic of her ass in the Indian guy’s apartment that she was seeing for a year before me. This is why I say “your” girl is probably on half a dozen other guys’ smartphones.

Anyway, I set her straight that I was never going to marry her or anybody else as I had too much to lose financially in divorce.

Our fling fizzled out not long after this conversation.

Unsurprisingly in hindsight.

She was likely searching for her next mark.

I would have bred her if she wasn’t a single mother, she was exactly my type physically, albeit I was out of her league socioeconomically which I always find irritating but is unfortunately part of Hypergamy – women invariably trade up.

My next one 3 months later was far higher class in my league so I did exactly that and she is one of my baby mamas now with two of my kids. She has since become another one of my “types”.

Red Pill Sport

In hindsight, I’d only rephrase my chastisement to be

“You been fucked by other men”

as it’s more accurate.

It’s important to remind women that they have Pre-Cheated and you are not going to let it slide like some dumb ass Beta Male Simp who is brainwashed by feminism to just accept it.

Respectable men in history did not accept this.

It’s also the best catch all ever for How To Dump Your Girlfriend.

There is a case to be made that one shouldn’t be so overt with women in order to keep the ride going longer.

With a more recent review of the above scenario looking back in hindsight, a couple things occur to me:

  1. You should be red pilling almost every woman you come across sooner or later
  2. You should prepare for that red pill moment – on your terms and with your ideal timing in mind eg. when disqualifying a woman or upon break-up

I’ve dubbed this ‘Red Pill Sport’ – read here for more on that including when, and how to do it.

Tom Leykis – The Reality of the Relationship Lifecycle

Every guy needs to see this – chilling.

When Tom Leykis talks you remember why he’s The OG of the Red Pill above all others.

No RP guy around today is on his level in depth of experience.

The Relationship Lifecycle explained perfectly – feeling & truth only a lived guy can give.

A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis)
A MGTOW Wedding Video (featuring Professor Tom Leykis) – C.P. Becker


Women are manipulators of men.

They use sex as a loss leader to get commitment and resources from men, turning them into Beta Male Providers.

Yes, this is parasitic, but it’s also a necessary part of their evolutionary psychology due to their vulnerability and subsidies required to raise young children.

This raises the interesting topic of why men lie to women. Firstly to get sex, and then later to keep the free sex ride going as long as possible.

Women are ruthless hypergamic creatures so many men decide they don’t deserve honesty and use their own hypergamy against them to get more sex out of them for as long as possible.

I won’t comment on your moral compass about this here, but I understand the phrase used by other experienced men like Tom Leykis that “Dating is War”… and as the old saying goes:

“All’s Fair in Love and War”

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